How to Create a Good Logo Online: Basic Tips and Tools

How to Create a Good Logo Online: Basic Tips and Tools

You already know how to open a website. You have also chosen the colors of your site and the font. Now you need a logo to differentiate your project, your products, and services. Let’s Create a Good Logo Online.

A good logo must communicate the message clearly, be representative and original to differentiate itself from the mass.

To create a logo, aim for simplicity

Simplicity helps you to be unique. Without unnecessary frills, you will be remembered more easily. So avoid too bright colors and use at most three.

A logo must be memorable

When you want to create a custom logo, you have to achieve something that will last over time. For example, a graphics solution that does not follow only the current fashion but that has a meaning even in ten years. Coca-Cola is a teacher in this.

You may be thinking: “It means that I will never have to change the logo again?”. The answer is no. You can make small changes, but it is better not to overdo it too much. You run the risk of being no longer identifiable by users.


A logo must be adaptable to any media. From the business card to the advertising billboard. The important thing is not to lose quality in every situation or format.

Let yourself be inspired

Be inspired by the big companies and the logos of their brands. Start thinking about the objectives of the company, the niche of the public, what you want to convey with a certain graphics solution.

Create a Good Logo Online

If you want to create a simple, memorable, and versatile logo, try DesignEvo. It allows you to create your own custom logo in just a few minutes, no advanced graphics skills required because of its simple drag-and-drop interface.

You will be inspired by more than 7000 professionally designed templates that cover almost all business categories. In an instant, you can choose from thousands of logo templates and change the style, colors, texts, icons, and positions.

After choosing a template, you can enter your logo name and slogan if you have. There are millions of searchable icons and hundreds of shapes that you could add to give your logo a unique touch.

Before going to download your logo, you can preview how it will look like on different projects such as business card, t-shirt, letterhead, and company wall. You can download a low-res logo for free and use it on your website or social media. But if you need a higher resolution, you may need to purchase a basic or plus logo with a low cost of $24.99 or $49.99.

DesignEvo simplifies the logo design process and lets everyone design like a pro. If you want to develop on-the-go, you can also download its mobile versions here.

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