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Welcome to SeoRamanArora (SRA) – The name of SeoRamanArora is made with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)+ (My Name)Raman Arora.

You can find the following things on SeoRamanArora

  • 70% Tips to make your Blog or Website more popular to earn money online.
  • Helping you to Increase traffic on your website using SEO, SMO, Digital marketing
  • Providing you WordPress tricks and Solutions to solve your problems
  • SRA Is a niche Blog based on SEO to generate revenue from the blog or Make Money online when you are working from your home.
  • Complete How-to, Tips and Tricks, Getting to know about the latest and trending topics based on Internet Marketing.
  • WordPress theme Deals and Discounts for your blog or Business Website
  • Discussing About Affiliate Marketing and increase in the leads of Sales

As per my professional experience, I am SEO Expert and working on SEO projects for different clients from all over the world. I prefer this name, because i love to work in SEO. As per my previous experience, i have worked before on two blogs, which I can’t continue at that time due to my job. I have worked for 2 years, and started my own work on SEO with Blogging which helps to boost my Knowledge and Career.

In my previous Experience, I have learnt a lot of things from SEO optimization tips and tricks, Blogging, WordPress, Become Digital Marketing Expert and Affiliate marketing and to make money online. I am curious to learn new things with new ideas to implement in my blog. I am passionate to discover new things and write them down as well as share with the readers to resolve their problems.

Most of people think blogging is only about writing personal experience and life story, but this is not true. If, you will mix your hard work with smart work, you can always live with your blog.

SeoRamanArora is all about:

How to make Money Online?

Why I left my job and started my own Business?

How can you create your own website and establish yourself online and Offline?

I am a simple guy who loves to read complex things and then resolve their stuff.

About Me:

I have completed my primary Education from Govt. High School in 2008 and received Diploma in Computer Science from Mehr Chand Polytechnic College, Jalandhar in 2011. Last, but not the least, I got my degree from Bharat Group of Institutes in 2014. I cleared my Interview in SoftMozer Business Consulting LLC, Gurgaon. I worked for 7 months there and came back to Chandigarh to think about my own business.

Why I started blogging?

I like technical work, but I am not good in programming languages. I love to work in the IT Field, but there is no other solution except programming languages to work in the IT field. As per my friend’s recommendation, I heard about WordPress.  From that time, I started learning about WordPress from blogs and Youtube in 2014. I created a blog namely (technewsfunda).  Looking something weird name aahmm ?

This was my mistake to opt while selecting a domain as I did not have knowledge about selecting a domain.

Need to Get a Guide for Selecting a Domain name?

Futhermore, I started Technewsfunda blog for learning purposes. This is not a niche blog, i added various categories on that, such as Tech News, Relationship, health, computer stuff and much more. I have no idea to run this blog or any other source of income. After that I applied an AdSense account and learnt their policies. I got an AdSense account but I don’t know how to use it.

Afterthat, I learned how to write a blog and how I can earn money from blogging. I learned about latest blogging tips to earn money online.

After created a blog, i don’t have an Idea how to promote my blog. Then, again i searched on google and get and find out, Social Media will help me to promote my blog on Internet

I was not passionate, when I started blogging, because I just wanted to earn money only. But, blogging is not for those people, who only want to earn money.  This is actually an online guide that helps people to learn the latest SEO optimization tips and tricks and updates about latest tips and problems with WordPress sites.

Why i opt SEO to promote my Blog?

When you are building a website or blog, Second work to start their promotion or get an Organic results from Search Engine. I have little bit knowledge about SEO and started searching on SEO. So, it took 6 months to learn about Online SEO Program free of Cost. Now, i have done SEO in 100+ WordPress and Php Websites.

Why i Become Digital Marketing Expert?

Now, I am dedicated for SeoRamanArora and updates about latest SEO optimization tips and tricks to improve your business or blog in an efficient manner. I love to post blogs on SEO tips for beginners, online internet or Become Digital Marketing Expert articles for those who love to read and learn about new tricks. Digital Marketing has huge scope and this is one of the trending topic of Online Internet Marketing. I will share my knowledge with you.

Do you have any Plan to start Digital Marketing Course?

If you are beginner and not good in programming skills like me, quick start for Digital Marketing Course Online. We will Provide you Online training course program with Skype or Webinar. Moreover, We will provide you Digital Marketing Certification alongwith work on Live Projects.

If, you have any Plan to Become Digital Marketing Expert Email me: [email protected]

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