Web Designer's Guide to Color Contrast

Web Designer’s Guide to Color Contrast

Understanding and using color design and theory is the threshold of web design. It can be extremely difficult to decide on a theme and color palette for your site, but it is one of the most important decisions you will

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3 Aspects of Marketing You Can Supercharge With Automation

Today’s marketing and advertising landscape in the digital world is entirely different from how it once was. In the past, ratings and circulation were key — now pageviews, engagement, and conversions reign supreme. This requires firms to learn new tactics

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Sell Themes on Shopify

How to Sell Your Ecommerce Themes and Apps on Shopify

Join Shopify Partner program to Sell Your Ecommerce Themes and Apps Follows steps: Firstly, visit the page Shopify Partner Program. Enter your email id and click Get Started button. Fill the Partners program sign-up form. Enter your details like your

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Advanced Marketing Pyramid

An Introduction to Advanced Marketing Pyramid

It’s difficult to keep a subject in a pursuit containers nowadays. So what better approach to kick things off than to investigate six promoting measurements that associates between low-level activities, for example, Search, social and pay-per-click with more extensive estimation of

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