A Guide to Marketing Automation

Guide to Marketing Automation

A Guide to Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a complex subject.But it seems simple, but once you’re deep into it’s overwhelming. So, today, We discuss here about “A Guide to Marketing Automation” in brief way.

When used correctly it can be useful in sales and marketing teams to reach their goals.If you want a clear understanding? yes,,you’re on the right board!

Guide to Marketing Automation

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is the use of software to deliver the message to customers and leads.The software allows you to deliver a message the contacts.The message which the contacts receive is decided by the factors you specify.

Delivering content that’s tailored to a person’s needs and interests helps build stronger relationships. in turn, it can help increase conversions and revenue.Marketing automation will help you accomplish all these things.

Marketing Automation incorporates in several aspects of Business development .including email marketing, content development, conversion rate optimization, and lead generation.

The benefits of using marketing automation

The Important benefits of marketing automation were that it helps sales and marketing team more efficiently. People love personalized content and sending out personalized emails, but manually sending customized messages simply isn’t practical.

A Guide to Marketing Automation

Marketing automation not only makes it easy to deliver messages it makes it easier to figure out where people are in the conversion process.It also has the lead scoring features which helps users quickly examine that which leads are the most sales ready .common reasons why businesses consider using marketing automation in the first place is because they want to improve their conversion rates and revenues. Marketing automation is a way to encourage customers to stay engaged longer.

What are applications there for marketing automation?

While marketing automation has several different applications, email messaging and lead generation/nurturing are among the most common.

There’s a multitude of ways marketing automation can be used with email:

  • Welcome messages
  • Product retargeting
  • Abandoned cart reminders
  • Personalized product recommendations
Key concepts

Although many different aspects of marketing and business development come together in marketing automation, the whole process is ultimately driven by a few core concepts.

Conversion funnel:

Is the process a person takes towards becoming a customer. Marketing Automation is a way to keep people engaged so they are more likely to convert.Conversion funnel can be broken into basic stages

Awareness: Is the initial stage where the customer becomes aware of the company, products, and services.

Interest: NOt everyone is aware of a business/product/service is going to have a need for it. at this stage who are interested will start becoming more engaged.

consideration: By now, a person is familiar enough with a business to know they like what’s being offered. They’re not quite ready to make a decision.

Action: This is the point where a person decides to convert. You’ve won them over and they’re ready to do business with you.

  • Feedback loops and metrics

Feedback loops and metrics are a reflection of how effective your marketing automation strategy is. Whether a person converts, clicks through to your site, ignores the message, flags it as spam, or unsubscribes from your list, that tells you something about how the recipient felt about your message.when you look at your metrics you will ideally want to see high open rates and clickthrough rates.

User flow

While conversion funnels refer to the process taken toward converting, user flow refers to the series of pages a person visits before taking an action.

  • Workflows

Workflows are where the automation part of marketing automation comes into play. Your workflow is the series of triggers you create to deliver messages. Creating a workflow involves taking yourself through the entire process and asking yourself, “If this happens, what should happen next?”

Workflows can consist of many different triggers, such as how long it’s been since a person has taken an action, interactions you’ve had with a person, or actions they’ve previously taken on your site.

Important steps in creating a marketing automation strategy
  • Define your goals
  • Identify who to target
  • Map user flows
  • Segment and rate your leads
Best practices for marketing automation messaging
  • Get to the point

Make your point clear and make it quick.People just want to know what’s in it for them. How would your product or service solve their problem? What’s unique about what you’re offering?

  • Keep it active

By implementing marketing automation strategies, you’re trying to keep people engaged. Therefore, your messages should be written in an active tone and encourage recipients to take some kind of action, whether it’s downloading a whitepaper, reading a blog post, watching a video, or making a purchase.

  • Remember where people are in the process

Don’t forget that some types of content will be more appealing than others depending on where a person is in the conversion funnel.

  • Avoid looking spammy

When used correctly, marketing automation is not spam — we’ll talk more about why that is in just a little bit. But don’t give your contacts the wrong impression. Certain things will always look spammy, such as typing in all capital letters, overusing the color red, and using too many links in the body of the message. If you’re going to use symbols in your subject lines or messages, don’t use too many of them. Avoid using words known to trigger spam filters.

  • Hone your list

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to contact lists. One of the key goals for marketing automation is to get your message to precisely the right people. Pay close attention to your metrics so you know who your most qualified leads are and get rid of the ones who aren’t responding anymore…read more

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