Choose Perfect Title and Image For Your Blog Posts

How to Choose Perfect Title and Image For Your Blog Posts

Do you want to make your blog post viral? Apart from choosing an interesting topic, you have to Choose Perfect Title and Image For Your Blog Posts. After all, headline and image are most important parts of your post to grab people’s attention. You just need to use catchy lines for your title and a snappy image relevant to your blog post. It influences the audience to see your post.

Whether you have the best content for your blog post, but if don’t choose Perfect Title and Image For Your Blog Posts, you won’t be able to engage audience towards your posts.

Although there are many ways to choose Perfect Title and Image For Your Blog Posts, but not all delivers the best results.

Today I am going to share some easy tips to Choose Perfect Title and Image For Your Blog Posts.

Let’s start.

Tips to Choose Perfect Title and Image For Your Blog Posts

  • Choose your image relevant to the content

Your image should convey the audience what you going to deliver them through your content. So, make sure you choose the main image of your post according to the content of your post. Also, your image should be appealing to the reader’s visual taste.

  • Use high-quality image

People don’t like pictures with low resolution. So, make sure your server the high-quality image to your audience. If you will not choose a high-quality image for your post, it will lose all the credibility.

  • Format your picture

The main picture should be interesting to draw the attention of the audience. So, I will suggest you format your picture. Select a perfect size for your main photo; it should be noticeable to all people and colors should not be dull. Try to test your image before posting.

  • Make your image compelling

The main image of your post should be compelling. It means to make your image visually appealing and attractive. Also, the first impression of your image will make other people share your post with others. If they find the images snappy, they will view and share your post.

  • Make your title simple

Use simple facts in the title of your blog post. This will give your audience clear information about what you going deliver in your content.

  • Choose an eye-catching title

As I told you, your post title is the first thing to grab people’s attention. So, pick up an eye-catching title for your post to make your audience view your post.

  • Pick up a short title

Don’t make your title too long. It has been found that the title with the short length is mostly shared by people on social media. Further, people do not like to read the articles with a long title. Ideal title length is 60-70 characters which are most shareable.

  • Try to ask question in the title

A title starts with “how” that it mostly viewed by the people. People mostly search for a solution to their problem by searching the question in the search engine. For instance, if you want to create a site on WordPress but don’t know the way, you will usually search “How to create a website using WordPress”. If you provide the solution to this problem, it will be great, if you make your post title something like “How to Create a Website on WordPress”.

  • Optimize your Images & Title

As we know, people browse the internet on different devices. So, you have to make sure your image and title should be optimized for all screens.

Also, don’t forget to add targeted keywords in your title to make your title SEO friendly. Moreover, you can add your targeted keywords in main image attribute to optimize your image in the search engine.

  • Make sure your picture and headlines work together

When you Choose Perfect Title and Image For Your Blog Posts, make sure your image and headlines must work together. They must be relevant to the content. Also, it should instantly give an idea to your audience about the content of your post by looking at the main picture & headline.

So, these are some few tips to Choose Perfect Title and Image For Your Blog Posts. I am your you will get success if you follow these tips.

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Final Words

In the nutshell, I would like to say, it is very important to Choose Perfect Title and Image For Your Blog Posts. You can make your POST title and image amazing if you follow these tips. So try these out and share your experience with us.

If you want to ask something, leave us a comment below.

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