How To Make Money With Theme Junkie Affiliate Program

Theme Junkie Affiliate Program

How To Make Money With Theme Junkie Affiliate Program

Do you have WordPress niche blog? Become an affiliate of Theme Junkie Affiliate Program and  Earn 50% commission on each successful sale of WordPress themes.

There are many tactics available on the web to make money from a blog or site. But when it comes to making money online, there are two most popular ways to monetize a blog which is Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing. Although there are many people who think they can make more money with AdSense but believe me, you can generate huge revenue from affiliate program as compare to AdSense if you use right technique for it.

Today, we will discuss Theme Junkie Affiliate Program which is one of the popular WordPress theme providers. Besides, It offers a great Theme Junkie Affiliate Program. You can make huge money by joining Theme Junkie Affiliate Program.

Before moving further, let’s know something about Theme Junkie.

What is theme-junkie?


Theme-Junkie is a reputable and reliable WordPress recommended theme provider. Also, It has a huge collection of more than Sixty WordPress themes and plugins. Moreover, It offers beautiful themes with snappy premium designs which can be easily customized. Further, you will get the regular updates of themes. Besides, It has 30 Days refund policy; it means if you do not like the theme your money will be refunded. Furthermore, You will also get personal support by theme-junkie team.

What is Theme Junkie Affiliate Program?


Theme-junkie has started its affiliate programs to generate more sales of WordPress themes and plugins. According to Theme Junkie Affiliate Program, when a person purchases a theme with your affiliate link, you will get the commission. Additionally, Theme-junkie provides a discussion forum for its customers that will help you set-up any theme very easily. Moreover, it offers various free themes.

Details of Theme Junkie Affiliate Program


  • Free Sign-up
  • 30% commission per sale.
  • Cookie Duration – 30 Days
  • Minimum Payout – $50
  • Get notified by an email whenever you generate a sale
  • Monthly Payout.
  • Payment Method – PayPal.
  • Keep track of your sales in your account center.


Are you curious to join Theme Junkie Affiliate Program?


It is very easy to join Theme Junkie Affiliate Program. If you want to join Theme Junkie Affiliate Program, here are some simple steps which are given below:

  1. Go to the page Theme-Junkie Affiliate Program.
  1. Click on the ‘CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT’ button.


  1. In next step, enter your email id in ‘Make a Free Account’and click on the ‘Register’ button.

  1. Now you will receive an email from theme-junkie. Also, You will be provided your username and password. Besides, They will also provide you link and you have to click on that link to confirm your account.

  1. Once you clicked on the link, your account will be successfully created. Now, you will be logged into Theme Junkie Affiliate Program dashboard.

However, you have registered to Theme Junkie Affiliate Program but this is done yet. For promoting themes of theme-junkie on your blog, you need to generate a referral link of the themes with your affiliate ID. Some of you might be wondering how referral link can be generated. Don’t worry I will also tell you how to generate a referral link in this post.

How to Generate Referral Link of Theme Junkie Affiliate Program

Follow the steps given below:

  1. Firstly, Login to your theme-junkie affiliate account. Here you will see a number of things such as account details, downloads, documentation, demo content, and affiliates.

  1. On next, Click on the affiliate tab then you will see various things related to Theme Junkie Affiliate Program such as Stats, Graphs, Referrals, Payouts, Visits, Creative and Settings.

  • Here you will see your affiliate username and referral link.
  • Page URL –  You have to enter the URL address of theme which you want to sell on your site or blog.

For Instance, click on the themes tab given at the top of the screen.

On next screen, you will see various themes, click on any theme. As I have clicked on theme ‘Silver’ to generate its referral link.

You will be jumped to theme page on the next screen. Here you have to copy the URL address of theme given in the address bar of the browser.

  1. Now, go back to the affiliate page and paste the URL into the Page URL field. Lastly, click on the Generate URL button.

  1. Once you clicked on THE GENRETAE URL button, your referral link will be generated.

Now, you have generated the referral link of theme with your affiliate ID. You can add the referral link on your site by creating a referral link or banner ad of this theme. When a user purchases the theme by clicking on the banner or link ad, you will receive the commission.

In this way, you can join Theme Junkie Affiliate Program and strat generating revenue from it.

Join Theme Junkie Affiliate Program Now


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I hope this guide will help you to make money with Theme Junkie Affiliate Program. If any problem arises then let me know in the comment section. I assure you, I will solve your problem.

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