Top 8 Tips to Write SEO Friendly Articles

Top-8-tips-t- write-seo-friendly-articles

Top 8 Tips to Write SEO Friendly Articles

Article writing is an art. Writing optimized articles for both – users and search engines require a lot of skills. Before writing an article, you should ask yourself two question. First, how to create an engaging content that is informative as well as entertaining and improve the conversion rate. The second question that you should be asking yourself is how to make your articles reach to broad audience.

A good article is rewarded by more clicks, shares, likes, and comments. However, along with writing a good article, your article must be accessible to the masses. A good article is of no use if no one is able to find it. Writing SEO friendly articles does this task for you. Good SEO not only ranks you higher in the search results but it drives traffic towards your website.

Top 8 Tips to Write SEO Friendly Articles:

A good article should be dynamic, well written and should be free from grammatical errors. The article must be engaging and interactive. No one likes to read monotonous and boring articles. Here we will discuss some important tips for writing SEO friendly articles for your website or blog.

  1. Decide the Topic

The first tip in writing a great article is to decide a great article. There are loads of topics in every genre. Writing on trending topics makes sense. So you must look for the trending and hot topic for the article. The article topic must be interesting, unique and catchy so that it grabs the attention of the users. Article topic is the first thing that gets noticed before going through the content of an article. So it is important to choose a relevant and hot topic for your article.

Some of the characteristics of a good article are:

  • The character length of the article must be between 55-70 words so that it appears without break in  SERPs.
  • The article topic must contain the focused keyword.
  • The article title must be relevant to the blog posts.
  • The article must create a interest in reader’s mind for reading the complete article.
  1. Research thoroughly

Writing an article requires a lot of research. You have to thoroughly go through all the resources and information about the article. It is very important that you provide only the reliable information to your readers. Any ambiguity in the facts and you may lose the trust of your potential readers.

  • Reseach the keywords you are going to use in the article.
  • Research the important information about the articles
  • Research various facts and figures about the article
  1. Use headings and sub-headings

Use appropriate headings and sub headings for your article. This makes your article more readable and structured. Also, users can skim through your articles and reading becomes easier. More readable articles have a high percentage of getting shared. Also, include keywords in your headings and subheadings to make it more SEO friendly. Following things should be kept in mind regarding heading and subheadings

  • Use only one h1 tag on the page that too for the title only. Search engines considers h1 tag as the title of the page. Do not confuse it by using multiple h1 tags.
  • Use headings in hierarchical mode. H1 tag should come first followed by h2 h3 and so on. This makes the article more readable for the search engine as well as readers.
4.Use short paragraphs

Always try to keep your paragraphs short and sweet. As a reader, big paragraphs can haunt anyone including me too! Your paragraphs should contain not more than 65-70 words. This encourges the reader to go through the complete paragraph. Also, use – bold, italic or underline features in the paragraph to make it more flashy and interesting to read.

5.Sprinkle keywords intelligently

Writing the article is not enough. You have to garnish the article by using appropriate keywords that too at appropriate places to make your article SEO friendly. Always avoid keyword stuffing in the article as it will affect the rank of the website. So, where exactly keywords must be placed? The answer is simple:

  • You must include the keyword in the title of the articles
  • You must use keywords in heading and subheadings of the articles
  • Place the keywords within first 100 words of your article
  • Always use the keyword in the conclusion of the article.
6.Optimize the images and videos

Using images and videos in the article makes the article more interactive and interesting. The user may spend more time on your article looking at pictures or videos. This is good for the SEO of the article. Although, search engines like Google cannot understand the context of the images, however, using the appropriate description in the alt attribute can help it understand the image better. Always write the text relevant to the image in the alt attribute. If possible, try to use the keyword in the alt attribute of the image.

7.Add appropriate linking in the articles

Add links to the article where it makes sense. In this way, you can interlink it with your previously written articles. Internal linking is an effective way of keeping the user for a long time on your website. It is a good way of giving the user an option to click and know more about the topic. It also helps search engines to find new pages on your website using crawlers.

8.Proofread your article

This is the most important step that writers generally forget to follow. Always proofread your article. For better checking, you should go through your article the very next day. Proofread the article multiple times. Proofread the structure of the sentence, grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes etc. You can also take help from a professional proofreader or your friend to get the feedback. Correct any mistake you find in the article instantly.

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In this article, we discussed some important methods and techniques to write SEO friendly articles. A lot of things are needed to write an SEO friendly article. You have to thorough research on the topic. Article writing is an art and you can improve it by practicing more and polishing your skills. Use the tips discussed in this article to make your article SEO friendly. It will definitely help you in optimizing the articles.

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