Top 10 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Site through Facebook

10 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Site

Top 10 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Site through Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking site. There are more than 900 million users who are active on Facebook. Facebook popularity is increasing day by day. It has become most effective way to optimize your business and engaging audience to your site. You can post your content on Facebook and promote your brand. Once people start liking your content on Facebook, they will come to your page very frequently and also share your content with others. If people share your content on their wall or page, there are high chances that they will also visit your website which increase your site traffic. If you are not active on Facebook and do not optimize Facebook for your site till now then it’s high time to start doing it.

Are you looking for ways to drive Facebook Traffic to Your Site?

Here are best techniques which help to increase your site traffic through Facebook.

10 Ways to Drive Facebook Traffic to Your Site 

  1. Keep Your Updates Short :

Keep your updates short and crisp. Your post or blog may content contain huge text but according to a survey people do not like to read post with having long text. Try to keep your update short as one sentence and also try use 140 twitter characters count. Add click through link in your post so that people can click to read more if they find the update interesting. If your blog content is interesting and clear to engage more Facebook users to your Site.

How you can make your Facebook updates Short?

  • Try to use one sentence or short phrase for post updates.
  • Try to make content title interesting and convincing to people to see it.
  • Before update your post keep the mobile viewer of read the post on their phones in your mind that it should not look too lengthy for them.
  • Try to use 140 characters for your post updates.
  1. Use Images in Your Post

Try to use more images and less text in your Facebook post. Facebook usually give fewer preferences to post with short text instead of long one when making them appear in users news feed. Also it has been seen that the post with images engage audience more than 100% post having no image. Try to use full size image as it appear big in user’s newsfeed which attract the users more to your post. If people like your post image there is more chance to share your content as well which help to gain traffic to your site. 

How to make your image bigger in the post?

  • Try to upload high quality, visually appealing and full sized image in your post.
  • Try to use shortened link in your images to make your content short and clear to users
  1. Use Short and Interesting Quote for Your Post

One way to attract more users towards your site and post is to make use of short and interesting quote related to your content before publishing it. They are many Facebook users that like to read the quote, if they really like the quote, they open the link for reading the entire post. The posts with interesting quotes are more likely to view and share on Facebook and also add some photo related to your content to make it even more convincing.

How to choose right quote for Facebook post?

  • Try to use a concise quote which add flavor to content of your post.
  • Try to add image related to content of your post which makes it more appealing.
  • Try to use an interesting quote which drives more traffic to your post and get more clicks to your site.
  1. Share Other Facebook Users’ Posts :

Yes, it really works. It effectively helps to boost your site traffic by sharing other posts or blogs on your page and profile. It helps to build user trust towards the quality content published on your Facebook Page and make them read your posts as well. It also makes other peoples to share your post with other. Facebook users will appreciate your efforts and will be more willing to share your posts with other which also helps to boost yours site traffic.

What type of content you can share on your page?

  • Try to share post that are relevant to your market as well so they can also share your blogs or posts to their sites.
  • Try to share content from a trustworthy source which has high popularity.
  • Also add link to their Facebook page while sharing someone else post on your page.
  1. Post a Short Video of Your Blog :

 Video is one of the best convincing ways to engage audience to read your site. Whenever you want to post a blog, try to make a short video of blog or content and also add eye catching images to attract users to visit your site. If your video is short and interesting enough, then people will view, like and click on link to see more post updates by you.How to embed short video in Facebook?

  • Create link of your video and embed it on Facebook to attract more user towards the post.
  • Try to add eye catching images and content in the blog.
  • Try to make short video as users do not like to watch lengthy videos which also time some time to buffer.
  • Try to add summary of your entire blog in the video.
  1. Add Question to Your Post :

Add question to your post because it provokes the users to click on the link and read the post. Try to make question related to your content and then post them on Facebook. If you post an article or blog by asking a question related to blog then users will be more willing to pay attention towards your post. You can ask a question like “Do you want become a SEO expert free of cost?” then by adding a clickable image which direct them to your site, you can boost the site traffic.What type of question you can ask from Facebook users?

  • Try to ask question of mix type, which can be of any problem solving or information related to your site content.
  • Try to ask curiosity invoking question from user to invoke them to view, click, like, comment and share your post.
  • Try to add “you” in your questions and keep your questions simple and short.
  1. Start Hosting Contest On Facebook

Hosting contest is a strategy to gain more traffic to your site. Start hosting contest on Facebook and ask them to participate to get rewards from it. Try to offer some free services, discount or incentives as a winning reward to make people attracted toward your post and invoke them to participate in the contest. Share contest on different pages on Facebook. Hosting contest on your blog can also boost the site traffic. More the people participate; more you get the site traffic. 

What are the ways to invoke users to participate in the contest?

  • Try to post images of rewards for winning contestant.
  • Try to offer some benefits to those who will participate in the contest.
  • Try to make your contest interesting by personalizing it.
  • Try to host contest related to the content of your website or you can also consider the users interest for which also provoke them to click on more links of your site.
  1. Create Weekly Wrap of your Facebook Post :

By making a weekly wrap of all the posts which are posted by you on Facebook, you can drive traffic to your site. In weekly wrap up, you have to add every post of yours with images and a shortened link of your site so that if anyone misses any post of your they can get the quick review of what they have missed. It can work as reminder for those who missed any post of yours. Also users who do not have enough time to go through all the post to look for a particular post can directly jump to their interested post by clicking on the clickable image.

How you can make a weekly wrap-up?

  • Use a tool which can help you to make collage of the images of all the posts which you have posted in a week.
  • Choose a particular day which suits best for your business sale, and post the weekly wrap up on that day.
  • Make a list of all the posts which are posted in a week on your official Facebook page and add a link of your site before posting to your page.
  1. Use Facebook Advertisement :

You must have post ads on different social media networking sites or popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and many more. But Facebook ads are best to reach the target audience as Facebook provides you the ability to post your ads to only target customers. You can post free ads to users and as well as paid ads which work best for you. If you want the paid advertisement then Facebook will charge according as it display the advertisement in newsfeed of number of users and also according to pay per click (PPC).

How Facebook ads can help to drive traffic to your site?

  • Make use of Facebook ad tool to create good Facebook ad campaign.
  • A Facebook ad helps you to advertise only to target users as you can search users based on different factors such as certain age group, location or interest. Then you can advertise only to those users which save your time and money as well.

  1. Avoid Links in Your Post :

Make your post simple and clean. Whenever you post some content on Facebook of your site then keep the text short and avoid adding links in text as when you add a link on Facebook, it automatically fetch the page of that link with image. That image with summarized content automatically becomes a clickable link so try to avoid it. If user like the post, they will click on the image that will jump to the page where the content is posted. So, remove the link before posting it. It helps to increase user readability also.How you can skip the link from post?

  • Just remove the link, before posting it.
  • If you want to show some page full content with images, you just need to copy the link of that page and paste it in the Facebook post which will show you a small image with summarized content then you just have to remove the link from post, it will still show the same content and image. When users clicks on that link it direct them to another page.

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