Programming trends that Every Developer Should Know in 2019 !

Programming trends that Every Developer Should Know in 2019 !

Programming trends that Every Developer Should Know in 2019 !

PHP has been around as long as anyone can remember. Now, it seems impossible to think of website development without Hypertext Processor. Here, a lot of enthused DIY designers will bring up WordPress, Joomla, and several WYSIWYG builders as examples of how the users do not need PHP to work on website developer. Well, they are not wrong. People working on these platforms do not have to deal with PHP directly, but all the platforms use PHP in the core code. Therefore, any theme or framework you utilize uses this Hypertext Processor for their dynamic design. Even the latest web-based applications use this programming language.

It is a server-side language that mainly dictates your user experience (UX). Even the simplest of all server-side scripting languages can endow your website with the most intriguing frontend features and functions. That is mainly why learning a little PHP can take you a long way on the path of website development. With the development of IoT, AI and voice searches, PHP is becoming more important with each passing day. To create a competent, dynamic website, website developers at Atomic Design Nashville need to pay more attention to PHP Development and the use of the latest PHP frameworks for their ongoing projects in 2018.

Here is a comprehensive list of the 5 most popular PHP frameworks this year.


This has to be on top of all the PHP framework lists of 2018. A recent analysis of Google Trends by leading strategists and developers shows that Laravel is at the top of all website developers’ must-have list. This framework easily stands out among all other PHP frameworks. The recent launch of the Laravel 5.5 Framework has sealed its popularity across the world.

This new framework has abstractly introduced routing. It also facilitates packages like eloquent ORM, PHPUnit, RESTful controllers, Middleware, Blade Templating Engine, and Artisan. It comes with detailed documentation making it extremely easy for all developers to work on it. It is excellent with NoSQL Structures and opens new doors for people working with the likes of MongoDB.


Symfony is one of the greatest PHP frameworks for 2018. This is a high-performance project that comes with impeccable documentation. Symfony is a great choice for both amateurs and veterans. While most of the other contemporary PHP Frameworks try to abide by existing MVC rules, this one defines MVC. It supports the creation of high-grade codes with minimal latch errors.

Right now, the French SensioLabs have accepted Symfony as a fully capable PHP framework and awarded it the status of an exotic framework. The best of the best company websites are using this framework. For example – BBC and open source projects like Drupal are using Symfony. It comes with PHPUnit Bridge, WebProfiler bundle, and VarDumper. It is quite easy to use, and its compatibility with leading databases – Microsoft SQL, Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL make it desirable among the top rung PHP developers around the world.


CakePHP is improving, spreading and constantly maintaining its dedicated user base. This is a remarkable original PHP framework that has powered the likes of BMW and Express (websites). Its flexibility supports the development and maintenance of commercial sites and web-based applications. The simplicity and vast potential of it command the attention of the newbie coder and the PHP learner.

CakePHP eliminates the need to use unwanted files like YAML and XML config files. The built-in code along with the powerful packages that come with the CakePHP download ensure that it is a delight for every developer. This framework provides built-in faster build features that promise better security and protection against cyber-attacks. It can fend of SQL Injection attacks and prevent scripting. It features an extensive collection of safekeeping tools as well.


CodeIgniter has more than 11 years of PHP service behind it. The experience, customer-oriented nature and the flexibility make it one of the most popular PHP frameworks of all time. Laravel has found a new competitor in CodeIgniter in 2018. It is very convenient, and it distributes the resources perfectly for the benefit of developers of all experience.

The CodeIgniter Reactor extends its support to existing libraries, templates, modules, and documentation. They use syntax identical to SQL to create templates compatible with SQL databases. Most importantly, CodeIgniter can ensure the lightning fast connection of PHP libraries during the hour of need. Developers need minimum configuration changes to use it. It allows full page caching, activation of updates for error login, pagination, and zip encoding class. In fact, with CodeIgniter, MVC is optional.


The Zend framework is compatible with PHP 5. It is an open source project that has individual components for different web application processes. It has several beneficial features that support the best practices in PHP website development. It has the power to simplify the most complex of the PHP functions. It can effortlessly maintain high performance while offering access to plug-ins, helpers, and libraries.

This is a purely object-oriented website application framework for the server-side development. It offers the implementation of advanced MVC and supports multiple databases. It is compatible with some modern SQL databases and their derivatives. Zend uses an uncomplicated cloud application programming interface (API) during the development process. It also supports the encryption of data in the database. Unlike several of its contemporaries, Zend is appropriate for enterprise edition applications. The framework has features that also support session management and validation of components.

Almost all of the website development community is happy with PHP 6. There is not much activity in the PHP 6 to PHP 7 migration domain. Only the newer websites of 2018 are opting for PHP 7. Therefore, for now, it is better to stick to frameworks that are compatible with PHP 5 and PHP 6. As Symfony, Laravel, CakePHP, and Zend become more popular; more developers are likely to shift to the latest version of the scripting language. All the frameworks we have mentioned here are compatible with the latest versions of PHP as well the as the most popular versions that debuted before 2017.

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