Beginners Guide to AdSense Page Level Ads For Mobile Site Monetization

AdSense Page Level Ads

Beginners Guide to AdSense Page Level Ads For Mobile Site Monetization

Once your AdSense account got approved, you can place different types of the ads on your AdSense account. Are you looking for AdSense Page Level Ads to Monetize your Mobile Phone. Publishers can make money for them by placing Google ads on their blog or website. In my previous articles, I told you how to create Text/Display ads, Link ads and how you can add search engines to your site. If you missed anything, click on the following link:

Let’s move further, now you can also make money by placing AdSense Page Level Ads on your site. Every type of publisher can place new page level ads on their blog or website.

Implementing AdSense Page Level Ads on your site is quite easy. Today I am going to tell you, how you can activate and implement AdSense Page Level Ads on your website or blog.

Before moving further, let’s discuss something about AdSense page-level ad.

What is AdSense Page Level Ads?

AdSense Page Level Ads is a new ad format which is specially launched for smartphones. This type of ad is only display in smartphones. You cannot see this ad on the desktop system. But, you can see these AdSense Page Level Ads in high-end smartphones.

Moreover, You all know very well, most of the people browse internet only through their smartphones. Therefore, Google has launched this new ad format for all the people who visit the different websites through smartphones. Now website owners or bloggers can also earn money through mobile phones by placing page level ads on their site or blog.

There are two types of ads available in AdSense Page Level Ads which are given below:

  1. Vignette ad:

This type of ad will be shown when a user will click on some link of the website.  Furthermore, the moment user will click on the link; your mobile screen will be covered with the ad. The user can also close this ad.

(See Image Below)

  1. Anchor/Overlay Ad:

This ad will be shown at the bottom of your site. The user can close this ad.

So, you can place these both type of AdSense Page Level Ads on your site.

Moving further, I will tell you how to create page level ads in your AdSense account.

How can you add AdSense Page Level Ads on your website?

Setting up page level ads in your website or blog is very easy. More so, You just need to follow some simple steps for implementing page level ads on your site. Steps are given below:

  1. Log into your AdSense account.
  2. Click on ‘My Ads’ tab on AdSense’s home page.
  3. Click on ‘Page level ads’ option which is given in the left side of ‘My ads’.
  1. You will see two different ad format options when you click on ‘Page level ads’ option.

Moreover, You will see ‘Status’ option corresponding to these two formats which you have to turn on/off according to your choice. This will activate or inactivate your ad.

(See Image Below)

  1. Once you selected which ad you want to activate, click on ‘Get code’ button given below.

  1. You will see the code in next screen. You have to copy that code. If you have selected both types of page level ads, then the single code will be work for both ads.

(See Image Below)

  1. Now you have to paste this single code in the <Head> section of your blogger site or WordPress.

(See Image Below)

Now you know how you can implement AdSense Page Level Ads in your account.

Let’s Move further!

Do you know how to place this code in your WordPress or Blogger site?

Don’t worry. I will tell you.

  • Adding Code to WordPress Site:

 Steps for adding code in WordPress are given below:

  1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Go to ‘Appearance’.
  3. Click on ‘Editor’ option. (Appearance >> Editor)
  4. Here you have to click on ‘Theme header (header.php)’ option. (

(See Image Below)

  1. Now you will see a php file, you have to search for <head> section.
  2. You have to paste the ad code in <head> section.
  1. Click on ‘Update File’ button.

You can also use ‘header and footer plugin’ in WordPress to paste the code in <head> section.

  • Adding Code to Blogger Site:

Follow the steps given below to add code in blogger’s site:

  1. Go to Blogger’s Dashboard.
  2. Click on ‘Template’ option in the left side of the dashboard.
  3. Click on ‘Edit HTML’ option. (Template >> Edit HTML)

(See Image Below)

  1. Search for <head> section.
  2. Now paste the code in <head> section.

(See Image Below)

Now we have successfully added code in ‘WordPress’ and ‘Blogger’. Now we have check if it is successfully showing ads in Smartphones.

Check AdSense Page Level Ads on Smartphone:

As you know, I have created this ad for smartphones. These ads are mobile friendly. It displays in smartphones only. Therefore, open your mobile browser. Type your site URL. Check if ads are shown in that section where you added the code on your site.

If your ads will be successfully shown in smartphones, you will see a banner of page level ad like an image on your mobile screen. You can add /#googleads to Check the ads on your Mobile Site view.

(See Image Below)

If you want to disable any ad then you don’t need to remove the code from head section. You can disable it by turning it off from ‘status’ option of page level ads.

Most of the user’s browser internet from their mobile phones only. If you are a website owner or blogger and increase your revenue from Google AdSense, I will suggest you add this new ad format to your site. So, that you can also earn money by placing AdSense Page Level Ads on mobile phones. If you find any problem while adding page level ad code in your site, please ask me in the comment section. I will try my best to solve your problem.

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