Advanced SEO Tactics to Drive More Traffic to Videos

Advanced SEO Tactics to Drive More Traffic to Videos

Advanced SEO Tactics to Drive More Traffic to Videos

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a term which has been used to make a website popular among the potential web visitors. It is a strategy that aims to enhance the ranking of a website in the search page result. That means whenever you search with specific keywords; the website must appear at the top search results of Google. Every business owner prefers the website link to appear on Google’s very first search page. The ranking should be between 1 and 5 in such cases so that optimum brand value, as well as exposure, can be attained by the online business.

SEO Tactics to Drive More Traffic

Like any website, YouTube videos also need SEO these days. It helps the videos to gain more exposure so that more visitors can be lured to the videos. The YouTube channel owners can earn revenue through the hosted advertisements on the videos. More views on the videos can potentially bring more revenue. In the following section, we shall discuss the advanced SEO tactics that can help drive more traffic to the videos.

  1. Work on the Video Title

The video title is the most important thing for video marketing. Thus, you need to be careful the process of selection of the title for the video. In other words, the title has to be chosen meticulously. It should be seamless, proficient and keyword rich. Now, it has to be noted that video title should not be too long. Increasing length of the title can be a drawback for the SEO. Long titles are often ignored by potential visitors. They generally choose the videos that come with crisp and attention drawing headline.

The inclusion of keyword is a controversial area for the video title. Many people argue that inclusion of specific keyword may turn the video title not so interesting. Nevertheless, length of the title increases due to the long tail keywords. Well, it is always good to use short keywords, if there is any. If not, there is no need to add keywords to the title. Instead of adding a keyword to the title, one can choose to add the keyword to the description. It also helps in SEO equivalently, and it aids a good driving number of traffic for the website.

  1. Write Video Description

The description part of the video is important, and many people tend to ignore it. It should not be too long, or it should not be too short. The description should be to the point or accurate, giving a brief idea to the visitors on the content of the video. Nevertheless, in many presentation type videos, people want to share links. Of course, links cannot be shared on the videos, but it can be shared in the description portion. So, you can encourage people to go through the description section to find the link that you have mentioned in the video.

Video description must be keyword enriched otherwise it can be difficult to find a video when searched in the YouTube search box. Keywords play the key role in making a video visible in the search results of the YouTube. The title cannot contain long tail keywords. But, the description part can contain two or three or even more keywords. Due to this reason, videos gain better visibility. Nevertheless, the videos start making an appearance in the top search results of the YouTube.

  1. Content Is the King

As it has been said, content is the king. There is no way to escape this thing when it comes to SEO for the videos. You need to give importance to your content. You need to make it refreshing as well as useful for the visitors. If your content is not worth, you will find that video has started losing attention despite your rigorous SEO efforts. The content of the video has to be unique, and there should not be any copyright issues. If you are caught in copyright cases, videos will be deleted, and your YouTube account shall be suspended. So, you should be careful in this matter. Check out with Las Vegas SEO service provider teams.

  1. Call to Action for the Viewers

To enhance viewers in all your videos, you need to have called to action. If somehow your current video is related to some other videos that you had posted in the past, you should add a call to action for the viewers. The call to action should encourage the viewers to check the related videos. In this way, through one video you can fetch visitors for the other videos. Overall visitor counts will enhance on your videos, and eventually, that will lead to better revenue creation for your YouTube channel.

You should always keep in mind that call to action is not ordering the viewers. It should not be rude. It should be funny or attention-grabbing or formal and polite. Nature of “call to action” generally depends on the content of the video. Overall, the idea should be encouraging the viewers or visitors.

  1. Interact with Viewers in Comment Section

The comment section of the videos should be considered as the best place to find the scope to interact with the viewers or visitors. Viewers generally leave their feedbacks on the comment section. Some may praise your content, and some people may criticize. You need to take both of them sportingly and mingle with the commenter.  You need to answer queries in the comment section. You need to respond to the praises and criticisms properly.

At the conclusion note, it has to be stated that SEO for the videos is not quite different from the traditional SEO for the website. However, methods and approaches could be different. The concept or fundamental core part of the SEO remains the same in both the cases. SEO is all about gaining more online visibility, and every video content creator needs that exposure to become successful. There is no use of making videos if the visitors do not come and visit your videos or appreciate the content. Following the aforementioned strategies or tactics can perfectly help in this regard to the users.

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