Basic Things You Need to Know about Bootstrap Framework?

Basic Things You Need to Know about Bootstrap Framework?

At the first stage, everyone tends to think that Bootstrap is quite simple, though it is quite difficult in a few cases. People tend to make some common mistakes too. For the right use of Bootstrap, you need to avoid these mistakes. To avoid them, it is necessary to know those mistakes. Bootstrap is simple and easy to use. However, you should not be overconfident when using this platform. Due to overconfidence, people make some mistakes which lead to utter confusions and complexities. When mistakes happen, you shall experience sheer wastage of time.

Misconception on the Framework

When it comes to using the Bootstrap framework, people have certain misconceptions. To avoid misconceptions, people are suggested to read the documentation carefully. Reading the documentation will help the users to understand a lot of important things about the Bootstrap framework. As a result, Bootstrap development projects will become easier to be managed. The basic thing about this framework is that it is very comprehensive. It comes with a lot of HTML and CSS based design templates, which can be modified or personalized as per your requirements.

The templates also include various UI components, like forms, tables, buttons, dropdowns, navigation, modals, tabs, etc. This framework allows prototyping to the developers. Various UI design options are there in the forms of templates. So, developers should mainly focus on the development task rather than focusing on the design or interface. Initially, using Bootstrap was a little complicated matter, as personalizing the default styles was complicated. With the advent of time, the framework turns matured, and styling options have improved.

Focusing on the CSS

Many developers think that CSS knowledge is not mandatory with this framework. In reality, knowing CSS is absolutely important to understand Bootstrap development. To deal with the designs of the Bootstrap templates, you should know the basics of CSS. Not just CSS, you should have good knowledge of HTML. You should have a proper understanding of how media queries of CSS work. It is also important to understand the concept of responsive website design. You should also start learning the process of examining the source code in LESS or SASS.

Importance of Bootstrap CSS File

You shall find a Bootstrap CSS file, and you should not change this file. Doing changes to this file may complicate the things for you. The whole design or interface may appear in complete disarray. If you have basic CSS knowledge, you can change a few style sheet settings. For example, you can change the styles, colors, padding and margins. If you are not well-versed with CSS codes, you should not attempt changing these things. Instead of changing things on your own, you should find a robust Bootstrap builder. For that purpose, you can use Designmodo Bootstrap builder.

In conclusion, it has to be stated that working with Bootstrap is not as easy as it appears in most of the cases. It is a complicated process, and you need to have terrific technical knowledge and expertise to deal with this development framework.

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