Guidelines For Fast Approval of AdSense Account

Guidelines For Fast Approval of AdSense Account 2017

As you already read about Google AdSense in my previous article, Google AdSense is one of the advertising program as well as a free tool to earn money online. It allows publishers to make money free of cost. It offers contextual ads based on the content of site or blog. Publishers post Google ads to their website/blog to generate revenue. Today, I am going to share SEO tricks and Guidelines For Fast Approval of AdSense Account 2017 with you in this article.

Nowadays everyone is looking for different tactics to make money online.  If you are looking for a trustworthy way to earn money from your blog/website, AdSense is the right choice for you. It is one of the easiest and professional ways to generate revenue for a business. I have already told you enough about AdSense and its benefits. It will be useless to explain the same thing again and again how AdSense is a useful tool for making money. To learn every detail about Google AdSense, click on the following link:

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Here is a free Guidelines For Fast Approval of AdSense Account

How to create an account on Google AdSense?

Guidelines For Fast Approval of AdSense Account

Hey wait, before creating an account on AdSense, I will tell you some important guidelines. These guidelines will be helpful in fast approval of AdSense account application by Google. You need to take care of these guidelines before creating an account on AdSense. Your application may get rejected if do not follow these guidelines.

Without wasting your much time, let’s move to Guidelines for Fast Approval of AdSense Account:

  1. Post Original Content

Content is very important part of your website or blog. Try to post high-quality content which means content which is not copied. Add original information on the blog so that visitors can trust you and visit your site again. Try to provide quality information to users as Google’s main purpose is to serve users with the information they are looking for. When you submit your application for AdSense account to Google, it crawls your site to see whether you have posted original or duplicate content. A site with copied content is less likely to approve by Google.

  1. Good Navigation

Navigation is very important part of a website as it helps the users to locate different pages of your website. Try to add well-customized navigation on your website. It should be easy for visitors to locate different pages of your website. There are some blogging platforms which offer to add customized navigation to your site. So, before setting up AdSense account, work on navigation of your website as Google also consider your site design, navigation, loading time etc when reviewing your application.

  1. Site Design

As navigation of a website, design is most important part of your website. A neat and clean designed website helps to engage the audience and they are more likely to come back to your site. When visitors browse on the internet, they want to get a good user experience. Design should be attractive and it should be according to the content of your site. Try to choose a well-customized theme for your website design. Make sure your site design maintain the professionalism of your website. This increase the chances of boost your site traffic. When you apply for AdSense account, Google crawls your entire website. So try to make it easy for Google to understand your website. I would recommend you to choose a good professional theme very carefully. If you are beginner’s and want to start your Own blog, I will recommend you Beginner theme For WordPress Blogger.

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  1. Loading Time

Loading time of your website is a very crucial thing to take care before applying to AdSense account. Ideal loading time for any website should not be more than 6 seconds. If a website takes more time to load the content of site then visitors are more likely to jump to another website. So you should take care of this thing, your site loading time should be minimum.

  1. Customized Domain

There are many website hosts which provide domain name free of cost. Domain name is that which visitors will search for in search engine. It is an important thing to take care. AdSense seriously considers this factor when you submit your website URL. I will recommend you to purchase a customized top-level domain name for your website rather than choosing a subdomain. Your final AdSense application will be approved fast if you purchase top level domain your site.

  1. Number of Articles/Blogs

You should have enough content on your website before applying to AdSense account. Google does not mention anything particular about a minimum number of articles or blogs needs to have on your website for account approval. I will recommend you to have at least 20-30 articles or blogs on your website before applying to AdSense account. Make sure articles or blogs you post should be high quality as it should provide the sufficient useful information for readers. More quality of your content increases the chances of your account approval process faster.

  1. Site Traffic

Building a website has no use if you do not have traffic on your site. If your site is new, then there will be negligible traffic on your website. There will be no use for Google to offer ads if you do not have traffic on your site. No will see Google Ads. So before creating an account on AdSense, make sure that you should have some traffic on your website. If you will have good traffic on your site then Google will find it worth to accept your application fast. Try to do good SEO of your site to engage traffic to your site. If you are looking for ways to increase site traffic click on the following link:

  1. Size of Content

When Google crawl your website it sees how much content you have in blogs or articles you have posted. It ensures whether it deliver the meaningful information. I will recommend you to post an article that includes at least 300-500 words. A high-quality article consists of 1200-1500 words.

  1. Use Google Analytic Tool

Google Analytic tool helps to measure the overall performance of a website as well as traffic of the website. Try to embed Google Analytic code to every page your website. You can analyze your site traffic and site performance once you added the code. If you add this code to your website, it will help Google to recognize your website more easily. Google can also check your blog statistics to its search engine.

  1. Make Sure Your Blog is Not Blocked

Once you posted the blog on your website, make sure your blog is not blocked by Google. AdSense checks your blog statistics on their search engine, so your blog must not be blocked on Google. To ensure this, just search for “site:” on Google. If you find your blog in search result then your blog is not blocked.

  1. Third Party Ads or Advertising Programs

When Google crawl your website, it checks there is any third party ad running on your blog or website. Google does not like to see any third party ads already running on your website. So try to avoid placing third party ads on your website before creating an account on AdSense. If you have already run any third party ad that does not mean Google will reject your application straightforwardly. It will ensure that your site is not stuffed with too many ads. If it found your site is stuffed with ads, not with the content, then Google will reject your application for AdSense account.

  1. Do not use Prohibited Content

AdSense has already provided a list of type content which is prohibited by Google. If you want to see which type of content is prohibited by Google then click on this link Prohibited Content:


Google will clearly reject your Account approval if your site contains any prohibited content. So make sure your blog or site does not contain any prohibited content or any link to a website which contains any inappropriate content.

  1. Blog Ownership

You should have blog ownership as well as site ownership. AdSense provides you a code for running Google Ads on your blog or account. For implementing that code on your blog or website, you should have ownership of your website. There is a possibility that Google will reject your approval if it found that you are not the owner of your website where you posted the blog.

  1. Age Limitation

According to Google AdSense terms and conditions, the applicant for who want to apply for AdSense account should have an age of minimum 18years old. If an applicant is not under age of 18, he will not be allowed to create AdSense account. If your age does not fulfil this criterion, you still can create an account, if you provide your guardian name when you apply for AdSense program.

  1. Website Language

People prefer different language for writing blog or article for their website. Blogger who post their blogs on supports so many languages but AdSense does not support all language. AdSense rejects application approval if your site language does not support by AdSense. So make sure your site language has AdSense supported language before applying for AdSense program. To know which languages are supported by AdSense click on the following the link:

AdSense Supported Languages


  1. Add your Google+ Profile to Your Site

If you have an account on Google+ than link your profile to your site. If you do not have the profile on Google+ then I will suggest you create an account on Google+. Make your profile good by adding enough information regarding your education qualification, your work experience, your special traits and much more. This will help Google to recognize your identity when it crawls your site. It ensures AdSense that you are a genuine participant for AdSense and you will publish fresh and useful content to your site.

  1. Domain Age

You must have ready many blogs, which recommends you to apply for AdSense when your site is minimum 6 months old. This is not compulsory, if your site followed all AdSense policies, does not contain any prohibited content, and complies with these guidelines then your account will get approved. Even I got my AdSense account approved in One month by following these guidelines.

  1. Do Not Upload Copied Images

Most of the bloggers or publishers post images with their content to make it attractive for visitors. They usually post copied images from Google. Try to use original image for your blog. If you do not have original images then try to make some changes to original images before uploading them. Some of the images may have copyright issue so make sure do not include any image to your site which has some copyright. Google may reject your application if any copyright issue of content or image is found.

  1. Choose Blog Structure

When you post a blog or article to your site make sure that you are using a good structure for your blog. A blog with a good structure attracts the visitors a lot. They will understand blog content if they like the structure. They will start following your blogs if everything such as header, footer, content and many other things are properly organized in a structure. Also, AdSense will more likely to accept your application if it found your blog content fully organized.

  1. Add a Site Map on Your Site

Site Map helps search engines to index your site faster and which adds value to your site. Try to add a sitemap to your site. You can create it by your own when you build your site. If you are using WordPress then you can install the plug-in for creating the sitemap for your site. Sitemap is an XML file which contains all internal links of your site as well as meta-data of that links. If you add sitemap on your site, it will work as a trustworthy factor for your website.


  1. Create Robots.txt File

If you have good SEO of your site then search engines are more likely to visit your site again and they will index your pages and blogs in search engines results. Sometimes they index some additional links or pages with your site which may contain some inappropriate data. To avoid such thing, create Robots. Txt file which contains files and folder of your website. It helps to protect sensitive data of your site. The presence of Robotx.txt file helps Google to recognize and trust your site.

  1. Use Custom Gmail Id for AdSense

Using a custom Gmail id with the domain name is good to apply for AdSense account. Once you have customized domain, create Gmail account with the name of that domain. For example, I have a site with the custom domain “WWW.SEORAMANARORA.COM” and I have created customized email [email protected]. It will draw more attention of Google than any other email account. I will suggest you use Gmail id which is customized with the domain name.

  1. Optimize your Blog with SEO

AdSense uses crawler bots to crawl your site content. Crawler bots check every footprint of your blog. So you should optimize your blog content with specific tags such as meta-title, title, and meta-description. These tags help crawler to know what your content all about is. So make sure you optimize these tags for faster approval of AdSense account by Google.

  1. Add Some Important Pages to Your Site

Every visitor wants to know if they are getting information from some trustworthy source. They want to know who is providing information to them. Similarly, Google also wants to know your identity before approving your application. I will recommend you to do some important pages to your sire before applying to create AdSense account. These pages are as follows:

Provide sufficient information for visitors as well as Google to know your identity and how they can contact you. You have to make sure their private information is secured if they register on your site.

  1. Be Careful while filling AdSense Application Form

When you will sign-up on AdSense, you will see an application form. Here you have to fill every field very carefully. There are certain fields such as Payee name, domain name, email address whose information cannot be altered later. You need to fill this information care attentively. You should enter correct URL address of your website. Use custom domain for your website. Payee name should be same as in bank account, because all the payments will be sending under the same name. Make sure you have entered valid email address; otherwise, your application will be rejected.

These are some guidelines which you have to take into account before applying to an AdSense account.  These guidelines will really help you in getting your AdSense account approval fast. I have shared these with my personal experience. Please share your experience after you get your AdSense account approved.

If already have signed-up on AdSense and your application got rejected, don’t give up. Just follow these guidelines and again apply for AdSense. If your application got rejected even after following these guidelines, then feel free to ask in the comment section. I will provide the answer to your query.

Hope you understood about “Guidelines For Fast Approval of AdSense Account“. Follow these Guidelines and Me as well.

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