Top 12 Effective Ways To Promote Your Mobile App

top 12 effective ways to promote your mobile app seoramanarora

Top 12 Effective Ways To Promote Your Mobile App

Are you looking for different tactics To Promote Your Mobile App? Here is the solution of your problem. Get Top 12 Effective Ways To Promote Your Mobile App.

Have you developed an app?  Great!

You must have spent lots of time and money for developing an app. Also, You must have taken care of all the things for designing app by using amazing layout design, most relevant widgets, and engaging content. Additionally, You must have given your best efforts for designing the app.

Are still you are not getting any business from it?

You must be thinking that there will be some problem in design as people may not like the design. But after spending some time on it, you realized there is not any issue in designing. Next thought that came to your mind, that content may not be good enough to engage the audience with your app. But later on, you again realized that content is fresh and of high quality. After looking for so many issues, you will come to know that everything is perfect with the app.

Where is the problem?

The problem is the promotion of app. As promotion is one of the best ways to generate business from anything. For an instance, imagine you opened a showroom of clothes. Also, you spend a lot for the interior of a showroom. Moreover, You also purchase the best variety and quality of clothes for it. Further, You hire the best staff for your showroom. Everything you were done is just perfect.

Now you will be expecting to have good sales of your clothes so that you can earn profit from it. But later on, you will come to know that your sales are not enough to generate any revenue for you. Here, the main issue for this problem is same as above “Promotion”. If you want to earn revenue from your showroom then you should promote it. You should tell people about your showroom by various means such as banner ads, social media campaign, online ads and much more.

Now same as with app you developed. The first and foremost step is spending much time to promote your app. More you promote, more you will get the business. There are many different Ways To Promote Your Mobile App in an effective way.

Today I am going to share ‘Top 12 Effective Ways To Promote Your Mobile App’ in this article.

Top 12 Effective Ways To Promote Your Mobile App

  1. Interact with influencer:

Interact with influence is one of the best Ways To Promote Your Mobile App. If you will get success in influencing the influencers then it will really helpful for promotion of your app. Besides, Influencer has the power to influence others and make them purchase something they like. An influencer can change the decision made by a certain group of people.

So, firstly you have to interact and build the good relationship with them. As a result, they help you in promoting your app. Further, Ask them if they can get some time to meet you and tell them about the app. Make sure that you only discuss relevant and interesting points with them. Don’t try to tell anything fake about your company or app because genuine sponsorship always goes for long term relationship. More influence you will interact and convince, more they will promote your app.

  1. Include your app on your site:

A good way to promote your app is to include the app in your site. It helps to know many people about your app. In fact, make a different section on your site for your apps. People who are visiting your site for some useful information or who already interest in your company will come to know about your app. Additionally, if you include your app on your site, it adds value to your site.

Even you can create a pop-up for promoting your app on your site. As if people visit your site, a popup will appear to them which reminds the people of the app. Besides, if they click on that popup, they will be directed towards apps store for downloading the app. This is one of the effective Ways To Promote Your Mobile App.

  1. Give app ad in your emails

For marketing, you have to send a large number emails to your customers to promote your brand. There are emails like the purchase of a product, payment confirmation, ads of new products, emails to potential customers for further purchase, event invitation or many others. If you add your app URL at the end of your each email then your visitors will come to know about your app. Hence, this will help effectively in the promotion of your app.

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  1. Write a blog about your app

Another effective Ways To Promote Your Mobile App is to write a blog about your app. Include what app is offering and what is a purpose of developing it. How this app can benefit the people and why they should download it. Also, Write a complete story of your app and post it on your site. Apart from it, ask the audience to download the app in end of the post. Moreover, Provide the link of app for downloading.

  1. Create a Demo Video of your app

Nowadays most of the people used to download any app by watching the demo video of that app. Create a demo video of the app which shows how it will work and what it will offer to people and how it is interesting enough that will influence people to download it. Post this video on different video hosting sites such as YouTube and social media platforms. This will really work in promoting your app to a large audience.

  1. Good SEO of your app

After developing an app, you need to do a good SEO of your app. As many of users who search for your app in major search engines, they must find it easily. So try to use some targeted keyword for your app so people can locate you easily with the keywords. 

  1. Upload your app on various app stores

Once you developed the app, upload them on different app store other than Google play or apple play store. A study has shown that if you will upload the app on various less popular app store, then chances of downloading the app is more. So don’t just stick to popular app stores for uploading your app.

  1. Upload screenshot of your app in the app store

Same as demo video upload the screenshot of your apps different section in the app store with the app. Start the app; take a screenshot of the different section. That helps users to know how it will work and what it will offer. After that, Upload screenshot and don’t forget these to update whenever you are including a new feature to your app. This will also make many people download your app.

  1. Create Landing Page for Mobile app

Create a good landing page for your app. Then Choose a good template for the landing page. Also, Highlight the major feature of the app on the landing page. Besides, it must have called to action buttons of apple app store and Google play store which enables users to download the app by clicking on buttons. Additionally, a landing page should be good enough to engage the audience to download your app.

  1. Submit your app review on app review sites

There are many sites which focus on giving reviews of different apps. Therefore, Make sure they will give a review of your app on their site. As many of users look for a review of the app before downloading it. Besides, A good review will make users download your app.

For getting a good review, you will have to convince app review sites that your app is good enough to get reviewed by them. Further, Submit a complete description of your app, screenshot, video and links to download the app. If they like the app they will give a good review by highlighting every feature of your app.

  1. Promote you app on social media network

Social Media Network is a great platform for promoting your app. Try to link your app on the social network. Moreover, You can use paid ads on Facebook to promote your app. Besides, Share your app link publically by giving a short description of your app.

Moreover, share your app to different pages related to your app. Apart from it, You can create a separate page for promoting your app.

  1. Include app link to your site

 Place a small banner of your app in the top section of the site to promote your app. Also, add call it action button of Google play store and Apple app store in the bottom of your site. It will allow the users to download the app by clicking on that buttons. This will help to promote your app to visitors of your site.

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I hope you find this article “Top 12 Effective Ways To Promote Your Mobile App” helpful. I have personally tried these techniques. These tricks work really well for promotion of my app. Go ahead, try these tricks and let me know which technique work best for promoting your app and engaging audience.

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