Useful Guidelines For Starting Email Marketing Campaign For Beginners

Useful Guidelines For Starting Email Marketing Campaign For Beginners

Hello !! Have you learned what about email marketing? Amazing!

Let’s start with Starting Email Marketing Campaign For Beginners. If you don’t have an Idea About Email Marketing, you should learn this blog given at Below:

After understanding What is email marketing and why you need to do this, you must be keen to start email marketing campaign. Great Idea !!

But how to get started and what are the steps required for starting email marketing ?

Don’t worry, I will help you in getting started with your first email marketing and explains the steps required for it.

Six Steps To Start Email Marketing

  1. Choose the Goals for Email Marketing Campaign.
  2. Choose the Email Service Provider.
  3. Build e Email address list.
  4. Choose a template for email.
  5. Send your email campaign.
  6. Track results.

Step 1 : Choose the Goals for Email Marketing Campaign

Before starting your first email marketing campaign. It will be worth to spend your one minute to think about the goals for starting email marketing, why are you communicating with customers, what are the targets, what is type of campaign, why are you sending emails, who will be the audience, what do you expect from readers.

After defining your clear targets to achieve and how will you measure the success of email marketing campaign then only jump to the next step.

Step 2 : Choose the Email Service Provider

 After spending your one or two minutes on planing what are the targets and what you want to achieve, next step is to choose a right Email service provider for your first email marketing campaign.

There are many option available such as Google, Hotmail, Outlook, AWeber, Mail Chimp. Constant Contact, Maid Mini and many other platforms which offers you to send bulk messages to customer but we will recommend to choose platforms like Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, AWeber or Mad Mimi because it offers various services like creating and managing email database, offers various email templates and allows you to send bulk messages rather than using Gmail, Hotmail.

Check best offers on Aweber Email Marketing for your Website.

You can try different ESP’S and choose the right one for you.

 Step 3: Build an Email Address List

 After deciding the campaign goals and selecting the Email Service Provider(ESP), its time to make a list of all email addresses to whom you want to send the email. There are various ways to create an email address list but the best way for this is depending on the goals you decided in first steps.

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You can also make a database of email addresses of existing or known customers. Once you add the addresses to your database and started the list then it must make sure that you must be kept in touch with those contacts through emails.

With any Email Service Provider, you can add an email sign-up form to your site that will automatically link to your  email database. But for making visitors to subscribe to your website, you have to offers some incentives like first order discount offers on latest products or making an announcement of interesting events and offering them free shipping on products and much more. By offering such incentives, you can encourage them to buy your products and once they registered with your website them, you can send latest discount offers or announcement of latest stock on regular basis. This will help in the further growth of the database.

Step 4 : Choose a Template For Email

Now after the creation of email list, now you have to select the template for email. Email service provider provides a vast variety of templates and you can choose any one of them according to your choice or content of your  email. You can customized the design of template  as per your choice to make it interesting for viewers to read the email.

There are couple of few things which can help to make the template best for email marketing campaign like choosing a impressive subject line and headline for email, using the content which offers some benefits to customer, keeping the sentences short and to the point, adding eye catching  images or videos, your business address and adding your logo and a subscription link  at bottom of your email.

Step 5 : Send your Email Campaign

Once you have done with the structure of the template for email  marketing campaign, it is  time to send the email campaign to all address of your database.

With the passage of time, you will get more experienced and advanced to know what different elements such as  best time for sending emails, best day to week to send emails, what offers attract the viewers the most, type of email creation provides the best result for email marketing.

Step 6 : Track Results

 Tracking the result of your email marketing campaign is the most important step to know how well your email marketing strategy is going.

Once you hit the send button, and you first email reached in inbox of your customers and get opened and clicked by them, you will be able to monitor the result of a first email campaign.

You may have the different ways to track the results depending upon the goals you selected the first stage but you can also monitor it by two different ways : Website Analytical Tool and Email Marketing tool.

Website Analytical Tool helps in keeping track by following metrics

  • Conversion Rate – The rate at which viewer become leads
  • Open Rate- The rate at which customer actually open your email.
  • Click Through – The rate at which customers click on link given in message.
  • Deliver-ability – The rate at which customers actually received the messages.

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