Introduction about Video Marketing and their Benefits

Introduction about Video Marketing

Introduction about Video Marketing and their Benefits

You must have heard the term “Video Marketing” but some of you must not aware about what it is and what are the benefits of using it. You must heard that video marketing is one of the technique of online marketing. Many business firms and marketers are facing problem of reaching target market in a effective way. Although there are many online marketing strategies to reach your target audience for advertisement of products but one which is best suits for this is video. Where comes the video for the purpose of promoting something or advertisement of products, that is video marketing. Before brief detail about this topic, let’s start from beginning of Introduction about Video Marketing.

What is Video Marketing?

Video Marketing is relatively a new term to use and it sound much easier than its use. It is widely popular nowadays. Over the period of last five years, it has proven itself a essential tool in world of online marketing. Every large and small business is adapting this strategy as it become necessary staple in online marketing strategy.

Introduction about Video Marketing and their Benefits

Definition of video marketing is not much difficult. It simply refers to promote or market your brand, service or product by using videos or promoting products or services on commercial websites through videos which is much more than just a content.

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Benefits of Using Video Marketing

Among all the advertisement strategies, which are basically created using images, text or links, customers shows less interest to pay full attention while reading the advertisement.

Moreover they find it time consuming which makes it less effective for marketers to promote their products and services, whereas if the same content will be presented to people through video, they can better understand the information and find it more convenient to pay attention.

A visual representation of the content leaves the better impact on the mind of viewer and they can recall it for a long period of time.

Apart from this, there are many others advantages of using video marketing which are as follows :

Attract New Visitors :

Video Marketing Helps to improve the online branding efforts by attracting new viewers through videos. There are many websites who allows you to share or upload video on their sites in free of cost. There are many sites where anyone can upload the video like Dailymotion, Youtube, Hulu, Vivo, Flickr and there are more chances that people can view your video than any other Internet marketing strategy. There are better opportunities that people can search, view and share your content quickly on social media and other sites. Best part about Video Marketing is its easy to share and advertise product or service, If the viewer like the content of your video, it has chances that they will share the video on their social media profile as well which is very effective for the branding of your product of services.

Helpful in Educational Purposes :

Video Marketing is also helpful in educational purposes in content marketing strategy. For this, you can upload the video on any video sharing website such as Youtube, DailyMotion or site of the seller.

 Create Personal Connection with Viewers :

 Best advantage of video marketing is ability to make personal connection with viewers. Although there are many ways to make personal connection with viewers but by the use of video is one of the best and simplest way for this. Human connection through video is more effective than just reading the information in form of text or images. This allows you to make direct appeal to the mind of viewer. You can also share images, content or scenes in form of video.

Effective Tool Of Marketing :

 There are lots of reports which depicts that retention rate for information that is both seen and heard is very high and left are those which are not that effective such as audio. That means video marketing is a powerful way to promote your product and services because there are around 80% people who prefer to watch video rather than only heard or seen the content.

Helps to Increase Conversion Rates :

A recent survey shows that there are around 57% of people you like to buy the product or services after watching the demonstration of that product in video that helps to boost the conversion rates.

Video is Easily Accessible :

 Nowadays almost everyone is having smartphones and people can view the video at any time in their smartphones, that is why it is easily accessible and very cost effective. There are many platform available for video marketing such as Youtube, video boards and many more which are much more effective than traditional For SEO Ranking :

The two most popular search engine like Google has started including videos in their search result and the site which added video has much benefited than others because research has shown that the site having video are 50 times more likely to shown at the top of search results than other sites.

We all know Youtube is owned by Google and it has become the second largest search engine after Google which help you to reach your target audience because there is high possibility that your prospective customer search the videos which are uploaded on Youtube. Also if anyone search your video on Youtube that means you will get quality back-links which help to increase the SEO of your website.

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