Hostgator: Best Web Hosting Provider for Large Business

Best Web Hosting Provider for Large Business

Hostgator: Best Web Hosting Provider for Large Business

Hostgator is one of the known names in the web hosting world. Hostgator is one of the top-notch and Best Web Hosting Provider for Large Business in the web hosting domain. Hostgator has endured for a long time in the international market. They are one of the best service providers backed up by millions of websites. They have constantly improved their products and services and gaining the trust of the companies and businesses. Hostgator provides services for small, medium as well as larger websites.

Hostgator Web Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting

Lets us discuss the difference between the two. WordPress hosting is separated from the web hosting. WordPress is simply a software that can run on any Linux Server. That also supports PHP. But WordPress runs just fine on the web hosting too. For some companies, separating the WordPress web hosting and web hosting has become a marketing strategy to increase the sales. For others, it is a value-added service to get the lead from the competitors.

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Hostgator: Best Web Hosting Provider for Large Business

Hostgator is also making use of this marketing strategy. Hostgator’s WordPress hosting has many great features that a developer or company would like to have. It has a huge storage capacity that allows you to store big datasets and website data. Some of the more advantages of WordPress hosting are:

Nominal Pricing

There is one thing that separates Hostgator from other WordPress Hosting providers i.e. Pricing. Hostgator has kept their pricing very competitive. Hostgator has very low renewal pricing also. They are also providing discounts on the hosting every now and then. Hostgator beats most of the companies in the total value pricing. The pricing per month against the database storage it provides is nominal and affordable for the companies having a tight budget.

Almost 100% Uptime

Hostgator claims 99.9% of uptime which is nearly 100%. The chances of downtime are very less. Personally, I have never encountered any downtime in the Hostgator. Contrary to GoDaddy that claims almost similar uptime but we have seen it downtown time as high as 8 hours a month. Hostgator claims to provide its service 24/7 which is actually true in our experience.

Good Customer Support

The customer support of Hostgator is also available 24/7. We were having an issue in deploying the website on the server. It was 3 AM in the morning and we called the decision to take help of the customer support staff. They were actually there to provide the services. Within minutes, the problem was resolved. That was awesome. Hostgator is better than its other competitors when it comes to the customer support and we give them good score in the customer support service.

Easy Transfer Service, Quick Install, and Onboarding

These are some of the most haunting steps in setting up a website. Hostgator makes these steps easy for the users by providing an easy interface and proper channels to get started. Their website transfer service and Quick install service scripts are runs smoothly without any issues. Also, they have a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services.

Limitless Services

Hostgator provides limitless and unmetered services in almost everything except the Hatchling plan that too has everything unmetered except that it caps the domain name at 1. Providing everything unmetered is a big deal. You can have unmetered databases. That means the number of times you can install WordPress is unlimited. Unmetered plans allow you to host as many as websites as you want. If you host many websites, then the cost of hosting reduces to cents per website. Hostgator also provides unmetered bandwidth, unmetered email accounts, unmetered subdomains, unmetered FTP accounts and many more.

cPanel and Software Tools

cPanel is the backend of the server. It helps in managing the websites, creating, editing and deleting the domains. Cpanel is open source and no one owns it. It has huge documentation and you can get help regarding cPanel from any source other than Hostgator also. Webhosting providers make the cPanel usage easier using easy interface and customer support. The Hostgator’s cPanel has a lot of tools and options. The benefits that Hostgator is providing is that it has a lot of scripts and software tools. It is very easy to install WordPress and RSS Reads.

Hostgator has Open Stance

Hostgator has an open stance in running your website. It is obvious that they will not allow you to set up large spam operations. In contrary to GoDaddy that filters all emails from your websites. Also, for your information, Hostgator is clean energy powered and uses clean energy to run its data centers. So, it is good to know that you are taking services from an eco-friendly service provider.

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Hostgator provides you with an affordable and reliable hosting environment. There is almost everything unmetered everything in Hostgator once you purchase the plan. Hostgator provides almost 100% percent uptime and good customer support also. It also eases the process of WordPress installations and other third-party tools installation. If you are planning to run a website and buy a domain, you can take the services of Hostgator.

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