How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve the Web Hosting Experience

How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve the Web Hosting Experience

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized almost every area of concern. Be it healthcare, finance, the stock market, banking and many more. Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the way how traditional web hosting is done. Web hosting companies are using Artificial Intelligence Can Improve the Web Hosting Experience. Cloud hosting is the excellent platform to integrate web hosting with the artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence applications help in speeding up the learning, improving the performance with the time and improvements in the streamlined services.

Here are some of the process that can make the web process easier with the artificial intelligence.

  • Better Security

One of the main concern of the web hosting is to protect the customer’s information from the cybercriminals and hackers. Advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms can identify the patterns and discover the changes in the pattern and sends alert messages to the authorities concerned. This can eliminate the attack of even the latest hacker trick and the damage can be eliminated.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning predictive analysis tools can protect the user information by giving a warning and generating reports every time your website is under the threat of the potential malware. IBM Watson is an advanced software that has taken the cloud hosting security to the next level. It does not rely on the hardware for the security threat identification. Rather, it analyzes a large amount of network data and trains itself to identify the difference between cyber attacks and network issues.

Increased Productivity

With the changes in the technology, installation of software and support services requires a huge amount of investment and resources. Combining web hosting with artificial intelligence is a great business move as it can save a great deal of money and resources. Also, it can perform the labor-intensive tasks like data processing and data analytics. It frees up the time for the human resources so that they can focus more on the productive tasks. Artificial intelligence data analytics can help in better managing and understanding of the data. The regular audits and updates help in the better understanding of the data.

Artificial intelligence helps the websites in the maintenance tasks. Artificial intelligence software can perform the tasks more effectively and consistently than the human counterpart. One of the most important features of artificial intelligence applications is that it can improve over the time.

More Uptime

Artificial intelligence solutions can help in identifying the specific patterns and recognize the patterns every time they see a variation. They have the ability to detect the problems within the elements or the coded data. Advanced machine learning algorithms can be trained to solve almost every problem and take appropriate steps in response to it. AI and machine learning can evaluate the changes in the traffic and rescale itself to meet the demands and resolve the issues so that the customer always get a fast and reliable website every time they visit. Artificial intelligence services help in optimizing the available resources so that the user gets maximum uptime from the hosting platform.

Customer service Bots

Artificial intelligence has also improved the way of how web hosting providers interact with the customers. The traditional service is not efficient and has limited responses to the problems of the customers that can leave them frustrated. However artificial intelligence algorithms based chatbots have the ability to perform human-like interactions.

The voice recognition bots can answer the queries of the customers by having the access to a huge database, client history and other information that can help to answer the query of the customer. This eliminates or reduces the human staff in the customer support service. Artificial intelligence systems have the capability to reduce the human error and maintaining the consistency in the performance. Artificial intelligence bots can help in reducing the waiting time and is a cost-effective solution for the web hosting providers.

Buying Domain Name

Before buying the domain name of your choice you check the domain name of your choice through various online tools. However, the best of the tools sometimes fail to check the availability of the domain of your choice. But with the artificial intelligence applications, you can be pretty sure about the domain name availability. AI and machine learning programs can be trained to buy the domain names that are similar to yours and make a profit out of them.

Self Repairs

Artificial intelligence helps in performing the jobs more effectively. One of the best examples is the ability to repair the minor problems themselves. A diagnosis system built using artificial intelligence can detect the problems before they turn out to be a major blow out for the web hosting. Artificial intelligence systems have the capability to send the updates to the authorities about any malfunctioning in the web hosting environment.


The artificial intelligence system has reduced the errors and maintained the consistency. AI and machine learning algorithms can act as a virtual assistant and can provide assistance to the customers. Artificial intelligence applications can reduce the wait times, and resolve the issues involved in the web hosting environment. Artificial intelligence companies are helping in improving the functionality of the web hosting environment and are further going to improve in the upcoming future.

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