How to Earn $2000 Per Sale with Shopify Affiliate Program

How to Earn $2000 Per Sale with Shopify Affiliate Program

It is possible to make $2000 for each sale of Shopify. Even you make up to $2400 per sale with Shopify Affiliate Program. In today post, you will learn how to earn a bounty of $2000 per sale with Shopify Affiliate Program.

Firstly, we will know about Shopify Affiliate Program.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is perfect e-commerce solutions for who want to start their online store. It allows people to setup their own online store with Shopify to sell their products or goods.

Shopify offers three types of programs for each type of user to make some revenue with Shopify. These programs are as following:

Let’s know a bit about these three programs and how you can make money with them:

  1. Shopify Partner Program: if you can design themes for Shopify as a partner then you can join this Program. Shopify will give you 70% commission for each sale on the Shopify Theme Store. 
  1. Shopify Partner Program For Developers: If you can build apps to work with Shopify then you can join this program. Shopify will give you 80% commission for each sale of the app. 
  1. Shopify Affiliate Program: If you are a blogger or publisher then you can join Shopify Affiliate Program. You can earn 200% commission per sale of Shopify with your referral link. That means you can make $2000 per sale of Shopify via Shopify Affiliate Program. 

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We will discuss more Shopify Affiliate Program in this article.

What is Shopify Affiliate Program?

Shopify launches its affiliate program in order to increase its sale. Whether you are a publisher or blogger you can earn huge money with Shopify Affiliate program. It offers a whopping 200% commission on each sale of Shopify. Moreover, you can Make up to $2,000 per customer by joining the free Shopify Affiliate Program.

How does Shopify Affiliate Program work?

When you sign-up to Shopify Affiliate Program, you will get a unique referral link. Then you can use that link to promote Shopify. Also, you will get access to download banners of Shopify for promotion. For every customer that sign-up to Shopify through your referral link and pay subscription fee, you will earn 200% commission of referred user’s subscription fee. Hence, you can earn $2000 per sale easily.

How to Promote Shopify?

You can promote Shopify on your blog or website but if you don’t have a blog then you can use social media to promote Shopify. Besides, you can make a video of Shopify intro and promote it on video submission sites with your referral link.

Moreover, you can use Shopify banner or logos for promotion. Apart from that, you can share your success from Shopify by writing blog including your referral link and submitting a guest post.

How much commission can you earn with Shopify Affiliate Program?

As I have already told you above, you can earn 200% commission per sale of Shopify. Besides, Payments are issued 100% for month 1 paid and 100% for month 2. This also means that if they upgrade or downgrade their plan during that time, the commission will reflect that.

If the merchant sign ups on an annual plan, instead of monthly, you will receive a 10% discount and that will affect your payout the same way. So you will get the discounted month 1 and discounted month 2.

What are Payout Methods of Shopify Affiliate Program?

Shopify only pays via PayPal method. Your payments will be delivered to your PayPal account.

Take a quick look at the features & benefits of Shopify Affiliate Program:
  • 200% whopping commission per sale.
  • Free Sign-up
  • 14 Days Free Trial for your referrals to use Shopify.
  • Cookie Length – 30 Days
  • Monthly Payout.
  • Minimum Threshold – $25
  • Payment Method – PayPal.
  • Marketing Material – Banners, template, and Handouts.
  • Live Chat Support
  • Personal Affiliate Manager to help you.
  • Advanced tracking to get more detailed information about clicks and referring URL.
  • A detailed report of your earnings.
  • Monthly Newsletters.
  • 24*7 Support by Shopify Affiliate Team.
  • High-conversion Rates
  • You can create custom banners or graphics to promote Shopify.
  • Add multiple websites to your Shopify Affiliate Program Account.
  • Allow Deep Linking – You just have to add ?ref-YourUsername in end of the link to any page of Shopify.

How to Make Money with Shopify Affiliate Program?

You can earn money by promoting Shopify with your affiliate link. But you need to create an account in order to get your affiliate link. It is free easy to join Shopify Affiliate Program.

Just follow the steps given below:

  • Next, fill the sign-up form such as your name, email, business name, website URL, and your complete address including country, state, city, street and Zip code. Then choose a password for your account.

Also, choose an instant messenger, business type; answer 1-2 questions like your strategy to promote Shopify and your previous experience with affiliate marketing. Lastly, enter your PayPal email id and click Become a Shopify Affiliate.

  • Congratulations, your account is successfully created. Now you will receive in your inbox and they will take some time to review your application.

  • After 1-2 days, you will receive an email of your account approval. They will send you referral link and link to download banners. Then Click on login link.

  • Log into your account and you will be redirected to Shopify Affiliate Dashboard. Here, click on the Referrals tab.

  • Then you will get your referral link. Copy this link and promote it to others.

That’s all.  Join Shopify Affiliate Program and Start making money now!Shopify Affiliate BannerBesides, If you want to purchase Shopify then click on following link:

Buy Shopify Now!

Final Verdict

Shopify is the best platform for both small and large business to start their online store. Also, it offers the one of highest commission with Shopify Affiliate Program. You can earn more than $2000 per sale.

I hope this article will help you to make some additional bucks with Shopify. If you want to ask something, leave us a comment below.

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