Smart Tips for Start-up Businesses For Increasing Your SEO Ranking

Smart Tips for Start-up Businesses For Increasing Your SEO Ranking

Smart Tips for Start-up Businesses For Increasing Your SEO Ranking

The idea of a start-up business looks attractive! But the execution and operation are challenging. First and foremost, the majority of start-up businesses have limited capital and human resource to run. Therefore, it is essential to make smart decisions regarding investments and business development. There’s also the task of coming up with an attractive website for the business, for the online users and potential customers to refer and know more about the company.

Getting a standard and attractive website design is just the beginning step for ensuring a stable online presence. The digital world today is competitive! So, the start-up businesses can’t just stay put at that. To make their presence felt and gain an increased customer base and public attention, they need to combine the best of content marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guidelines to benefit their business. It is perfect to reach out for advanced Search Engine Optimization Consultation Services to establish a robust digital presence.

Simultaneously, as a start-up you could follow some of the best content marketing and SEO practices that are as follows:

  1. Make sure to generate the correct URL

When you have an SEO optimized web page, it is also essential for your URL to be of a particular length. The perfect URL is neither very short nor very long! Generally, you need to keep it between 40 and 60 characters. Also, you don’t have to do keyword stuffing making use of irrelevant keywords. They can be seen in the search outcome along with anchor text links the moment a webpage gets linked with any other platform. The generic links that carry a “click here” title don’t have any SEO value. On the other hand, a title such as “How to style your winter scarves with pullovers” having all the correct keywords will help in providing better search ranking.

  1. You have to publish good content

SEO rankings and content go hand in hand! Rich and informative content is essential for both your domain and brand. It helps to maximize website traffic, improve the site’s search engine results and many more. So, you should make use of smart catchphrases along with keywords that explain the underlying theme of your content. The phrases and keywords should have something similar.

The trends that denote search engine results generally are useful for long-form content. Your web content should be of 2,300 words on an average. You can repeat specific keywords all through the content and naturally use them. Other than the body copy, you can use it in your closing paragraph as well as the headline. Make sure to highlight a few phrases and words that would catch the reader’s attention, based on the queries they have. You can either make the phrases and word “bold” or write the same in Italics.

  1. Make effective use of the Meta Data

The Meta Data summarises the fundamental data about any information. It can be anything from the web pages, document files, videos as well as images. The Meta Data for web pages can also be presented using meta tags that has page content description along with the keywords that accompany it.  Furthermore, the Metadata also enables people to search for a select content type easily and helps in attaining a high SEO ranking as well. The correct meta tags help your website or webpage to come up in search engine results. It promotes your web content and maximizes the website traffic.

Metadata are of three types, namely:

  • Title: It is essential for keywords and can be seen right at the top of your browser window.
  • Description: You can best define it as a textual description of your web page, used by search engines in the search outcomes they provide. Description metadata should always be unique and concise that can encourage your readers to take a look at your web page.
  • Keyword: It has the crucial search phrases which get linked to the web page and content. It is also essential to add a mix of other related keywords for allowing improved search results. It should usually be close to 1 and 4 words and 6 and 8 phrases.
  1. Make optimum use of social media content

Content generated from LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook hugely impacts search engine results! For increased visibility of your content, you can select a good post and share it on your social media page. The social media pages feature in the top search engine page results. And today, such posts are considered to be one of the best ways to keep your existing and potential audience interested in your brand conversations online.  Not many start-up businesses realize the importance of these conversations. The more a customer or online user engages in these conversations he/she gets to know more about your business. And the more promptly they get their questions answers they are would be keen to become a loyal customer. So, interesting and recurrent conversations also guarantee permanent customers and increased buying decisions.

  1. Developing mobile apps

Based on a statistic shared by Tech Crunch, the mobile apps are the reason why customers spend about 52% of their time on online media. Activities such as listening, shopping, web browsing, networking, transport, and music gets done through specific apps. Leverage this trend as much as you can. It will help you to develop an interesting conversation with your customers. Make sure that your brand name appears clearly on the app title. It will help to target both the new and existing users. And to boost this bit, you can add informative, rich, fresh and relevant content to make sure that your brand appears in the organic search results in Google.

The online world and SEO is in a constant state of flux! Trends keep changing on a regular basis. Hence, the best way to get ahead with your start-up business is always to keep making the most of these changing trends. If yours is a start-up business and you are struggling to find ways to go ahead, you can take a head-start by referring to the above-discussed strategies and check how it works for your business. You can keep the strategy that is rewarding for you and stop the ones that don’t make ample profits for you.

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