The Truth about SEO Innovation and How it Works

The Truth about SEO Innovation and How it Works

The Truth about SEO Innovation and How it Works

For the past two decades, SEO has undergone many innovations. It is a vast discipline by itself in the worldwide marketing community. Today, the majority of the industries are growing and also responding to multiple innovations. Hence, it is natural to wonder if at all the field of SEO is undergoing any changes or not. It is true that there are recurrent Google updates and changes in the algorithms. You also have to count on multiple software platforms. However, the fundamental strategies are close to what it used to be about a decade back.

Hence, is there any real SEO innovation?

To answer this, it is essential to know what is being denoted by the word Innovation. Simply put, as an industry SEO has come across multiple changes over the past two decades. On a broader scale, there are constant tweaks in the Google metrics that both the companies and SEO agencies/consultants need to consider.

That aside, on a tiny scale, there’s a need for strategic adjustments. You need to do it on the basis of client by client. It is primarily because each client is profoundly different. It is also because one client might look at important ranking volatility as some unpredictable. However, you can categorize such changes only as simple tweaks in the present system. For real innovation to exist there’s a need for a brand new approach, idea as well as a whole new methodology.

To get any help in understanding the concepts of SEO, you need to make sure to connect with an ace service provider. You can have access to the same online and also search depending on your location. Look for SanAntonio SEO to assist you with this.  However, reiterating back on the subject of SEO and innovation, it is essential to understand a few fundamental principles.

The basic principle

You have the option to have a look at SEO through various lenses. Right at the primary level, you can consider the individual tactics and processes that are essential for the campaign. Also, when it comes to the highest level, which is also called the conceptual level, you can consider SEO based on a set of principles discussed below.

  • The tech specs and search indexing

If you are interested in getting listed in the search ranking in Google, it is essential to ensure that the indexing process is successful. The search indexing method over the years hasn’t evolved much across the years. Also, it is one of the most critical parts is getting viewed in SERP’s.

  • Good quality content

The high-end content provides Google with extra pages for indexing. It offers you additional scopes and also to rank for multiple keywords. All these haven’t changed.

  • Link building

Irrespective of the developments that have taken place in link evaluation, till date link building is one of the ideal ways to develop authority. And it’s essential if you want to rank high. It was the same scenario a decade back as well.

Today, there are essential standards and criteria for a successful SEO campaign for several years. Conceptually, all this hasn’t changed over the years so far.

The Responses to the brand new updates

However, there’s been some changes. It is the process in which Google fields as well as respond to the search questions. Till date, Google is the most popular search engine. And it is also declaring the updates that change the way its ranking algorithms are working. Generally, it is through small ways. A minor tweak in the SERP or improved semantic assistance can’t get qualified as a huge scale change.

Additionally, the important updates such as Penguin and Panda did lead to some important and visible shake-ups to the organic website search rankings. However, SEO experts still debate on whether or not they should call this innovation. Google has always given importance of prioritized and quality content. And Google Panda simply made these quality measurement capacities slightly better.

That is not all. Panda has also prioritized the link quality. And going forward Penguin had made all the evaluation slightly better. All these aspects are not brand new ideas. However, they didn’t force several businesses to re-evaluate the processes and strategies. Hence, instead of labeling the same as innovations, one can say that these are all significant changes that have to cause a positive stir in the SEO domain. 

The brand new SEO innovation techniques

Let’s examine the brand new methods that got generated for SEO. When it comes to the medical vertical, there are recurrent innovations that help to introduce advanced treatment processes and surgical processes. Hence, one wonders if SEO comes with the same pattern of development.

There can be one definite exception. Barring that the answer is practice is yes. And it is this that you still need to develop brand new content for your SEO articles or website, to assist the website’s domain authority. It also helps in engaging the overall audience. And one of the ideal ways to enhance the links, via the guest post as well as link attraction is via the high-end quality promotion and publication. It is still at the very best.

You can count the process of keyword selection and research as one of the necessary steps that need to be given importance right at the start. Also, your approach for troubleshooting the concerns related to indexing is the same that was there a couple of years ago. In terms of the new techniques, you can always count on names like Google Console, Analytics, Keyword Research, and Automation as well. However, all these aspects are not altering the field of SEO. Instead, they are bringing about a change in the way SEO is getting planned and executed.

Hence, you can detect several changes in the SEO landscape. But what we understand as innovation might not apply to SEO. That doesn’t go onto highlight that SEO is static. Instead, if we are to provide SEO its own space, we can consider the changes that took place as essential changes, which in SEO space can be referred to as innovations of its kind.

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