Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies Working for Healthcare

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies Working for Healthcare

There are many industries that have been improved by the merging of Artificial intelligence in their operations. Healthcare is no exception. Artificial intelligence applications have made tangible improvements in the Healthcare. Artificial intelligence companies are making solutions for the healthcare that solve real-life problems faced in the healthcare sector. So, here we are discuss about Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies Working for Healthcare

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the branch of computer science that deals with the creation and study of computer programs and machines that have the ability to reason, perceive, take a decision and solve problems. Artificial intelligence gives the thinking ability to the machines. Thus artificial intelligence machines can perform tasks that would otherwise require human intelligence.

Advantages of Artificial intelligence in Healthcare

There are numerous advantages of using artificial intelligent machines in Healthcare. Artificial intelligence service has found its application in many industries due to its advantages. Some of the advantages of artificial intelligence are:

  • Artificial intelligence machines reduce the error in the operations. They are highly accurate and have a high degree of precision.
  • Robotics and artificial intelligence machines have helped in surgical treatments, predicting disease from symptoms, monitoring patients etc. As artificial intelligence machines can work in any environment, exploration becomes easier.
  • Artificial intelligence machines reduce the risk factor as they can perform tasks that involve risk to the lives of humans.
  • Artificial intelligence is good digital assistants also. They can interact with the user in the form of text, speech or biometrics. They can perform simple tasks that a human assistant would do.

In this article, we will be discussing 10 Artificial Intelligence companies that are working for health care.

1. Webtunix AI

Webtunix AI is an artificial intelligence Consulting company in India that has provided many solutions in the field of healthcare. Webtunix AI has provided solutions in healthcare diagnosis system. AIVaid is an artificial intelligence application built by Webtinix AI that can diagnose the disease of the patient from the symptoms. AIVaid interface asks numerous questions to the patients on the basis of which it can predict the disease of the patient. It can also recommend the specialty doctors to the patients. At the end of the diagnosis, it generates a report that can be downloaded or forwarded to the doctor.

2. AICure

AICure is an artificial intelligence company that is providing solutions for the healthcare domain. This company makes use of visual recognition platform. The technologies use in visual recognition platform are computer vision and deep learning. This makes sure that the patients that are given the treatment are taking medications or not. According to the CEO of AiCure, Adam Hanina, “20-30 percent of medical trials fail because patients are not taking medication properly.” The drugs will not show any improvement because the patients are not following the protocol. Artificial intelligence can diagnose the reports of the patients and is able to detect the effect of the medication on the patient’s health. This will revolutionize the healthcare like never before.

3. Clearview Diagnostics

A lot of tests, medical reports, and other procedures make the healthcare heavy on the budget. The cost of healthcare in the US alone is 3.3 billion dollar which is a big amount. Clearview diagnosis has come up with the solution of the problem. Clearview diagnostics software tool can understand the possible disease from the symptoms of the patient. This software also makes the better recommendations that can help in avoiding the unnecessary procedures and medical tests.

4. Babylon Health

The first step in providing the better diagnostics is personalizing the treatment. Babylon Health has provided solutions in this direction. It provides a platform where patients can get 24/7 support from the real-time doctors through a smartphone. Patients can ask their queries, medications, and other queries using this software tool. This has improved the patient care as the patient gets more personal treatment from the doctors.

5. PaigeAI

Paige.AI or Pathology AI Guidance Engine is merging artificial intelligence ad pathology for the better treatment of cancer. This startup has got access to MSK’s intellectual property. MSK has also provided PaigeAI the access of its 25 billion pathological slides. The slide viewer implemented by PaigeAI performs various functions. Some of the functions are microscope vendor agnostics, faster image viewing, and device independent.

6. Prognos

Prognos is a New York based artificial intelligence software company that is providing solutions in the healthcare. The main aim of Prognos is to detect the disease at an early stage and make the treatment-related decisions faster. Prognos has access to more than 15 billion medical records. It has the track record of 180 million people and diagnosis more than 50 diseases is possible using Prognos.

7. Univfy

Univfy is an AI software company located in California. The main aim of Univfy is to increase the chances of women of conceiving a baby through Vitro Fertilization. This can accurately predict the chances of success. This software makes use of machine learning algorithm to make predictions from the past data stats of the patient. This has helped in improving the chances of conceiving to more than 50 percent which is a great improvement.

8. Baby Labs, Inc

Baby labs. Inc is a San Francisco based startup. Baby Labs, Inc provides artificial intelligence services like cardiovascular imaging that can help in the diagnosis of heart diseases. Cardiovascular generates data that is difficult to understand. Baby Labs, Inc provides software tools that are helping the doctors to understand the data in a better way.

9. Butterfly Network

Butterfly network is an artificial intelligence company that is providing robust solutions to the healthcare. Butterfly network creates a medical imaging device and uses the applications of deep learning. It is basically a portable device that is helping the patients in the remote areas where the diagnosis is difficult to carry out.

10. Deepmind Health

Artificial intelligence applications can improve the current situation of healthcare in many ways. Deepmind Health is providing solutions in Computer vision and imaging that are helping in the diagnosis of disease early stages. This can speed up the process of the patient treatment and the patient. This improves the life expectancy of the patient. This tool can reduce the workload of the radiologists which allows them to focus more on their patients and performing more difficult tasks. Radiologists have to interpret the image for three to four hours a day. AI software assists the radiologists in performing this task.


Healthcare is one of the main sectors that is being transformed by AI. Medical imaging, computer vision, deep learning has helped the doctors in the diagnosis of the disease at an early stage. This has improved the life expectancy of the patients also. Further research in artificial intelligence is expanding the scope of improvement of the healthcare. There are many artificial intelligence companies that are making better software solutions for the healthcare. In the upcoming years, artificial intelligence is completely going to change the whole scenario of healthcare.

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