Top Benefits of Long-tail Keywords for Your Website

Top Benefits of Long-tail Keywords for Your Website

Top Benefits of Long-tail Keywords for Your Website

Keywords are long-tail or short-tail. When it comes to the  short-tail Keywords, they’re short phrases with a general meaning, for instance, “women’s bags”. These are also a couple of times called “head” words. On the contrary, long-tail Keywords are longer, more precise search phrases, which better define a specific subject, topic or concept. These include “Best Levis men’s denim”. Therefore, one search term could be long or short-phrased, depending on which extra term you match it up with when building your SEO campaign.

According to an article published on HuffPost, the KWs you choose make the real difference and therefore, it is better to focus on long-tail Keywords.

Long-tail Keywords

If you are new to SEO,you could be unfamiliar with the idea of long-tail Keywords and do not understand the huge benefits these KWshave. Once you figure out how long-tail Keywords can practically take your online business to another level, you will like using long-tail phrases to improve your SEO campaign.

In fact, there is not anything complex about the way of using long-tail KWs to your benefit. It is essential that you must have a sound knowledge of how these KWs benefit SEO. There are numerous reasons to make the most out oflong-tail KWs. Here are some of the top benefits of the same:

Significant traffic

When it comes to a sole long-tail KW, it might not fetch you loads of visitors. Then, a couple of ones can do wonders for your SEO campaign. Just imagine a large bubble enclosed by numerous little bubbles. The same thing holds true for many long-tail KWs instead of a single one.

The large bubble is your key short-tail KW. Let us explain this point with the help of an example. For instance, women’s bags, designer bags, and things like that. Then, there are many ways to expand these Keywords into long-tail search terms. Did you know all the long-tail Keywords together might contribute up to 35 percent or more of your total website traffic?

The competition is less intense

Let us explain this point with the following examples:

  • Men’s shoes: 42,800,000 matches found on search engines.
  • Designer men’s shoes: 13,500,000 matches found on search engines.
  • Italian designer men’s shoes: 2,200,000 matches found on search engines.

Therefore, you see that longer the KW, the smaller number of websites matches it, implying the less competitive is the search term. Consequently, long-tail KWs are usually easier to rank high in the SERPs. Therefore, instead of wasting time on trying to rank number 15 for designer men’s shoes, you should optimize a web page for French designer men’s shoes or British designer men’s shoes. This way, it is easier to rank 10 in the search results pages. You can try this tactic and see the results. You’ll not be disappointed with the outcome.

Works best for top competitive niches

In certain fields, the business competition is so severe that when you manage to reach the top of the search results, you feel apprehensive to look down. That is because there you see the brimming number of competitors, prepared to defeat you at any second. A perfect way to feel safe despite the competition is searching for long-tail KWs to optimize your website. Just try this strategy and you’ll be surprised by the results. You can get in touch with a local SEO company and learn more about KWs.

Let us explain this point with the help of a simple example. For instance, when you own a small hotel in Beijing,you have reason to feel happy. How would you contend on a search engine with all big names such as Pan Pacific Beijing, Legend ale Hotel Beijing, or New World Beijing Hotel out there? There is a way.You do not need to fret about ranking top for the hotels inBeijing, since this word has 12, 10, 00,000 websites bidding on the same. What you need to do is optimize your website for affordable hotel China, which does not sound that dissimilar. In fact, it makes the big difference for your business because you will find fewer websites competing for this KWon the search engine.It means that your website will have a high possibility of ranking higher in the SERPs.

Long-tail Keywords beat customization

These days, search results are becoming increasingly customized or tailored.It means that these long-tail KWs are personalized based on a visitor’s age, location, interests, likes, dislikes, sex, income, and things like that. Now, what does it signify? Well, individuals searching for the same and single KW might see different search results. Then, fortunately, long-tail phrases would help you to optimize your business website for several categories of visitors. That is because long-tail search terms are more precise than ever. For instance, you can design a different landing page for women’s bags and a different web page for designer women’s bags. Therefore, make the most out of long-tail KWs to reduce the adverse effects of customization on your SEO campaign.

Targeted traffic

When the copsinquirean individual to portraythe picture of a miscreant, they expect to receive as much information as possible. The details would help the cops to catch the culprit fast if they have the most appropriate description.

The same rule holds true for KWs. The better a search term describes the product or service you are looking for, the more the possibilities of you finding the right product or service you require. Therefore, visitors who land on your business website after entering long-tail keyword search terms are expected to be just those individuals you want to target and sell your products or services.

Ideal for PPC

There are many online marketers, who believe that Pay per Click or PPC advertising must be typically long-tail. You might be wondering why. When it comes to PPC, you shell out every time a user clicks on your advertisement. If you bid on a non-specific Keyword, for instance, the general terms you will have lesser click-through rates and the least conversions. Therefore, much of your money would be wasted on bad-targeted traffic. Then, if you bid on more precise long-tail KW phrases that better explain what items you sell, you are expected to attract the ideal visitors to your website. This way, your PPC campaign will fetch you immense benefits to your website, traffic, conversions, and sales.


Now that you know about the benefits of long-tail keywords, make the most of them. Boost your online sales!

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