What is Google Analytics and Why We Need It?

Lets Discuss about What Is Google Analytics and Why We Need It

What is Google Analytics and Why We Need It?

Whether you’re a website owner or a marketer, it is important for you to track the stats of your site for making an informed decision. There are many free web services and tool available on the internet which helps to keep track of your site performance over time. Lets Discuss about What Is Google Analytics and Why We Need It?

There are millions of people who use the internet every day. This encourages many businesses to promote their business online. This motivated many marketers to create websites and blogs where they can share their information and promote their brand as well. Also, whether you are running a large business or a small one, your business must have a presence on the web. You might be running a blog, selling the product online, or using a site to provide information about your services. If you are already running a website, you must know how difficult is to manage a site and keep track of activities of your site. Regardless the purpose of your site, you need to fully understand the customer journey as they interact with your content.

Do you want to know more about your visitors and how your content is performing?

Yes? Good!

Answer of your question is Google Analytics which is a powerful tool for reporting, analyzing and tracking site data.

Let’s discuss more Google Analytics.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytic is a free service provided by Google. It provides you a complete picture of your audience and their needs and detail reports and statistics about visitor and transactions on a site. This is a powerful tool which analyzes the performance of your website. Google Analytic is available with many premium options and tools for analyzing the site data. It is the best service which helps to measure ad revenue and SEO of your site. It also measures site traffic, engagement, and activity on social media.

Google Analytics gives you the insights where you need to make changes so you can meet your performance goals. It also helps in measuring sale and goal conversions. It is available with some tools which help to analyze how all the pages on your site are working. It provides you detailed understanding that what is working and what is not working for your site.

Tracking how many people visit your site is not enough to make an informed decision for your business. It just a fraction of information of your site, you need much more information about your site. Google Analytics tracks all the action of the site and then it boils it down into easy-to-understand reports.

This service helps in identifying the problem if your site is not performing well. Google Analytics helps in achieving business goals. There might be different objectives of business.

Let’s discuss some of the goals along with Google Analytics:

  • For Content Publishers: The main goal for content publishers will be to encourage repeat engagements and visits. So, that will help in tracking what keeps people interacting and clicking on the site.

  • For E-commerce: The main goal will be to use Google Analytics to find ways to boost the sales and keep track of the performance of the site.

  • For Lead Generation: Your objective will be collect user information. Also, test different and strategies to find the best working combination.

  • For Online Information: Here your aim will be to use Analytics to know what content are visitor searching and which not.

Why we need Google Analytics?

I already told enough about the importance of having Google Analytics for your site. Apart from that, there are plenty of reasons for using it.

Google Analytics, not only track, analyze and report your site data but also provide answers to following questions:

  1. How visitors interact with your site content?

Google Analytics provide information that how many people click on the link on a specific link.

  1. How many people visit your site?

Google Analytics enables you to know how many people actually visit your site and from which location.

  1. Who visits to your site?

It provides geographical location of visitors. It also gives detail about the language they speak, the browser they used and their screen resolution.

  1. Where did your visitors come from?

Google Analytics allows you to dig deep into your traffic sources. Traffic sources identify from where visitors came such as search engines, social media, advertising sources or any other website. It also helps to know visitors flow which identifies how visitors reached to your site. It includes which keywords they used to search your site and what device they used for it i.e. mobile or desktop.

  1. When people visit your site?

You can see when your visitors visit your site most. It helps to see which time of the day is best to publish the post on your site. You can also schedule your post according to that time.

  1. What your visitors do when they visit your site?

With the help of Google Analytics, you can see which pages people visits the most, how long visitors stay on your site. It also enables you to determine which piece of your content is lead to the most conversion. It provides real-time performance of your site. You can watch your visitors live when they are active on your site. It enables you to see traffic path of each visitor. You can also see which pages causing the visitors to leave the page most frequent and also how many pages an average visitor is viewing.

  1. How can you know your visitors?

Every user visits your site with different intentions. Google Analytics allows you to analyze the behaviour of your visitors. Once you know the behavior of your audience, you can provide a better user experience by making changes to your site.

  1. Which website sends traffic to your site?

Google Analytics provides real-time performance. You can see which websites bring traffic to your site with the help of traffic sources option. When a visitor clicks on your site link from some other website, it provides the name of website and medium through which your site is visited.

  1. Which pages of your site are most popular?

There is a content option under real-time performance of Google Analytics, where you can see which pages people visited the most. It allows you to identify the most popular page of your site.

  1. Which marketing strategy brings more traffic to your site?

There are many marketing tactics to boost traffic to your site. Google Analytics allows you to analyze whether you getting traffic from some search engine, AdWords, social media, blogging or from any other site.

Furthermore, there are many other additional questions which can be answered by Google Analytics. The information you get from Google Analytic is very important to improve the performance of your site. Moreover, there are also many other tools available on the internet which can also analyze, track and report activities of your site. I will suggest you apply for Google Analytic with your Google account and use this service to improve your website in order to make better visitor experience. Hope you understand about What Is Google Analytics and Why We Need It.

Let us know which service you used for tracking and reporting website traffic. Also, tell me what you like most about Google Analytics in the comment section.

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