Boost Your Subscriber Rate With AWeber Email Marketing + AddThis

Boost Your Subscriber Rate With AWeber Email Marketing

Boost Your Subscriber Rate With AWeber Email Marketing + AddThis

Are you looking to grow your email signups and drive traffic to your website? Then you are in the right place. There is an easy way to do this. You can implement the light boxes and Boost Your Subscriber Rate With AWeber Email Marketing.

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Engage your Audience

You might be wondering how the combination will work. You can tap the power of WordPress website to use AddThis and increase your audience engagement and outreach maximum users.

When you connect AddThis to your Aweber account, you can grow a healthy and engaged list. The welcome bar features encourager your visitors to sign up for your mailing list. You can also use the social sharing buttons that can be placed in your newsletters.

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You can broadcast your newsletter and give a message to your audience for maximum outreach. AddThis lets you boost your WordPress site to increase the audience engagement and expand the social reach. It provides you with the tools that can get you more likes, shares on your social media accounts.

Boost Your Subscriber Rate With AWeber Email Marketing + AddThis

When you connect AddThis to the Aweber account, growing your list becomes easy. AddThis is a Welcome bar and marketing overlay that help your site visitors to get the personalized call to action that promotes the opt-ins to your subscriber list. You can greatly increase the rate at which you will acquire the email subscribers.

Through personalization, you can deliver the right message to the right people. Each visitor can have a personalized message for them whether they are first time visitor or the returning visitor. You can also determine their traffic source, campaign code or device based on their interest. Targeting the customers can help you to collect more email subscriptions.

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Aweber along with AddThis is a great way to boost your email subscribers. AddThis is a marketing tool that makes it easier for the site owners to get more signups by using the data-driven personalization. AddThis tools are compatible with four email providers. Aweber is one of them. Aweber has a ton of templates, tools, and integrations that help you to build the subscriber list.

With the help of tools provided by AddThis, you have control over how and when you can approach the visitors to sign up your email list. You can also the audience segment that you would like to target based on their interest. You can also get to know whether the visitors are new visitors, returning visitor or coming from the social media networks.

Timing is important

The timing of when you ask someone to subscribe is also important. For example, you don’t want to ask your visitors to subscribe right away if they are visiting your website for the first time. With the help of AddThis, you can choose which website pages you want to display your message on. The marketing overlay also allows for the advanced options like showing your message after a certain number of page views or on the exit. Like this, you don’t disturb a user during the visit.

When a visitor signs up, their information will be automatically added to the email subscriber list. This saves you from the task of adding it manually.

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Makes Subscribing Easy

AddThis makes the subscribing easy. Many times your visitors get confused as they did not find your newsletter for the subscription. Here are some ways that can ease the subscription easy:

  • Make the sign-up areas prominent: Navigate to the bars, features boxes, and the content pages and make sure that any page you visit must have a strong call to action of sign up.
  • Incorporate a website overlay: The AddThis audience targeting rule allows you to display an email collection light box that is targeted to each user based on the specific user behavior.
  • Make use of Social media integrations: You can also make use of many newsletter services like Aweber that allow the subscribers to easily sign up for the email list from the social media pages.

Use the right Email Template

You have to choose the right email template. Choose the template that goes with the theme of the message, is eye-catching and should be functional. The colors of the template should compliment your website design. Fonts should be easy to read and use buttons instead of text for calls. Aweber allows you to create beautiful and attractive templates. These templates are responsive and can fit the width of any screen size.

Choose the right content

Choosing the right content is important. The message you want to convey to the user must be clear and to the point. Write the content that is eye-catching and must encourage the user to subscribe the newsletter. Do not write lengthy or boring content that scares away the readers.


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In a nutshell, we can say that Aweber and AddThis can play a major role in subscribing boosting your subscriber rate. You can get the benefits of Aweber and Add This by signing up on these platforms. To get the maximum benefit, I recommend you to integrate both platforms.

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