Brilliant Tips to Create a Website Using WordPress

Brilliant Tips to Create a Website Using WordPress

Brilliant Tips to Create a Website Using WordPress

As Adage says, “First Impression is the last Impression”. Similarly your website appearance should not be an eyesore. Attractive websites definitely woo the user and boost traffics.  Therefore appearance of the website matters a lot. During the first visit of site, if logos, fonts, themes are not attractive, user won’t proceed further.  By following few tips you can Create a Website Using WordPress.

Here are tips for WordPress website:

  1.  Great Images: The common mistake that happens in new website is selection of poor images.  It describes the budget of your brand, so never choose cheap images. Good images are cynosure of the website. Good Quality images cost you few amount more but really helpful to create a beautiful website. Get  the HD images from  videohive  and  make  your  website  more  attractive.

Your budget is low????  Don’t worry let’s move to option of some good imagery.

  1. xchng- It is an excellent free resource. For the good quality images you have to do some mining.
  2. Unsplash: It is totally free of cost and provide high quality photography.
  3. Flickr Creative Commons: You can surely get high quality images here but in favour of this you have to give some credit to the photographer.

Why WordPress is better than other CMS for Website?

Instead of this, you can also use paid resources to get amazing images like, videohive and many more.

  1. Font Choices: Selection of font also plays vital role to Create a Website Using WordPress. Gone are the days when Papyrus was the favorite font of everyone. If you want, people read your content, make your website user-friendly. Arial, Georgia and Helvetica are the readable fonts for the users.

Try   “WhatTheFont” from my fonts to know about that particular font.

Web Font Solutions:   Some web solutions fonts are:


  1. Google Fonts: It is good and free of cost
  2. Typekit: It is basically a premium version of Google fonts and offering a high quality of fonts with price for your website.
  3. FontDeck: It is almost similar to Typekit but difference in price.


Font Sources:  Main Font sources are:

  1. com: This website offers great fonts for design.
  2. com: If you are looking for a specific font, you will get it from here.
  3. Exljbris Font Foundry: They have a pool of free quality font.

WordPress Font Plugins:

  1. WP Google Fonts: It can easily add-on your Google fonts to your word press site.
  2. Type kits Font for WordPress: You should have account on it, to access its services.
  3. Fontmeister: It is a capable font plugin for managing web fonts from multiple sources.
  1. Colors: Without the knowledge of color theory, don’t try creativity with color schemes. It will make your website’s appearance and user will not visit it again and again.

Don’t try color combination if it’s all Greek to you. Just simply try to use neutral combination (all shades of black and white).  Choose your colors wisely as it represent your brand.

In addition to this, you may try implementing a palette from Colour Lovers.logo-design

  1. Your Logo: Logo represents your company and it is the face of the company. This is reason for paying millions of dollars by the MNC for a logo rebranding from Pentagram. They truly understand the importance of their brand and value of the logo. You just need $50 to get amazing logo. Price may little bit vary.

  1. Clutter Free: Too much massy website???? No, user will lose his interest.  You should avoid following things to create a beautiful website:
  2. Avoid Pop-up Newsletter Forms
  3. Unexpected Animations
  4. Auto playing music videos
  5. Ridiculous amount of social media buttons
  6. Advertising in excess

The crux of the matter is, website can create easily but there are few brilliant tips which should be kept in mind to create beautiful and attractive website.  Images, colors, fonts, logos and content all are important factors which should be focused to get excellent output.  All above mentioned tips will definitely helpful to make an attractive and user-friendly website.

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