ChatBot for WooCommerce | Facebook Live Chat – WoowBot

ChatBot for WooCommerce | Facebook Live Chat - WoowBot

ChatBot for WooCommerce | Facebook Live Chat – WoowBot

WoowBot is a Plug and Play intelligent ChatBot for WooCommerce websites. It can increase the sales considerably. The ChatBot for WooCommerce can make a conversation with the shoppers. The plugin is created through Natural Language Processing and Artificial intelligence. The plugin can provide the customer help and support.

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The ChatBot for WooCommerce can easily converse in any language easily. Facebook messenger live chat can also be integrated if you want to provide a live chat channel for the customer support in addition to the chatbot service. The plugin also gives the option to leave a message to the human support staff. The plugin also gives you the option to run only when the human staff is not available for the live support i.e outside the schedule of your normal working hours.

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The plugin helps you to improve your conversion rate and show special offers and discounts to the visitors. The ChatBot for WooCommerce can also guide the user through the website. You can also get rid of the exit intent popups and display your offers and discounts through chatbots only. Chatbots can also be used as a reminder to make a purchase from the items added in the cart. You can also track the customer conversion rate and find out if your customers are exiting without making a purchase.

Buyers can also converse with the chatbots, add products directly from the chat interface. You can also get the valuable feedback from the customers. WoowBot ChatBot for WooCommerce also provides FAQ support, orders status, email user query and quick cart. You can also get shortcodes for the landing pages.

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WoowBot ChatBot for WooCommerce is a nextgen conversational chatbot. The stand-alone Chatbot does not require any 3rd party service and is ready to communicate with your customers. The pricing of the plugin is also kept nominal. The cost of the WoowBot plugin is $35 only. By paying an additional $11.25, you can get an additional support for 12 months.

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