Five Effective Blogging Techniques in the Aftermath of Penguin 4.0

Five Effective Blogging Techniques

Five Effective Blogging Techniques in the Aftermath of Penguin 4.0

Are you aware about the Google’s Algorithms and Changes in previous few years. lets discuss Five Effective Blogging Techniques in the Aftermath of Penguin 4.0, so that you will understand about the SEO.

There have been countless of algorithm changes over the past few years. Some of them have left the world of SEO in turmoil, while others passed unobserved. In the aftermath of Penguin 1.0 and Panda’s data refreshes, the online world has changed its focus to guest-posting and content marketing. While this may have worked for a while, the release of Penguin 4.0 managed to completely change the rules of the game.

It is true that it was not the apocalypse that the webmasters were expecting, but we can see significant changes in the way that search engines work at the present. According to Google engineers, the latest Penguin is a much deeper algorithmic update which will analyze not only landing pages, but the entire site in order to eliminate spammy links and other suspicious activities.

With the onset of this algorithm, major changes have been noticed over time. First of all, the spammy, unethical sites that use the same backlinks patterns or which manipulate the search engine have been severely punished, while ethically build pages have been rewarded. One thing we have noticed since 23 September 2016 is that more and more webmasters have become aware of the importance of online branding, ethical SEO practices and social media interaction. Let’s take look at the most successful practices for growing and sustaining a blog after Penguin 4.0.

Let’s Discuss about Five Effective Blogging Techniques:-

1.  Make Use of Google Authorship

There has been much heated discussion on the topic of Google Authorship and the authorship markup. As it turn out, Google Authorship will soon become essential for every person who wants to make it online. According to Google, the markup will ensure that your content is better indexed, considering that you are a prolific writer, but the truth is that it is a way for them to control spam.

In other words, companies which are posting low quality articles on multiple niches will no longer benefit from the visibility that was once given to them. Furthermore, authors who post on multiple niches, on obscure sites, will probably be penalized by the search engine. In order to make the most out of your Google Authorship markup you must stick to one, or two relevant niches, and post high-quality articles. Online marketing, may it be for products or websites, will not be the same.

2.   Guest Posting is not Dead

Contrary to popular belief, SEO and guest posting practices are not dead, not even dying. It is true that guest posting will become increasingly difficult due to the changes made by Panda and Penguin, but it will be possible. First of all guest posts are beneficial to the guest author because they will help him gain more visibility, reach a different audience, and also insert his link. For the webmaster it means a new perspective on a certain matter. Nevertheless, this means that guest posts should be done in a thoughtful way, on good sites. Original content backed up by facts, linked to higher authoritative sites, on subject that have not been tackled, or which offer unique insight on a matter will be rewarded by Google.

Important Article:

3.   Local Content Marketing

It is hard to believe that video marketing is still not exploited to its full potential. Local businesses and specialized blogs could greatly benefit from video tutorials. According to recent studies, this type of content is the most popular one, and it offers many opportunities. Social media sites like Vine and Instagram have proved how valuable a well-put-together video can be. Videos offer the creator a rare opportunity to really interact with customers in a more comfortable and unique way. Take whiteboard Friday from the former SeoMoz as an example. Specialists can share their thoughts and expertise in a more convenient way.

4.  Alternative Types of Content

In the past few years, written content has been perpetuated time and time again. Sadly, it is no longer enough to write great articles. The audience is looking for something else, something more. This is where infographic, content visualizations, images, memes and Gifs become useful. Presentations and slide shows will also help you reach a different audience. In this day and age, a blogger has to be original, and if he truly wants to rank better on SERPs, and attract more audience, he should be willing to go the extra mile. Nobody will ever want to read an interminable verbosity that is not accompanied by relevant images. Needless to say, you will have to promote this content on viable social media sites like Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter.

5. Local is Mobile

The rapid rise of local searches and the increased use of smart-phones means that you will eventually need to optimize your blog for mobile use, if you haven’t already. Specialists advise blogger and entrepreneurs to turn to mobile technology, as it can bring a significant amount of traffic to your site. People like reading articles while on the run, they need to find stuff fast, and this can only be done if you optimize your site for mobile use. There are three ways to do this, but two of them are more convenient. Responsive design, if implemented correctly means that you will not have to double your link building and SEO efforts, while a dedicated mobile site will result in the creation of multiple links.

In conclusion, the SEO landscape has changed significantly in only a few months. Just when you think that you have mastered the basic principles, a new change come along and makes your efforts futile. If you want to succeed in the online world you should always be ready for change, embrace technology and be original.

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