Hedero – Header Banner or Promotional Banner Display Plugin

Hedero – Wordpress Promotional Header

Hedero – Header Banner or Promotional Banner Display Plugin

Website owners are well aware of the header banners and promotional banners. Headers are the first things that get noticed by the visitors. Hedero is a WordPress plugin that helps you to show the promotional offers, news or any promotional text to your WordPress site header. Hedero is easier to use and manage. Hedero can be easily customized with different colors, link colors, background and more.

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Features of Hedero WordPress Plugin

  • The Hedero plugin is fully customizable. You can easily make changes in the header and make the header design and styling in accordance with the website design.

  • The Hedero is lightweight and does not affect the loading time of the website. You can also set the animations for the header.

  • The plugin does not conflict with other plugins that are already present on the WordPress website.

  • The plugin is fully asset optimized.

  • The plugin is supported for WordPress 3.x and 4.x.

  • The plugin comes with full and exhaustive documentation. Therefore making changes and implementing the plugin is much easier.

  • The Hedero plugin provides a hassle-free implementation. Anyone with a little or no knowledge of programming can implement the plugin easily.

  • The initial data of the plugin is already imported. There is no need to import the data separately.

  • The plugin comes with one click installation. You can just plug and play and start using the plugin.

  • The plugin also has multiple security layers. This helps in keeping all your data intact and safe.

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Hedero is a WordPress plugin that comes with many rich features. The plugin makes the WordPress website more user-friendly and interactive. The implementation of the plugin is also easy and hassle-free. The cost of the plugin is also in the budget of small and medium enterprises. The cost of the plugin is $13 only. You can get an extended support for an additional 12 months by paying just $3 additional money.

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