Top 20 High PR PPT Submission Sites For Off-Page SEO

Do you what are PPT submission sites and its role in SEO? This post will help you know about PPT submission and how does it help in SEO. Additionally, I will share a list of Top High PR PPT Submission Sites where you can submit your PPT.

What is PPT Submission?

PPT Submission is an off-page SEO activity to submit the power point presentation in High PR PPT Submission Sites. This PPT will be visible and accessible to people all around the world. Now, most of the businesses are using the power of PPT to promote their business. If you also want to promote your site or blog, you can also make a PPT of your products or services and share that on High PR PPT Submission Sites. Moreover, you can add the hyperlink or your blog or website to drive the traffic to your site.

What is the Role of PPT Submission in SEO?

If you are an SEO Expert, you must know the importance of PPT Submission Sites in SEO. It is a popular Off-Page SEO technique to increase page ranking in SERP. Moreover, if you submit your PPT’s in High PR PPT Submission Sites, then it would be very effective to increase your Google Page Rank.

Besides this, Google crawls High PR PPT Submission sites regularly. So, if you get the genuine backlinks for your site from these sites then Search Engine Bots will index your PPT in organic results more quickly. Moreover, Higher PR PPT Submission Sites also brings great referral traffic to your site.

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How to Submit PPT in High PR PPT Submission Sites?

It is very easy to submit a power point presentation in PPT submission sites. You just need to make a good PPT which describes all the details of your product or services. Also, you should make your PPT SEO optimized. It means you have to add targeted keywords and relevant tags in your PPT. Further, you have to make sure your content is fresh and influencing. Because your PPT will help you to generate some business for you.

Now, here a comes a point when I will tell you, how to submit your PPT in High PR PPT submission sites.
  • Go through the list of High PR PPT Submission Sites list.
  • Pick the one and create an account on that site.
  • Click on Add a PPT or document.
  • Upload your PPT.
  • Write a short description about your PPT and add relevant tags.
  • Lastly, click on Submit Button.

Some of the websites, don’t ask you to sign up for your sites to upload your PPT. For instance, you can directly upload your PPT on SlideShare without creating an account.

List of Top 20 High PR PPT Submission Sites For Off-Page SEO


This is the best list of High PR PPT Submission Sites. You can increase the visibility of your site by uploading your power point presentations on these sites. Additionally, This will helps in increasing your brand popularity worldwide.

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Final Verdict

I have shared the best High PR PPT Submission Sites. If you have a list of more genuine PPT Submission sites, let me know in te comment section. I hope you learn about PPT Submission and its importance in SEO.

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