How to Setup Google Analytics Account – Beginner’s Guide

How to Setup Google Analytics Account

How to Setup Google Analytics Account – Beginner’s Guide

So, you have your own website. Great!

Is that enough to have a website?

No. As a website owner, you need to know various metrics of your site and how your website is performing. You need to know complete stats of your site. It helps to make changes to your site if it is declining because of certain reasons. You should have knowledge why your site is not performing well, which factor makes the visitors leave your site. There is a Beginner’s Guide that will help you How to Setup Google Analytics Account.

There are a variety of tools, stat programs, and plugins available online which provides the detailed analysis of your site. But one which is the best among all services and tools is ’Google Analytics’.

What is Google Analytics?


Google Analytics is most trusted service which is offered by Google. Additionally, it has a simple setup and very easy to use. It allows you to keep track of your site traffic, bounce rate, the total number of page views, Real-time data analysis and many other things. It is very popular free service for webmasters and bloggers. It provides information on measures sales and conversions. If you want to know more about Google Analytics click on the following link:

So, are you excited to set up Google Analytics to your site?

Yes? Great! Just grab a cup of coffee and let’s start.

Wait! Before moving further, let’s take a look to requirements to set up Google Analytics to your website.

Requirements of Google Analytics:

You need to have two things before installing Google Analytics to your site which is given below:

  1. A Gmail Account
  2. A website Such as www.SeoRamanArora.Com

How to Setup Google Analytics Account


It is very easy to set up Google Analytics to your site. You have to follow some simple steps to set up Google Analytics which are as follows:

  1. Log into your Gmail Account
  1. Visit the official page of Google Analytics.
  1. Click on the ‘SIGN UP FOR FREE’ button displayed below Google Analytics.

(See Image Below)

  1. Click on the ‘Sign up’ button.

(See Image Below)

  1. You will see a form of ‘New Account’ on next screen. You have to enter the information of your website in following fields:
  • What would you like to track

The first thing you will see on the form: Website and Mobile.

Select ‘Website’ option. It simply means you want to keep track of your website.

  • Account Name

Here you have to enter the name of your account. You can enter the name of your company.

  • Website Name

Enter the name of your website. For example, SEORAMANARORA

  • Website URL

You have to enter the complete URL address of your site. For Example,

  • Industry Category

Here you have to select the category of your website related to services you are offering. Of you do not find any relevant category to your site, simply select ‘Online Communities’.

  • Reporting Time Zone

Here you have to select your country such as India. It automatically picks time zone when you select the specific country.

  • Data Sharing Settings

These settings are recommended by Google. But you check or uncheck any setting according to your choice. I will suggest you check all the settings.

  1. Click on the ‘Get Tracking Code’ button.
  1. You will see a pop-up on next screen ‘Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement’. Read all terms and conditions carefully. Select your country. Click on the ‘I Accept’ button.

Now you have successfully created Google Analytics account. You will see admin page of Google Analytics on the next window screen. You will see a ‘Tracking ID’ on that page and also ‘Website Tracking’ script. Copy the script and add into your website so that, you can see the activities of your site on the Google Analytics.

How to add Analytics tracking code to your website?

Once you got the tracking code, next step is to add it into your website. Adding the tracking code to your site is like a piece of cake. You have to copy the tracking code and paste it into the <head> section of your website’s HTML code.

To Add Google Analytics into your WordPress Account, Watch video Given below:-

You are done!

Congrats, you have successfully created Google Analytics account and implemented tracking code to your site. Enjoy tracking your site performance; know more about your visitors and site traffic.

I hope this article “How to Setup Google Analytics Account” provided you helpful information.

Do you have any query?

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