How You Can Make Money With Bidvertiser

Make Money With Bidvertiser

How You Can Make Money With Bidvertiser

If you have a blog or website, you must be looking for different ways to make money from your blog. However, there are many adverting networks available online such as AdSense, Affiliate Marketing which allows you make money online. But Today I am going to tell you about How You Can Make Money With Bidvertiser in this post.

Before I will explain you how to Make Money With Bidvertiser, let’s know a bit about Bidvertiser.

What is Bidvertiser?

Bidvertiser is a PPC advertising network which has started in 2003. Additionally, It is one of the reputed and old advertising network companies. Further, You can place an ad of Bidvertiser on your blog or website to Make Money With Bidvertiser. Whenever someone clicks on the ad of Bidvertiser, you will get paid. If you have high traffic on your blog/website, you can make a good amount of income from your blog with Bidvertiser.

Besides, Bidvertiser is one of the highest paying advertising networks. Also, it is one of the lucrative ways to make money online. The main reason behind the popularity of Bidvertiser is its approval process. Unlike Google AdSense, it has an easy and quick approval process.

Apart from this, if you have a free hosting blog, you can still Make Money With Bidvertiser. Further, it has high conversion rates. There are many bloggers who are generating good business from Bidvertiser. Whether you have low traffic on your site, you can Make Money With Bidvertiser.

How to Make Money With Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser offers a Referral Program which allows you to Make Money With Bidvertiser. If you sign-up to Bidvertiser Referral Program, you can earn additional income from your blog by referring both advertiser and publishers.

Bidvertiser Referral Program offers you to place a referral button on your site to Make Money With Bidvertiser. When someone clicks on the button and sign-up as an advertiser or publisher to Bidvertiser network, you will get paid.

Apart from that, Bidvertiser Referral Program offers the different commission for both advertiser and publisher such as:

For Publishers: If a user sign-up as a publisher with your referral link and earn 10$, you will also receive $10 in your account by Bidvertiser. When the earning of referred user reaches to $50, you will receive additional $40 in your account.

For Advertiser: if a user sign-up as an advertiser with your referral link and he spends $10 the Bidvertiser will credit $5 to your account. When the same advertiser spends $50, you will receive additional $20 in your account. Hence, you will get half amount of advertiser pays to Bidvertiser.

Here is the proof of what I said.

As I said earlier, if you want to Make Money With Bidvertiser, you need to create an account on Bidvertiser.

Sign-Up As Advertiser

If you want to promote your website with Bidvertiser, then you should sign-up as an advertiser. As an advertiser, you will be able to create text ads, place them on sites of your choice and pay only for clicks you receive. Moreover, You will start receiving new targeted leads in less than 10 minutes.

Advertiser Benefits:
  • Set the max price you are willing to pay per click
  • Create your ads in minutes
  • Monitor the performance of your ads
  • Advertising on sites of your choice
  • Pay only for the clicks you receive
  • Choose your geographical targeting

You can click on the button or link is given below to sign-up as an advertiser:

Place your ad on thousands of sites with BidVertiser. Get $20 in FREE clicks.

Sign-Up As Publisher

If you want to Make Money with Bidvertiser, then you should sign-up as a Publisher. As a publisher, you will get paid for every click on Bidvertiser ad. You can also make additional money if click turns into conversion.

Publisher Benefits:

  • Make Money from Clicks & Conversions
  • Display ads of Highest Bidders on your Website.
  • You can customize the layouts of your ads
  • Detailed Online Reports to track your ads performance.
  • Supported Ad Formats are Banners, Inline Ads, and Skyscrapers.
  • You can revive your payments via PayPal, Wire Transfer, Cheque or Payza.

Click on the button or link is given below to sign-up as a publisher:

Let’s move further and learn how to Make Money With Bidvertiser.

How to Create An Account On Bidvertiser

It is quite easy to create an account on Bidvertiser but before moving further, let’s take a look at the requirements for creating an account on Bidvertiser:

  • An Email ID
  • A Blog/Website
  • PayPal Account
Follow the steps given below to create a Bidvertiser account:

  • Then you will see a form on next screen. Enter the following information in the form:

1. Enter you First and Last Name.
2. Secondly, enter your Phone Number.
3. Here you have to enter you Email Id.
4. Then you have to enter a unique username in this field.
5. Choose a Password.
6. Now re-enter your password to confirm it.
7. Click on Get Activation Code, you will get an activation code in your inbox.
8. Then enter the activation code in this field.
9. Check mark on all the checkbox to continue.
10. Finally, Click on the continue button.

  • Next, click on the first option to monetize your website.

  • Enter the following in the given fields:

1.Firstly, enter the title of your website.
2. Then enter the URL address of your website.
3. Choose a language of your website.
4. Then choose Main Category & Sub-Category of your site.
5. Lastly click on the Finish button.

  • On next window, enter your phone number and verify it.

1. Select your country.
2. Enter your phone number.
3. Enter the verification code given above in the box.
4. Click on the submit button.

  • Then you will get a verification code on your number, enter the code and click on the submit button.

  • Once you verify your number, your account will be created. Then you have the generated code for your website. You will see the Bidvertiser dashboard in this step. Scroll down the screen, you will see a button ‘Get A Code’. Click that button to get ad code.


  • Next, you will see the ad code. Copy the code and add it to the HTML/JavaScript section of your website.


  • After adding the code, you have to verify your website. For that, click on the verify button.

  • Here you will see website verification screen. You will see a code in the box that you have to enter in the field given below. Finally, click on the Verify button to verify your website.

Now your website will get verified and after that, you can display ad on Bidvertiser on your website. Additionally, You can select your payment method on Bidvertiser dashboard. Besides this,  the minimum payout is $10 which means you cannot receive payment until you reach the minimum threshold.

By placing ads on your website/blog you can Make Money With Bidvertiser. So, don’t waste your time and join Bidvertiser now.

Final Words

To conclude, I would like to say, if you looking for an alternative to Google AdSense, you can join Bidvertiser. Bidvertiser is one of the lucrative ways to make money from a blog/website. Further, you can display Bidvertiser ads on your website and Make Money With Bidvertiser.

I hope you get valuable information to Make Money With Bidvertiser from this post. If you have any query, leave us a comment below.

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