Google AdSense Account Approval Process

Google AdSense Account Approval Process for Beginners 2017

Google AdSense is free advertising program which allows publishers to make money online by publishing Google ads on their site or blog. People who want to earn money online; it is the best way to earn money.

Google AdSense Account Approval Process

To know more about Google AdSense click on the following link:

As you know biggest advantage of AdSense account is you can make money online free of cost. You just need huge traffic on your site or blog. There are many other advantages of Google AdSense account other than making money.

Click on the following link to know more benefits of having an AdSense account:

After reading the benefits of having an AdSense account, you must be eager to create an account on Google AdSense, so you can start making money.

Before creating an account, you just need to follow some guidelines for fast approval of AdSense account because creating AdSense account is easy but approval may take some time. You can click on the following link to make your account approval fast.

Guidelines for Google AdSense Account Approval Process Fast

Do you have an AdSense account?

No? Don’t worry I will provide you a free guide to creating account on AdSense.

Creating an account on AdSense is quite easy. There are four basic steps for account creation which are given below:

  • Go to AdSense Official page (‘’)
  • Sign-up for AdSense account.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Place code received by Google on your site or in the blog.

If you are looking for a complete guide who can help you in creating account on AdSense you click on the following link:

How to create Google AdSense account

Are you waiting for Google AdSense Account Approval Process?

There are many people who are looking for AdSense account approval process. Although Google does not disclose anything about its AdSense account approval process, but from my personal experience and research, I have found certain things that how Google approve AdSense account.

Google AdSense Approval Process

Your Google AdSense account is verified two times for complete approval. It’s two-step verification is given below:

  1. Application Review
  2. Application Approval
  • Application Review: It is first stepped verification in which your account creation application for AdSense is reviewed for the first time. At the time of sign-up, you have to complete three steps for creating the account. Here Google checks your true identity by verifying your email address, domain address, your contact information and other credentials. If you are verified on this step, you will receive an email from Google of application review. You can click on the following image to see the full email which I received from Google when I applied for AdSense account.


  • Application Approval: You will get a code once you got the email from Google. You have to implement that code on your site or blog. Blank ad units will start displaying instead of Google ads on your blog or website. It will take around 2-3days by Google to approve your application. After that, Google ads will start running on your blog. This is two steps verification process. Here Google will crawl certain things of your site like:

Google AdSense Account Approval Process needs these requirement on blog:-

  1. Design and Navigation of your website – Designing is a very important part of building any website. It is the very part which decides whether a visitor will come to your site again or not. Google will crawl your site to see the design of your site and also navigation. It checks whether a visitors can easily navigate to the different page of your site.

  2. The Quality of your site or blog content – Here Google checks the quality of content on your site or quality of blogs and articles on the website. It verifies whether you are providing quality information to users. It ensures whether you providing original content to users as it helps to decide traffic to your site. If content is not original than fewer visitors will come to your site and fewer chances to see Google Ads.

  3. The Size of blog content – Here Google sees whether the content you published on your site is quite enough to provide sufficient information for visitors. It checks a total number of words in blog or article of your site.
  4. Number of Articles on your site – Here Google count number of quality articles and blogs you have published on your site. Google does not mention any minimum number of article or blogs that require for AdSense account approval. It checks to ensures if a number of articles published on your site is of good quality.

  5. Traffic on your blog or site – Google uses its tool to see traffic on your site. Google takes an estimate that how many numbers of visitors you have on your site per day.
  6. A Number of third party Ads – Google review how many numbers of third party ads are already running on your website. If it sees too many ads it rejects your account approval application because site looks cluttered with too many ads. Google main purpose is to provide the useful content to users, not the ads.

  7. A Number of linked pages to your site – Here Google review number of interlinked pages to your site. It also checks whether you added some pages like such as About Us, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Contact Us. These pages help users to know whether they are getting information from a trustworthy source and to ensure their personal information is secured.
  8. AdSense Policies – Here Google ensures whether you have not violated any AdSense policy. It ensures you have followed policies of AdSense for setting up AdSense account. Google only accept your application if your site complies AdSense Program Policies. To read AdSense Policies Click on the following link.

    AdSense Program Policies(Add following link to this title)


  9. Type of Blog Content – Google crawl your site to see whether your blog or website does not contain any in-appropriate content. If Google found some inappropriate content or prohibited site links then it rejects your application. Google does not accept prohibited content. To see what type of content id prohibited by Google AdSense click on the following link:

Google AdSense Prohibited Content 


These are two verification steps for AdSense account approval. After reviewing above metrics of your site, Google decides if it will accept or reject your application. It can take 2-3days for verifying metrics in the second step. If everything goes fine, Google will accept your application. Google ads will start showing on your site where you placed the code. Google will again send you an email once your application is approved. You can click on the following image to see the complete email which I received from Google when my AdSense account application was approved.

I hope you do not have any doubt left about AdSense account approval process after reading this article. I have written this article after by personal experience of getting my AdSense account approved. I have done research on my own basis to see what metrics or things Google consider for approving AdSense application. I would recommend you to take care of these things before applying for AdSense account.

I will write more articles about Google adsense process, for more details, you can read those article. This is only for beginner’s, thatswhy i posted less content on this article.

If you have any query about AdSense account approval, feel free to ask in the comment section. I would love to share my experience with you and answers to your queries.

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