Top 10 Reasons For AdSense Account Disapproval

Top 10 Reasons For AdSense Account Disapproval

AdSense is best advertising Pay per click program for monetizing your blog. AdSense is very particular about its term and policies. If any of the policy is violated, it does not approve your AdSense program application. In this Article, I will share your “Top 10 Reasons For AdSense Account Disapproval“.

Have you applied for AdSense account?

Yes? Good!

Have Your Google Adsense Account Application Got Rejected ?

Yes? Don’t worry. You are not alone. There are many people whose application got rejected by AdSense. You must be feeling disappointed.

Don’t lose Hope! You still can reapply for AdSense.

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When your application got rejected, AdSense provides you the reason for disapproval of your application. You just need to fix the problem before reapplying for AdSense program.

 AdSense usually rejects an approval application because of certain reasons.

Top 10 Reasons For AdSense Account Disapproval are given below:

  1. Design of your Site/Blog

One of the reasons that your application got rejected is may be a poor design of your site. You may have used many widgets on your site. You may have used a very bright background for your site. Imagine you have a website with the dark blue background color and dark yellow color text written on it. Visitors will never come to your site again if they visited once. AdSense does not approve a poorly designed and structured website. Visitor likes to visit sites which have a good, attractive and neat design. AdSense does not accept a site or blog which looks unprofessional.

  1. Violate AdSense Policies

If your site is containing some inappropriate, useless or copied content, this can be the reason for your application disapproval. Also if your site is having huge traffic from some illegal sources then it is also against AdSense policies. Google is very particular about their terms, conditions and policies. I will suggest you read all AdSense policies before reapplying to AdSense program. If you violate any of the policy of AdSense, then Google will reject your application again with no time. You can click on the following link to learn AdSense Policies:

What are Google AdSense Policies?


  1. Insufficient Content On your Site/Blog

AdSense crawl your site with the help of crawler bots when you submitted your application for AdSense Program. A site which does not contain enough content for a blog or article might get rejected by AdSense. As Google gives complete attention to blog content before accepting it. If you have many blogs with insufficient content and with many grammatical mistakes then this will be the reason for your application rejection. A blog which is poorly written and does not deliver sufficient information to readers is rejected by AdSense Program.

  1. Presence of Many Third Party Ads

Google AdSense does not like to see any third party ads on your blog or site when it crawls your site. If you are running a blog or site which contains too many third party ads then remove them before reapplying to AdSense account. This might be the reason for your AdSense program application rejection.

  1. Low Traffic

If your site is new and not 6 months old then your application will be rejected by AdSense. A new site always takes some time to engage traffic. It requires a good SEO and many other things to boost site traffic. Google does not find any use to publish ads on a site which has low traffic. You just need to wait for some time and try to boost your site traffic before reapplying to AdSense program again.

  1. Content Type

If your site contains any illegal content then it is the reason for your application rejection. AdSense does not accept all type of content. It has prohibited the certain type of content such as Alcohol and tobacco related content, Misrepresentative content, Hacking related content, Healthcare related content, Drug-related content, weapon related content and much more. Make sure you do not contain such type of content in your site. If you have such type of content then remove it before reapplying to AdSense Program because it could be a reason for disapproval of your application. To know which type of content is prohibited by Google AdSense, click on the following link:

AdSense Prohibited Content Policies


  1. Domain of your Site

If you have used some sub-domain for your blog, then it could be a reason for application rejection. Google will verify your email address and domain name in first step verification. If you are using a subdomain for submitting your blog then your application will be less likely to be approved by AdSense program. I will recommend you to purchase a custom top level domain for your site before reapplying to AdSense again.

  1. AdSense Supported Language

AdSense does not support all type of language. If your site has content in a language which is not supported by AdSense then this could be a reason for disapproval of the application. I will recommend you to use the only AdSense supported language for the content of your site before you reapply for AdSense again. AdSense will reject your application again if the language of your site’s content is not AdSense supported language. To know which languages are supported by Google AdSense, click on the following link:

AdSense Supported Languages


  1. Valid Email Address

When you apply for AdSense program, you will be asked to enter an email address. If you have entered an invalid email address or email which is already used for an AdSense account then Google does not approve your account. I will recommend you to enter a valid email id which is customized with domain name otherwise you approval application will be rejected.

  1. Less Number of Articles

Crawler bots crawl your site when you submit the application for AdSense account.  If you have the site posted a few numbers of articles/blogs like as 10-15 which have low-quality content then this could be a reason for account disapproval. Post at least 20-30 articles on your site before reapplying for AdSense account.

Now you got all Top 10 Reasons For AdSense Account Disapproval.

These are some mistakes for AdSense program application disapproval. Make sure you do not repeat these mistakes when you again apply for AdSense. When AdSense Program rejects your application, it sends you problem why your account gets disapproved. Spend some time to fix those problems before reapplying to AdSense account.

Do you want your application to get approved by AdSense?

Yes? Don’t worry. I will provide you some guidelines which ensure your Account will get approved by AdSense. Click on the following link to learn guidelines for fast approval of AdSense account:

Hope you got the solution to your problem by reading this blog. If it takes some time for application approval then in the meantime, you can apply for other advertising programs for monetizing your blog. I am sure you will not get disappointed again if you work on your mistakes and fix them before reapplying. In any case, if your application will get rejected or approved feel free to share in the comment section.

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