Top 10 Ways to Write More Blogs in Less Time

Top 10 Ways to Write More Blogs in Less Time

Top 10 Ways to Write More Blogs in Less Time

Hiya ! Are you newbie in the field of blogging?

Do you want to post many blogs in a week?

Are you looking for ways to write more in less time?

Are you wondering how many bloggers write around 1000-1500 words in one hour?

Do you want to increase your writing speed?

Don’t worry, I will give you answer of every question in this blog.

Lots of questions occured as a beginner in Blogger life, Same like as me. So, as a newbie you must be facing many problems in writing blogs in less time. Writing is hard for everyone. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. In this article, i will share you Top 10 Ways to Write More Blogs in Less Time.

You also wanted to write a long blog in few minutes. Writing is a skill. And any skill can be learned with lots of practice. If you want to write more blogs in less time, there are many tactics of doing that.

Today, I will tell you how you can write more in less time. Blogging is not that hard, you can increase you writing speed by following some important strategies.

Top 10 Ways to Write More Blogs in Less Time

  1. Make a writing habit :

First and foremost thing for increasing your writing speed is make it as a habit. As I told you earlier, writing is a skill and you can polish your writing skills with lots of practice. Try to make it as habit by writing atleast a blog everyday. It will boost your writing speed. If you write blogs daily, it will become your habit after some days.

  1. Schedule your writing :

Before you start writing, you need to make proper schedule for writing blogs. Make a commitment to yourself that you will strictly follow this schedule As soon as you get stick to this schedule; your thought process for writing new innovative ideas will be improved.

  1. Decide best time to write :

Once you schedule your writing, select the best time for you to write blog. There are many bloggers who like to write at night and many prefer to write in morning or in office hours. Everyone has different comfort zone. Choose yours timings and stick to that.

As a blogger, I will recommend you to choose morning time for writing blogs. Because there is no distractions in morning, as you are free from any kind of duties or daily chores. You have fresh mind in the morning after a good sleep. You can stay focus on writing as writing required silence, focus, calm environment so you can come with new ideas.

  1. Make a list of topics for blogging :

One another thing you have to do before start writing is to make a list of 15-20 topics for blogs posting. Most of the bloggers make a list of blog post topics so there time will not be wasted for deciding a topic for blogs. You can also make a list with some headlines so it will be easy for you to write blogs. 

  1. Research about the topic :

Little research about the blog you are going to wrote will really help you in getting new ideas regarding topic. Read many blogs regarding your topic. One it will help in increasing your knowledge. Second, it will improve your thought process. Third, you will know many useful blog writing tips. Save some useful article or links for later reference.

  1. Make an outline of your blog :

Many of bloggers use to make an outline of their blogs before start writing. Outline includes breaking your blogs in different sections. Make suitable title for every section. Make the sub sections of every section and further break it into sub points. You will get more detail about your blog by doing this. Keep doing this until you get the required length of your blog. This will help to increase your writing speed.

  1. Don’t edit while writing :

Once you are done with making outline of blog post, you will have the main points of blog. Now it is quite easy for you to write. Start writing blog. Make sure that you won’t stop while writing. Successful blogger do not stop once they start writing. It may happen that you realized some grammatical mistakes but ignore them for a while. Just focus on writing new fresh content for your blog and make it easy that readers will understand just by reading it once. Once you completed blog writing, read it again and correct mistakes to make it best.

  1. Use a timer :

If you want to know how much these techniques are effective for increasing your writing skills for blog posting use a timer. Start timer when you start writing blog. Set a target that you will complete 1000-1500 words in 3-4 hours. Try to write as much as you can in given time. It will really help to boost your writing speed. Make it habit and try to complete it on time. More you practice; your speed will increase as you just have to write. You already have the material to write so don’t need to waste your time for it.

  1. Write introduction in last :

Most of the bloggers stuck on introductory lines of blog. As a blogger, you need to make introduction good enough to engage readers to read your complete blog before jumping to other one. Introductory lines must be interesting as it can create curiosity in readers mind to read entire blog. You also may have wasted much time on starting lines of blog.

I will recommend you to write introduction in last. After writing entire blog, you will come with many ideas. You will come to know, what you can add in introduction to make it interesting enough for readers.


  1. Don’t forget to give conclusion of blog in the end :

Always add a conclusion in end of blog. Conclusion is sum-up of everything you written in the blog. After writing the entire blog, make a small conclusion; also ask your readers if they find it interesting and helpful for them. You can write a good conclusion in 2-3 minutes because you will get enough knowledge about blog in the end.

Today we have discussed tactics to write more blogs in less time. However, writing is a time-consuming task but you will get habitual of writing fast if you will practice daily. By setting deadlines for writing blog, you can boost your writing speed. With your willpower you can become a good blogger who can write around 1500 words in an hour.

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You can write many blogs in a day if you follow these techniques. Try following these until you become a fast blogger. I hope you got the sufficient Information from this article Top 10 Ways to Write More Blogs in Less Time.

So start writing blogs as much as you can by following these tactics. All the best!!


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  • Sam
    Posted at 13:04h, 16 May Reply

    Hi Raman,

    I just read this article. I am a newbie on blogging so I want to do the job as much good as I can.

    After reading this article I re arrange some ways in my mind about how to work better on creating good blog posts. I will try to apply them.

    Thanks for these tips !!!

    • Raman Arora
      Posted at 11:24h, 25 May Reply

      Thank You Sam !

      Keep Continue on Blogging !

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