Beginner’s Guide: How does Google AdSense Pay in India

How does Google AdSense Pay in India

Beginner’s Guide: How does Google AdSense Pay in India

Are your Curious to know, “How does Google AdSense Pay in India“? Google AdSense is most popular and trustworthy Advertising program for earning money online which is powered by Google. It is very easy to use. You just need to have a website or blog to get an Adsense Account. It will allow you publish Google ads to your site or blog. When a visitor will click on Google ad through your site, you will get money on the basis of Pay-Per-Click. Millions of users are making money through AdSense. They are earning more than 3000$ per month with Google AdSense.

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Do you know How does Google AdSense Pay in India?

I got many queries people asking me “How does Google AdSense Pay in India” and when they will receive the money earned through Google AdSense.

Today in this blog, I will try to answers all their queries.

Have you started earning from AdSense?

That’s Great!

Are you waiting for AdSense payment?

Do you want to know what to do next?

Don’t worry I will tell you when you will receive your payment by Google AdSense. Before adding more detail to this, I would like to tell you some basics when you will get started earning from AdSense.

After creating AdSense account, when your AdSense earning reaches to $10, you will receive a PIN on your home address. This PIN will help Google AdSense to verify your address. You have to enter that PIN in your AdSense account for address verification. You will not get any payment until your address is verified.

Once you added the PIN into your AdSense account, your account is verified and ready to receive payment.


Do you know AdSense only pay you when your earning reaches to minimum $100?

Yes! Google AdSense will only start paying you, once your earning reached to minimum $100. Once your earning reached to $100, Google AdSense will release your payment.

Do you know when AdSense count your Earnings?

No? Don’t worry. I will tell you, Google AdSense count your earnings on every 3rd of the month such as January 3rd, February 3rd and so on.

Are you looking for payment methods used by Google AdSense in India?

There must be many people who will be searching on the Google to know AdSense Payment methods. You don’t need to go anywhere. Here is the answer to your question.

There are mainly two payment methods used by Google AdSense which is given below:

  1. Through Cheque

 You can receive your payment through cheque. You will receive cheque after 20-25 days when your earning reached to $100. It will take around 15 days to clear your cheque. It is very time-consuming. People do not prefer this method much.  You do not need to do anything when your earning will reach to $100, Google will issue a cheque which you will receive after 20-25days. People usually prefer wire transfer or EFT. You can receive your payment by cheque if you have any problem with the wire transfer. It takes less time as compared to this method. I will recommend you to choose wire transfer method for receiving payment.

  1. Through Wire Transfer

Generally, Google pays by cheque in earlier days. Along with that, it has started the facility of wire transfer in 2014. Now you can receive your payments via wire transfer or EFT. It is the best method for receiving money within 2-3 days directly into your bank account. Most of the users prefer to receive money through wire transfer or EFT.

You have to add wire transfer payment method in your AdSense account to receive money directly into your bank. Additionally, You have to fill your bank details in AdSense account.

 You need to follow some steps to add wire transfer payment method in AdSense account. These are given below:

  • Log in to your AdSense account.

  • Click on the settings and select payment.
  • Click on the Payment settings.

  • Here you will see a form, where you have to fill your Personal details
You have to fill some fields in bank details which are given below:
  • Account Holder Name – Here you have to enter your name, it should be the same name as in your bank account.
  • Bank Name – Here you have to fill your bank name. For example, ICICI Bank, State bank of India, HDFC, YES Bank etc.
  • IFSC Code – Here you have to enter IFSC code of your bank.
  • SWIFT-BIC – If SWIFT-BIC code is not available to your bank branch then you enter this code of some other branch or you call to your bank customer care service to get SWIFT-BIC code.

Fill this information very carefully. You can hold your payment for one year if you choose this method of payment transfer.

More so, Google transfer money on every 21st of the month if you choose wire transfer method.

For example, if you have total earning of $102 in end of may then Google will transfer money on 21st June in your bank within 2-3 days.

Wrapping up this Article, I will suggest you choose wire transfer method for receiving money from Google. It is very easy to add wire transfer payment method in AdSense account and within very short period of time, you will get your payment. If you didn’t choose your payment method yet, it is high time to choose it. Now you know how Google pay in both cases. Select a payment method which best suits you. If you have any query regarding AdSense payment.

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