Top 5 Email Marketing Tools You Can Use For Your Online Business

Email Marketing Tools

Top 5 Email Marketing Tools You Can Use For Your Online Business

Email marketing is one of the effective tools that has gained momentum from the last decade. Almost every online business is making use of Email marketing. Email marketing has become the top priority of the online businesses and it can have a significant effect on your marketing campaign. Serious digital marketers know the importance of Email marketing as it has the potential to turn the thing by your side. Many digital marketers are now inclined more towards the social media marketing and are giving less weight to the Email marketing campaign. But the importance of Email marketing cannot be undermined as it can improve the stats for you and help in the successful digital marketing campaign.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the important pillars of internet marketing strategy. It was the first choice of online marketers when other online marketing tools were not prominent. Email marketing is an effective tool where the marketers have to follow a number of leads and for marketing and branding of the products. It can help in managing numerous tasks like:

  • Handling the auto responding of the customers.

  • Managing the subscriptions the subscriptions for the clients.

  • Sending Emails to the potential customers.

  • Sending follow up emails to the clients.

Performing these tasks manually can be difficult. There are several email marketing software tools that can handle the Email marketing campaigns for the digital marketers.

Aweber has been a dominant tool for quite a long time as far as email marketing is concerned. But there are many other email marketing tools available in the market that are good and giving a tough competition to the Aweber. Let us discuss 5 Email marketing tools that you can use for your online business.

1. Mailigen

Mailigen is an effective tool for the internet marketers that want to focus more on the business and branding rather than earning money from the affiliate marketing programs in their business. Some of the features of Mailigen Email marketing tool are:

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  • It helps in integrating the emails with shopping carts and CRMs

  • It allows free email service for the first 500 subscribers.

  • Mailigen creates a personalized sign up form that matches your brand, that gives your brand the opportunity to post them on your social media account on Facebook.

  • Mailigen custom forms allow you to send emails and display sign up posts that mention your brand.

  • Mailigen allows you to create a template for your own customization preferences and you can also send customized messages to send out to your subscribers.

  • With the help of Mailigen, email marketing is easier with its drag and drop feature.

  • The drag and drop feature of the Mailigen makes the mail marketing a lot easier.

2. Aweber

Aweber is the email marketing software that is a popular tool for the companies and brands that are serious about the digital marketing and email marketing. This tool is effective for both the newbies as well as the expert level digital marketers. This tool comes with the features that can assist in earning money from Email marketing.

  • It is an effective tool in customizing the visual content for the Email and newsletters

  • It keeps track of the visually optimized campaign more effectively.

  • It makes it easier to create designs for Email newsletters.

  • It can easily integrate with your social media accounts and your websites.

  • It uses drag and drop interface that eases the process of making templates.

3. Constant Contact

Constant contact is a free Email marketing tool. It is the best tool for newbies that are learning to carry out the Email marketing campaigns. It will give you a clear idea of how an email marketing campaign will work for you. If the campaign does well, then you can opt for the paid services like Aweber. Some of the features of constant contact are:

  • It helps in customizing the templates and makes the professional looking emails and newsletters using easy drag and drop features.

  • It can manage the growing email list for you and you can integrate it easily with the social media pages of the businesses.

  • It can help you in analyzing the results of the email marketing campaign.

4. Get Response

Get Response is also a good email marketing tool that can help you in carrying out the email marketing campaigns. It helps in creating beautiful as well as interactive newsletters. The new and interactive templates help you to promote the brand in a creative manner. Some of the features include:

  • Easy and smart editing tools

  • Save snippets to retrieve the email history.

  • It has a custom template to create your own email newsletter with thousands of stock images.

5. Vertical Response

The vertical response has some cool and easy to use features that allow a 30 days free trial. Some of the features of the Vertical response are:

  • It contains over 700 newsletter templates that are created by professionals to market you in the social media sites.

  • It has free list management tools.

  • You can carry online surveys and direct mail postcards.

These were some of the most famous Email marketing tools that are used by the digital marketers to carry out the Email marketing campaigns. Tell us which one is your favorite and why. You can suggest any other Email marketing tool that is not in this list in the comment section.

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