How to Purchase WordPress Web Hosting From Hostgator

Web Hosting From Hostgator

How to Purchase WordPress Web Hosting From Hostgator

Hostgator is one of the popular web hosting providers. Besides, it offers different hosting packages on cheap price. Besides, I would suggest you Purchase WordPress Web Hosting From Hostgator. Also, I will tell you How to Purchase Web Hosting From Hostgator in this post.

The first step to setting up a website is to purchase a web hosting. Although, It is not difficult to purchase a web hosting. But it is very challenging task for novice bloggers to understand and decide which web hosting is best. Also, how to purchase a web hosting. Every web hosting provider company contain more than on plan which makes it difficult for new bloggers to choose which plan is best.

There are many web hosting provider are available online. If you are going to start a new blog on WordPress then read my article of Top 10 WordPress Hosting Provider 2017. I will recommend you to choose Hostgator or Bluehost web hosting providers because these two are best hosting provider than others.

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Today, I am going to provide you the step-by-step tutorial of how to buy a Web Hosting From Hostgator.

How to Purchase Web Hosting From Hostgator


As I already told you, Hosting is one of the most recommended web hosting providers. Besides, its hosting does not cost much. Moreover, Its price is cheap as compare to other web hosting providers. Additionally, Hostgator offers different plan such as Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan and Business plan with different costing and features. The cost of hosting plans increase with the level of package you purchase. But I will suggest you buy the baby plan because it allows you to host more than one blog. Additionally, It is perfect for those bloggers who would like to host more than one blogs in future.

So, let’s start.

Steps for Purchasing a Web Hosting From Hostgator
  • Firstly, Go to the official website of Hostgator.
  • Click on the button ‘Get Started Now’.



  • Then Select the baby plan and click on the ‘Sign Up Now’ button. Here, you will see three hosting plans which are given below:
  • Hatchling Plan 

If you want to host only a single website then this is the best choice for you. Its cost is $3.95 per month. 

  • Baby Plan 

If you want to host more than one website then this plan is best for you. Additionally, I have also bought the baby plan for my blog. That is why I will also suggest you buy the baby plan for web hosting because you can host more than one blog with this plan. Moreover, you will not have to waste your money to buy web hosting again if you create any other website in future. Its cost is $5.95 per month.

  • Business Plan

 This is the best plan for business and when you need to be dedicated I.P. Its cost is $5.95 per month. You can also choose the plan according to your choice.

  • You will see a form on next window screen.
  1. Choose a Domain – if you have not purchased a domain name yet, you can purchase a new domain from Hostgator. For that, just enter the new domain name for your blog. Hostgator will tell you the availability of domain and also cost of that domain name. You can also buy the Domain name from Godaddy. It just cost Rs. 99 if you purchase a domain name from Godaddy. 

If you already have a domain then enters your domain name and click on the ‘I Already Own This Domain’.


  1. Choose a Hosting Plan – By default, it will show the plan which you have selected. Here you have to enter the information such as: 
  • Package Type: This will be your selected plan name. 
  • Billing Cycle: You can change your hosting duration here. I will recommend you select hosting period of 24 to 36 months. 
  • Username: Enter name of your account. 
  • Security Pin: Now select any security pin, it will be used to verify your account ownership. 


  1. Billing Information – Here you have to fill your account information in the given form. 
  • Email Address – Enter your email address. 
  • Confirm Email – Here you have to enter the same email address which you entered above. 
  • First Name – Enter your name here. 
  • Last Name – Enter your last name. 
  • Company- This field is optional. You can enter your company name here. 
  • Phone – Enter your phone number. Make sure you have entered the number correctly as it will be used to verify your purchase. 

  • Address – Enter your address here. 
  • Country – Select your country from the drop-down menu. 
  • Zip Code – Enter the zip code of your city. 
  • City – Enter the name of your city. 
  • State – Select your state from the drop-down menu. 

 Then you have to select your payment method.
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal

Select your payment method and enter your payment details to purchase the web hosting.


  1. Add Additional Services – These are paid add-ons which are not that worthy to buy as we will many other alternatives. So, uncheck all add-ons. 

  1. Enter a Coupon Code Here – here you have entered the coupon code ‘’ and click on the validate button. You will get the additional discount on purchasing a web hosting by using this coupon code. 

(See Image Below)

  Click here and Buy                                                                         Use this Coupon Code:   {SeoRamanArora50}

  1. Review Your Order Details – This is the last step to complete your form. Review your order details here.


  • Now, check mark on the Term of Service, Cancellation Policy and Privacy Policy given at the end of the form and click on the ‘Checkout Now’ button.

Lastly, You will receive an email from Hostgator to your email address confirming your order and you will also get a call after an hour with your new hosting account details. Now you have completely purchased your Web Hosting From Hostgator. Also, You can login to cPanel with your login details.

Buy Your WotdPress Hosting From Hostgator

Congratulations, Now you have completely purchased your Web Hosting From Hostgator. Also, You can login to cPanel with your login details.


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I hope you get the useful information from this tutorial. Now you can easily purchase Web Hosting From Hostgator if you will this tutorial.

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