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WooComerce B2B is a WordPress plugin that is divided between B2B and B2C. In B2C,( business to consumer), e-commerce, the customer is the final consumer while in B2B, another business is the customer. Are you looking for the best wholesale solution for your E-commerce? Then you are in the right place. It is the first ever plugin to make the WooCommerce compliant with the Business to Business needs. WooCommerce B2B allows you to have all the features that are necessary to build a successful e-commerce solution.

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WooCommerce B2B allows you to have a B2B mode in the WooCommerce shop. When you enable the WooCommerce B2B, you can display the prices only to the logged in customers. You can also manage the product category visibility. Let have a look at some of the features of the WooCommerce B2B:

  • You can hide the price of the guest user. Only the logged in customers can see the products and can see the product prices and make a purchase.

  • Add VAT number field billing adderss in order Email and order details.

  • Give a discount to the customers by customer group. Give different discounts to different customers based on their buying history, age group, etc.

  • Get the option to approve the user registration. You can decide which user can complete a registration on your website and make a purchase.

  • Send Email notification to the user when the account is registered.

  • Allow the users to make a purchase only if their cart total is more than a specific amount. Also, you can decide the minimum quantity for a product.

  • Customize all B2B notices and messages by using the proper filters and hooks.

  • Filter the users by group. Make your work faster and easier by filtering your users by group.



WooCommerce Business to Business Plugin

WooComerce B2B is is divided between B2B and B2C. In B2C, e-commerce, the customer is the final consumer while in B2B, another business is the customer.

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WooCommerce B2B is the best plugin for B2B websites like e-commerce. The theme is compatible with all WooCommerce versions and with all the themes. The cost of the plugin is also pocket-friendly. The plugin costs only $35.

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