8 Important Tips to Improve Your Writing Skills

8 Important Tips to Improve Your Writing Skills

Everyone here will agree with me on this. Writing is difficult. But if I say writing is very easy. Difficult or Easy? Confused? Let me clear you on this. If I give a topic, say ‘How to eradicate poverty’. Everyone has their own views and everyone will be able to write something on the topic. So writing is easy. But how many are able to write persuasive and high-quality content that attract the attention of the readers. I guess not more than 10 percent of the people. So writing is difficult. I hope you got my point. There are 8 Important Tips to Improve Your Writing Skills, which helps everyone to start blogging.

Is writing that difficult? Are great writers born not made? Well, this is partially true. No doubt some people are born to write and we call them Genius. You all may have heard of Shakespeare. He was a genius in writing. But all great writers were not God gifted. Many well-known writers enhanced their writing by polishing their skills and daily improvements. You too can improve your writing skills if you are willing to do and are passionate about writing and practice hard. As they say, ‘Hardwork can beat talent if talent does not practice’.

Here, we will be discussing some tips that will surely help you in improving your writing skills:

Find yourself a Suitable Place to write

Before writing, you must find a proper place that is suitable for writing. Writing requires inspiration as well as calmness. Find a place that is calm and has fewer distractions. The writing place should be neat and clean with good, positive atmosphere. Different writers have a different preference for writing place. Just find out what suits you the most and start writing.

Get your basics right

Like any other skill, you have to get the basic knowledge, writing is not an exception. Before you start writing, you have to know the basic principles of writing. You need to have a good knowledge of the grammar and spellings. You also have to expand your vocabulary so that you can effectively communicate with your readers. You can start by reading eminent writers. Learn from their writing style. Make a list of features they are including in their writing. Put that list in front of you next time you start writing.

Practice the writing skills 

Practice, Practice, and practice! Practice is the key to improving the writing skills. You have to practice mini techniques in writing for effective writing.

  • Learn to write good sentences as good sentences make a good article.
  • Include questions in your writing. And answer them as you go. In this way, your writing will be more conversational.
  • Try to add words that add to the value of the articles. Avoid using superfluous words of filler words that do not contribute much to your writing.
  • Try to make a smooth transition in your articles. Do not jump from one concept to the other. This will confuse the readers.
  • Thoroughly explain the difficult concepts in your articles. DO not over explain the easy things.

Outline before you start writing

You should be clear in your mind what you are trying to write. Do not just blindly start writing your articles. By writing blindly, I mean to say that you need to have a proper path which you need to follow. You have to first build that path. This is done by outlining the article. Think of the structure in your mind and jot it down on a piece of paper. Use subtitles and subheadings in your writings to make the content structured. While writing the article, you just have to follow the outlines and plan your content according to the outlines.

Read a Lot 

To become a good writer., you have to become a good reader first. The key to write good content is to read a lot. Read novels, newspapers, fiction, non-fiction, autobiographies, online, offline anything is there just read it down. In this way, you will be familiar with the writing style of various authors and it will definitely help in improving your writing style also. You can also develop an eye for identifying what piece of writing is more effective than the other and why.

Make the content engaging

A writer writes for the readers. If a writer is not getting the readers, then it is no use in writing. The writing should be such that it engages the readers without blinking the eye. Your writing must create such interest in the readers that they read your article till the end. Write in different tones. Do not write the monotonous content. Get in the shoes of the readers and try to understand what they want to read. This will get you better insight into the reading habit of the readers.

Use simple words 

Always try to use simple words in your writing unless it is required to use rich vocabulary. There are three kinds of words on the basis of difficulty: words that everybody knows; words that you should know and words that nobody knows. There is no need to use the third kind of words and showing off your rich vocabulary. They should be used where it is mandatory to use such words. Otherwise, keep your writing direct and simple.

Proofread your articles

After you write something, always proofread it multiple times. Try to find out grammatical and structural mistakes in your articles. Proofread it the very next day. You may find some improvements. Again proofread it after a few days. You may find a way to improve the article. If possible, get help from a friend or a professional proofreader. This will ensure that your content is free of mistakes.


In the end, I would like to say that do not underestimate yourself. To climb down the Everest you need to take the small steps. By patience, persistence, and practice you can do wonders with your writing. Making everyday improvements in your writing will definitely make you a better writer. Just follow the above-mentioned tips and you are ready to go. So what are you waiting for! Get yourself pen, writing-pad and get started with your writing.

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