Grow Your Audience With AWeber Email Marketing Platform

Grow your audience with AWeber Email Marketing Platform

Grow Your Audience With AWeber Email Marketing Platform

Email dates back to the time when the internet was introduced to the masses and was in an initial phase. Did you remember the time when you first used the internet and one of the first things you’ve probably done was to send an email to your friend? That was so cool!

Emails have been an integral part of our lives and are widely used for personal as well as a professional communication channel. An effective way to Grow Your Audience With AWeber Email Marketing Platform

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Aweber is a marketing and platform that is different from other service providers out there. Any type of business owner whether large or small can take benefited from the Aweber platform. Aweber gives you an access to the easy to use an automation tool to launch the automated email sequence. You can tag, segment the subscribers based on their behavior, send promotional emails or newsletter, and track your success and Boost Your Subscriber Rate With AWeber Email Marketing

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Let us have a look at how we can grow our audience with Aweber Email Marketing Platform

Create an Email List using Aweber:

For creating an Email list with Aweber, go to and sign in using your ID and password. The first thing you need to do is to create an Email list. You have the option to create different Email lists for different purposes. Let’s say you have 4 different websites, you can create an email list for them separately.

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The first thing you have to do is to create a sign-up form using which your visitors can subscribe to your blog. After creating the list, you will get a code to add Aweber signup form on your blog.


There are two types of forms that you can create.

  • Static Signup Form: The static signup form is a good way to attract the visitors to subscribe to your email list. These are the static forms that you can put on your homepage or in your sidebar. You can also put the form in the middle or at the end of the blog post.
  • Popup Form: Popup forms are having a high conversion ratio and they work very well to attract the new signups. A popup window will appear on your webpage and you can encourage the users to sign up. But keep in mind that the content in the form is related to the blog.
  • Notification bar form: A notification bar form is placed at the top of your website or the blog. Popup signup forms can sometimes disrupt the readers and static sign up forms can get unnoticed. The notification form is a great way to promote your form on the top of a webpage.

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Aweber is an Email marketing platform that lets you create different types of forms to attract the visitors.

Aweber is one of the best email providers. It has got many features that no other email provider have.


  • Offers Live Technical Support: The Aweber provides you live technical support over the phone in addition to email and chat.
  • Uses their own servers to send Email: Aweber has their own server that they use to send emails. They do not rely on any other third party servers because if the third party server goes down, this will impact the business. Aweber has their own IP they constantly improve and monitor email delivery rates.
  • Gives you access to educational resources: Aweber gives you the access to the educational resources like a free beginner and advanced webinars, list building course and high converting email copy templates. On the other hand, other email providers in the market just provide you with the basic help articles.
  • Has a lot of experience: Aweber has been in the market since 1998. It has been 20 successful years in the email service.

Grow Your Audience With AWeber Email Marketing Platform

With the help of Aweber, you can convert your passive subscribers into loyal customers. You can send great emails that provide value to your subscribers and move them closer to buying your products and services. With Aweber, you can get free live support and the coaching. Their customer support team is available over the phone, chat or the email. You can check their live coaching session or join a weekly webinar.

Aweber allows you to save time which you can utilize for other useful work. They provide a drag and drop email builder that helps you to automate your email sequence. Aweber provides you a click based tagging and the advanced segmentation check. This is considered as the future of the email. Tag the subscribers and send the targeted emails based on the links and emails.

Aweber helps you to grow your email marketing list. It makes adding subscribers easy. You simply need to create a web form using Aweber or connect your email list with one of the trusted integrations. Aweber allows you to track your progress. You can check the data and the metrics that matter. You can measure your open and click rates.


Aweber Unlimited Email Marketing only in $19/Month

Aweber Unlimited Email Marketing only in $19/Month

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Aweber is a great tool for email marketing. You can use Aweber to grow your website traffic and get your content reaches to a wide audience. So, get started with Aweber and Grow Your Audience With AWeber Email Marketing Platform

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