Top 15 Highest Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs For Blogger

Highest Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Top 15 Highest Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs For Blogger

If You are affiliate Marketer and want to Join WordPress Niche Affiliate programs, then there are Top 15 Highest Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs For Blogger. Let’s start from beginning

Affiliate Program is a great way for bloggers or website owners to make money online. However, Google AdSense is also a popular way to monetize your blog/website but Affiliate Marketing still works best when with some popular niche such a WordPress themes, web hosting, WordPress Plugins, SEO tools, E-commerce website and much more. There are many companies who offer a great commission on such type of affiliate products. If you have a blog on one of these niches then you can get the commission by recommending these affiliate programs to your visitor=

How does it work?

Assume you have e blog on SEO same like as SeoRamanArora then you can recommend some popular tools or products which are used for SEO to your visitors. When someone purchases the product from your affiliate link then you will get the commission.

Today we will talk about Highest Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs. Before moving further, you should know why you need to join web hosting affiliate programs.

Why should you join Web Hosting Affiliate Program?

In the competitive industry of Affiliate Marketing, Web hosting Affiliate is one of the most profitable affiliate programs today. There a number of companies who offer hefty commission on the web hosting affiliate program. If your blog is related to web hosting niche then you should join web hosting affiliate program for your blog as it is a great way to generate huge revenue from your blog. Although there are a number of web hosting affiliate programs that are ready to pay a large commission but not all the affiliate programs are trustworthy. Some of those are frauds who do not pay anything in the end. So, you need to know some important thing before joining an affiliate program.

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Let’s not beat about the bush and start discussing Highest Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs.

Top 15 Highest Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs 

  1. Bluehost

Bluehost Banner 250 X 300Bluehost is WordPress officially recommended web hosting provider. It is very popular for WordPress bloggers. It offers an affordable hosting plan, better quality, best web servers and visually appealing website. Also, it has great a reputation in the market that why people more likely to purchase web hosting from Bluehost. Bluehost offers a commission of $65 for each referral.

  1. A2 Hosting

 A2hosting is another web hosting provider which provides blazing fast web hosting. The cost for its web hosting starts at $3.92 per month. Additionally, it offers a 2-tier affiliate program. It means if you refer other affiliates you get $5 commission for every $140 commission your sub-referral gets. A2 Hosting offers a commission of $85-$140 for each sale of its web hosting. It is a good starting point for most of the affiliates. If you want to promote A2 hosting, then you click on the link given below:

A2 WordPress Hosting Banner 468x60

Join A2 Web Hosting Affiliate Program

  1. SiteGround

 SiteGround is one of the most recommended web hosting providers which has captured a huge market in terms of its affiliate program. It offers better affiliate program than other independent web hosts. Moreover, offers tier based commission which means more people you refer more commission you get. It offers the similar commission as the Hostgator. You can get $50-$125 commission on each referral. If you are interested in joining SiteGround web hosting, you can click on the following link:

SiteGround Banner 468x60

Join SiteGround Web Hosting Affiliate Program

  1. DreamHost

Dreamhost Banner 250 X 250 DreamHost is another popular independent host which has good brand recognition in the market. It is perfect for hosting all type of websites. DreamHost has recently updated its affiliate program. It offers commission ranging from $30-$120 per referral. It has 2 tier affiliate program. Furthermore, you also get $5 commission for each sub-referral. If you want to join this affiliate program, click on the following link:

Join DreamHost Web Hosting Affiliate Program

  1. HostGator 

HostGator is the most reliable hosting solution which supports real-time services. It has hosting plans at affordable rates. HostGator offers tiered based commission. It manages its affiliate program through Impact Radius Network. Additionally, it offers high payout ranges from $50-$125. If you can drive volume then you can earn more. If you want to sign-up for this affiliate program, you can click on the link given below:Hostgator WordPress Hosting Banners Size - 468x60

Join HostGator Web Hosting Affiliate Program

  1. iPage 

iPage is one of the best hosting affiliate program and a trusted name in hosting space. Its hosting plans are cheapest as compare to other hosting plans. It just cost $1.99 per month which can be reduced to $1 per month with iPage coupon code. It also offers great freebies such as free advertising credit and a free domain name. In addition, you can get $105 for each successful sale of its web hosting. You can register to iPage affiliate program from here:

iPage Banner 460 X 90

Join iPage Web Hosting Affiliate Program

  1. WPEngine

WPengine is a fully-managed and most reliable hosting solution for WordPress users. If you are a serious blogger and looking for a quality hosting then WPengine is the best host. It offers the highest payout in the web hosting niche. You can get $200 commission per sale. Additionally, you can get $50 for each of their referral. Apart from it, you can withdraw your payments when your amount reaches a minimum threshold to $50. WPengine manages its affiliate program through the ShareASale affiliate network. You can join the WPengine affiliate program from here.

Join WPEngineWeb Hosting Affiliate Program

  1. InMotion Hosting

InMotion is a reliable hosting solution for hosting business websites. Its web hosting is starting at $2.95 per month. It is preferred choice for business oriented companies. It offers payout ranges from $50-$100 for each successful sign-up. If you can make 3 sales per month, you can get $100 per sale. In addition, you can earn extra $25 as a bonus if you place their banner above the fold on your site. You can sign-up for InMotion affiliate program directly from here.

inmotionhosting WordPress Hosting SSD 728x90

InMotion Hosting Affiliate Program

  1. HostMoster

HostMoster is owned by Endurance International Group. It offers quality web hosting affiliate program. It offers a commission of $65 per successful sign-up. Its commission is increasing at a considerable rate. If you are interested in joining this affiliate program, you can click on the following link:


HostMoster Hosting Affiliate Program

  1. FatCow

FatCow is one of the reputed web hosting providers. It offers quicker response time for its sale. Also, it provides a comparison spreadsheet which can help you to advertise their plans in a better way. It also has a special plan with name ‘Cheap Sheep’ which only cost $9. It offers $25 for every successful referral to its ‘Cheap Sheep’ plan. You can get. For dedicated hosting plan, it offers a payout of $150 for each successful sale of web hosting. Further, it offers the commission of $100 for each sign-up on shared hosting or VPS hosting plan. Check out FatCow affiliate program from here.

FatCow WordPress Hosting Banner 460 x 90

FatCow Hosting Affiliate ProgramFatcow Hosting Banner 150 x 150

  1. Crucial Hosting

Crucial Hosting is a high-quality web hosting solution for business and enterprises. It has a great reputation on the web. Also, it runs the highest payout affiliate program. It offers commission ranging from $10-$3000. If you refer a customer who purchases dedicated server then you can earn thousands of dollars. So, get ready to earn more money and join this affiliate program by clicking the link given below:

Crucial Hosting Referral Join Banner 300 x 250

Crucial Hosting Affiliate Program

  1. WebHostingHub

WebHostingHub is a reliable service which offers superior quality hosting solution. It has a lucrative affiliate program that pays $50 for each referral. Payments can be received through direct banking, cheque or PayPal account. Join this affiliate program from here.

Webhostinghub 728x90_easy123

WebHostingHub Affiliate Program

  1. Big Rock

Big Rock is one of the most popular web hosting and domain registration company. They deal with many services such as email hosting, web hosting, and security certificates, website building tools etc. It has a fabulous affiliate program which offers a great commission of $148 for each successful sale. You just have to promote its services and products to earn this much of commission. One of the best advantages for registering to this affiliate program is that it allows making and publishing your own custom coupon code which entitled the customers to get a discount on purchases. You can join this affiliate program directly from here.

Big Rock Linux Hosting 460 x 90

  Big Rock Affiliate Program

  1. GreenGeek

GreenGeek is one of the reliable hosting firms which offer environment-friendly hosting services. It allows you to make money by their affiliate program. Its affiliate payout for the first referral sale is $50. If you refer a second sale in the same month then your commission will be increased to $60 per sale. If you successful done your third sale in same month then the commission will be increased to $70 and so on till you reach to $100. Every time your commission will be increased to additional $10 if you make the sales in the same month. You can receive your payment via. Wire transfer, PayPal account or cheque. If you are thinking to join this affiliate program then you can join it directly from here.

Greengeeks drupal hosting 460 x 90

  GreenGeek Affiliate Program

  1. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a popular brand name which offers domain name, web hosting and website building services. Earlier, GoDaddy used to have its own affiliate program but nowadays it manages its affiliate program through Commission Junction and Viglink. You can promote its deals and services to make more money through affiliates.  If you want to sign-up for GoDaddy affiliate program, you can join Commission Junction or Viglink.

  • GoDaddy Affiliate Program via. Commission Junction
  • GoDaddy Affiliate Program via. Viglink


In the nutshell, there are many web hosting companies who are willing to pay a large commission to acquire customers. If you want to make extra money from your blog then you can join any of mentioned affiliate programs in web hosting niche. Make sure you are going to join a trustworthy affiliate program because there are many companies who have a bad image of not paying their affiliates. So, select an affiliate program very wisely which work best with your niche.

I hope you enjoyed learning much from this article “Top 15 Highest Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs For Blogger“. If you have any query or suggestion then leaves your comment below. I would love to answer you.

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