How to Remove Bad Backlinks?

How to Remove Bad Backlinks?

Every online marketer and SEO professional knows the importance of backlinks in SEO. However, keeping in mind the acute online competition, it is also essential to know about the bad backlinks. When you detect a bad link, it can be detrimental for your website SEO. Every site should make sure that they don’t have any external links from any spam driven and untrustworthy sites.

Impact of bad links

 When you have a terrible backlink, it can affect your marketing initiatives in all way. It limits your business growth and, in many situations, lead to a Google penalty as well. Do you want to have positive and favorable SEO results? If yes, then it is essential for you to monitor and also remove all your bad links.  For this, you might reach to reach out to an expert SEO service provider. You can browse through webmetrixgroup  and other similar names for professional assistance.

How to Remove Bad Backlinks?

A professional SEO agency helps to maintain clean backlinks and eliminate all the bad links that can have a negative impact on the Google ranking. You can follow the guidelines listed below to remove the bad links:

  • The first step is easy! Have you detected a bad link? If yes, then all you have to do is check the contact details of a business owner and take away the link. You need to do it politely, than demanding for the same in an obvious way. Most of the times this tactic will work in your favor. You might also come across the webmasters who can ask for a fee for removing a particular link. If that happens, make it a point to disavow the redundant links that you can’t eliminate.
  • Keep an eye for the low-end web pages on your site that get linked with bad links. Here you can go ahead remove the web pages than the links. You might not feel comfortable to do this; a majority of the web pages must have added some value to your site. However, when you have an excess of 404 on your site, it will send Google a wrong message. Hence, to avert that, you need to remove the page.
  • Remove the selected domain and start everything from scratch. However, if you feel it’s better to clean your site of all the negative links, you might as well do that. It’s a smart call to not do that till such time Google penalizes you for Panda and Penguin or more.
  • On the other hand, if there’s an excess of bad links that you wish to remove or if the webmasters aren’t replying to your request to eliminate the link, you might consider disavowing the link. In fact, this is one of the smartest ways to let Google know that you don’t prefer to have all these links while evaluating your website.

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Bad links are always detrimental to website growth and search engine ranks. Furthermore, it results in negative SEO as well. So, don’t fret next time you find a bad link to your website. Instead, follow the above-discussed ways to resolve the same.

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