Simple On-Site Changes For Increasing The Social Media Traffic

Simple On-Site Changes For Increasing The Social Media Traffic To Your Site

Simple On-Site Changes For Increasing The Social Media Traffic

Do you think social media to be a major part of the marketing strategy? The current and impressive growth of social media is nothing that you have to ignore. Moreover, there are over 2.3 billion active users of social media throughout the world. Even though you might be shifting the current marketing strategy and budget to the social network, it may not guarantee success. There are some ways in which you can win big with social media. There are some other techniques, which might leave you floundering and searching for some answers right on a social media platform.

On-Site Changes For Increasing The Social Media Traffic

As the competition seems to implement sound social media plan, it is always important for the brand to work on the same. You cannot just afford to miss out the great opportunity to interact well with customers and all the prospects on the social media. Some of the social media statistics are here to follow up the points.

  • As per January 2014, 74% of online adults were now using social networking sites.
  • Around 66% of B2B marketers name LinkedIn as an effective form of social platform, which can be followed by Twitter at 55% and FB at 30%.
  • Facebook is known to have over a billion daily users who are active. On the other hand, Twitter has 320 million active users monthly and LinkedIn has over 414 M registered members.

The numbers will not lie for sure. They have proved that there are plenty of opportunities to connect with the massive audience. You might already be associated with social media marketing in some forms possible. But, even before that, it is advisable that you have defined the plan for generating positive results.

There are some on-site changes you can make to double the current social media traffic. In case you have the urge to generate some more social website traffic and build the brand and use benefits for boosting up sales, then keep on reading. You can get some ideas covered by the team from Gramista as well.

Have to use images:

It is always mandatory for you to understand the current value of some high quality, affordable and unique content. However, do not let this cast any cloud over media marketing based position strategy. You might want to make it a habit to just implement images within posts. Proficient use of images has already been proven to increase the current social media reach.

  • It is rather simple to add some premium quality images to blog posts. There are so many tools you can get for help, and some of those are Pablo, Canva and Spruce. Among the lot, Spruce makes it actually clear that use of images on Twitter is vital.
  • But, avoid making this mistake of posting pictures only on social sites. The same theory is applicable to blog posts as well. There are so many benefits involved in this session. You get the chance to increase engagement, keep readers on the website for longer time and help driving point home.
  • You should head for the images which will not just fit in perfectly with the subject matter but can offer some added values. It should serve the purpose of both worlds while selecting images for social media channels.

Need for creating the right content type:

It is a point to create content for the blog post, and then creating the right content type is a completely different ballgame. Before you move on any further with the note, always remember that longer is probably better. Even though the content length is crucial for your success in terms of social media shares and social engine rankings, don’t just stop there.

  • In case you want your audiences to share content, you have to opt for the quality always over quantity with the website traffic. It is always easy to believe that more content increases opportunity for social shares, but that is only true if you ever stick to guns related to quality. One super quality blog post is always better than three ordinary posts.
  • Check out the points, which draw more people’s attention. By just reviewing the analytics data, you can check on the content type, which is attracting maximum eyes. With this form of information, you can always create content in the future that can align closely with the needs of the audience.
  • You need to know what readers have shared in the past. If you want the audience to share content on social networks, try taking cues from the past. You have to answer the subject matter of three most shared posts. This will help people to know what you are actually looking for.

You cannot just expect your readers to share content on media unless it has any value to it. At the end of it all, they do not want to attach a name to content, which is mediocre in nature. So, when you end up creating the right content, everything else will start falling into their right places.

Add on some of the social media tools:

You have to understand how well the website is performing whenever it is about social media traffic. For that, answering some important questions is mandatory. How much social media traffic is your online site receiving? Which platforms are interacting more with you to give the traffic you need? What form of content is always performing best on social media? By adding on a social media tracking based device or tool, it can become easier to get these questions answered.

Some people are a huge fan of automation even on social media platforms. So, it is always advisable to use multiple tools as you can find some. Even some business dashboards like Dasheroo can help you from the social media’s viewpoint.

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These simplistic On-Site Changes For Increasing The Social Media Traffic to the official website. All you have to do is go through the options and things will work out as planned for you. The more you start researching, the better options you will come up with.

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