9 Social Media Mistakes Responsible for Business Failure

9 Social Media Mistakes Responsible for Business Failure

Social media is a powerful source of information, communication, and entertainment. It makes our world compact and the global village. As we know, we are living in a satellite era; therefore people are indulging more in gadgets and gizmos. Moreover, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are most trending social media these days. Additionally, Social media has great ability to boost your business and helpful to get traffic, clicks, and reaches. But if these media platforms are not used appropriately, it will ruin your brand. Therefore, we should use these platforms carefully. In this article, we will discuss serious Social Media Mistakes Responsible for Business Failure.

Let’s discuss some Social Media Mistakes those should be avoided at any cost. These mistakes are:Hostmonster-ppc-banners-dynamic-488x1609 Social Media Mistakes Responsible for Business Failure

  1. Using too many social Media Networks at once

Always try to use one or two social networks instead of using the entire network at a time such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. It will be definitely beneficial if you will focus on one or two platforms at a time.  First of all, you should analyze where most of the audience spend time and try to build your profile on that network. Once you successfully build your profile at one network and you have the great audience there then move to the next social media network.

  1. Post same content again and again 

Posting similar content all the time makes your audience boring and they might lose their interest in your brand. Additionally, It shows that your brand doesn’t have anything creative to be offered. Further, Posting similar links after one another is not impressing. So, You should cover all types of the topic like jokes, news, Motivational videos, quotes etc. to woo the audience and make them up-to-date. Moreover, Content should be interested, exciting and creative. For this purpose, your team should have unique ideas so that they always try to engage their audience with creative stuff. In case, you have no creative idea, then analyze your competitor website and profile. After this, pick some tricks from it and rebuild your own strategy.

  1. Never Avoid Negative Feedback 

If your brand has social media profile than negative feedback is common. Never ever avoid it. Actually, it is a chance to know what your audiences want from your brand or business. Always reply to the negative comments and appreciate their feedback so that you can improve it in future. Moreover, to remove negative comments is a blunder. People try to give their opinion to you so that you can offer or create things according to their choice. Instead of deleting comments, start working on your weakness. If you overcome your negatively, it helps to increase traffic. Otherwise, it may become responsible for the business failure.  To sum up we can say that pay attention to the negative comments is compulsory for the goodwill of the company.

  1. Posting too much in one go

Posting too much at a time is a terrible idea. Also, it is one of the biggest Social Media Mistakes. People simply unfollow you or just overlook all of the posts you share. Furthermore, to make business or brand successful, business scheduling tool should be used to make proper time frame between all the posts and tweets. For Facebook, marketers may visit their “insights” to see what time most of their fans are online.

Post maximum 2-3 Facebook posts and 4-5 tweets per day by maintaining a content calendar. Besides, You should keep testing posts timing, the number of posts etc. The most important thing is your post should be creative and effective it contains text post, image post, and video post etc.

  1. Using Irrelevant Hashtags

The most common Social Media Mistakes responsible for limit your traffic and failure of your business is using too many hashtags. If there is no relation between hashtags and your post then simply ignore it. Besides, Hashtags play indispensable role to improve the traffic of the post. If you are not using right hashtags, you may not get right results. Additionally, You can look up other sites similar post, check their hashtags and use that hashtags in your post to improve reachability.

  1. Not evaluating results

It doesn’t matter if the results are positive or negative businesses should always analyze their social media marketing efforts in order to optimize the results. The main steps are to analyze, check and understand the performance. Exploring will help you to improve and increase your present campaigns and you’ll get valuable creative concepts to further your social media marketing strategy. You should analyze results at least one a week so that you can grow fast.

  1. No need of URL in the content

Always keep a simple and catchy description. The bare link should never take up the place of a proper description. Also, You must embed something catchy to attract people to your website. In addition, URL shorteners like Bit.ly or Google can help you track all the click-backs. 

  1. Skip images for Social Media Updates 

Posts with images put a better impression on the audiences and they stick to your post to read it completely. Moreover, Readers always like to read the post with images. Additionally, This will help people stay engaged throughout your content. You can create albums also according to the post. So, Make sure that image should be of good quality.

  1. No regular updates 

If you are not posting regularly on your website, then people may lose their interest and think that you are not serious regarding your product. Therefore, You must always update the page, use good images, get a proper cover photo and share them online. This shows that your brand is growing very fast.

These are a few Social Media Mistakes which are Responsible for Business Failure. So, you should take care of these things for your business success.

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In the nutshell, we have discussed in detail regarding some Social Media Mistake which are responsible for the business failure. By avoiding these mistakes we can improve growth of our brand or business and get excellent results. For this, you have to use all of your resources in a good way and respond to all fans and followers regularly.

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