Top 7 Steps For Social Media Marketing Strategy Makes Better

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Top 7 Steps For Social Media Marketing Strategy Makes Better

We all know that Social Media has become a wonderful place for promoting your brand, advertise your product and services. It has become an essential tool of online marketing. Many businesses have successfully built their brand image through social media marketing. It has a great impact on businesses bottom line.

Because of success and popularity of social media marketing you must be eager to learn about this and want to start social media marketing to drive more traffic to your site.

For this you need to make a proper plan for successful social media marketing. Today I am going to tell you about essential steps required for making social media marketing strategy.

Top 7 Steps for Social Media Marketing Strategy
Step 1:  Establish Your Objective and Goals

First step of social media marketing strategy is to decide your objective and goals that you want to achieve. Once you establish you objectives, you will have clear understanding that what you have to do next. This step is very important, as you can compare your strategy results with the objectives and check whether your strategy is going well or it needs some changes. Make sure that you don’t have too many objectives because it can affect the marketing plan. You mainly have to focus on primary and secondary goals:

  • Primary goal is to increasing customer loyalty and increasing brand awareness.
  • Secondary goal is to drive more traffic to your site.

Step 2: Social Media Audit

In this step, you have to consider following areas when auditing your presence on social media business:

  • You have check on which social media account you are currently active on and how it is working for you. If it is popular social media account and going well for you then you have to check how many people are connected to you on this account. If it is not the popular one and your competitors are using some other account for marketing then you should also create an account on that site.
  • You need to create an account on social networking site which covers your target audience.
  • You should also take care of how your presence on social media compares to your competitors. It will help you to know which account is a need to be updated and which is not.


Step 3: Refine Your Online Presence

Once you have completely done with your social media audit, next step is to refine your presence on social media network. It’s time to update your profile information; you have to fill it completely. If you still do not have account on all account that covers your target audience then create it. Make sure that your profile information and existence on social media account must be unique and honest to build the audience trust.

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Step 4: Identify Your Target Audience

After refining your online presence on social media, next step is to identify your target audience which is most important for successful social media marketing. You have to identify which type of audience will be interested in purchasing your products. It can be identified by considering following factors:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Income
  • Most used social networking site
  • Job title

By considering these factors, you can identify your target customers.

Step 4: Identify Your Key Success Measures

For every successful marketing strategy, you should have ways to measure success of your marketing strategy. It is very necessary to check your strategy of social media marketing is successful because you are spending much time for this and if results are not as expected then all the hard work goes in vain and time will be wasted.

There are some measures to identify key success of your marketing plan which are as follows:

  • Number of time brand mention
  • How much time spend on website
  • Conversion Rate
  • How much people visit your site
  • Total number of shares
Step 5: Create Engaging Content

Once you know your target customer, next is to create highly engaging content. For this you can turn to your competitors for inspiration and came to know what information and which type of content they are using for making their content engaging. You can also get idea from what type of content your consumer are sharing and what phrases they are using for it. Content is where you get the real money from. So it should of high quality and you can use images, text, video, blogs, eBooks, infographics and many more to create your content.

Step 6: Purchase a Social Media Management Tool

There are lots of tools available in market which increases marketer productivity. It’s difficult to manage everything itself for marketers, they all prefer to use management tool of marketing. Social Media Management Tool is also one of the tool which makes you burden free from posting post, it automatically schedule your posts ahead of time.

Step 7: Track and Optimize Results:

It is the last and most important step for this strategy as it evaluates your results. Tracing is very much important for any plan and then analyzing and evaluating the results. After that you match the result with your objectives and goals by considering some measure for tracking result. After that you optimize and make changes to strategy accordingly.

There are some important steps which helps you to increase social media marketing strategy better. Hope you will consider before starting promotion on Social media accounts. Hope you will like this article.

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