Top 25 Best Ways to Increase Your Followers on Social Media

Best Ways to Increase Your Followers on Social Media

Top 25 Best Ways to Increase Your Followers on Social Media

You must heard about many techniques to boost your site traffic through social media marketing. But you must find it difficult it to make more followers on social media sites to increase your brand popularity and promote it. So, Are your looking for Best Ways to Increase Your Followers on Social Media.

Do you want to increase your fan following on social media?

Great!  You are at right place. I will tell you excellent techniques to increase true follower on social media.

You may think why I said “true followers”?

I said this because there are basically two types of followers on social media.

There are certain tools available in market which automatically increase likes on post and followers as well but there is no future benefit of it. It can help to make a fake brand image but there is no way to generate business by doing it.

Top 25 Best Ways to Increase Your Followers on Social Media

  1. Post Quality and Relevant Content :

Posting content on your social media account is not enough; you have to make sure that the content you are sharing must have some useful information. Post some fresh content instead of copied one because users can get copied content everywhere but new content or information make them attracted toward your post which help to increase your followers on social media. Try to post the educational content which has tendency to attract more users. Like, i usually post on SEO topics which is helpful for people, they can easily and free learn from it.

  1. Add Social Sharing Buttons to Each Post :

Whenever you are posting something then make the users enable to share your post on any social media account. Offer them to join and follow you on different social media account of their choice if they like the post. Create a social media button which allows users to share the post on any account.

For example, if you are posting some blog on Facebook then you can also offer the user to follow you on instagram by adding a social media button “Follow us on Instagram”. If users like your posts then there is high possibility that will share the post as well, this increase your followers on social media.

  1. Reach Out Your Target Audience On Social Media :

Try to find out on which social media account, your target audience is spending time. Make your presence on those accounts to spread awareness about your brand. If you do not have account on those social network sites then it is high time to create account and spread your brand awareness. Also create account on top social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many more. By offering your product and services to only target audience will help to increase your followers.

  1. Find and Follow Those Who Can Benefit You in Future :

Do not just wait for others to follow you. You Should also start finding and following those who post high quality and fresh content on their account in your niche to get new ideas for posting as well as who can benefit you in future.

  1. Encourage Your Email Subscribe to Follow You On Social Media :

Email to your subscribers on daily basis for tell them about latest stock, discount offers or events to make good relationship with them and also encourage them to follow you on social media network for more latest updates and offers by you which will helps to increase followers on social media.

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  1. Start Hosting Contest :

One of the best ways to increase your followers on social media is start hosting contest.  As most of the users like to get something valuable in free of cost. So start hosting contest on your social media network and encourage them to participate by offering some incentives or a good winning prize.  Post about contest on every social media network and ask them to follow you for participation. Winning prize will invoke the users to participate and follow you. 

  1. Optimize your Social Media Profiles :

If you have account on social media network where your target audience is spending much time then it is time to optimize your profiles as it highly affect your brand image. Upload the logo of your brand in profile picture and make a good cover page because it is most likely to view by users. Add a concise and impressive description about your company, product, services or blogs in about you section and link of your site as well. Post some relevant content. This will help to increase fan followers as users will feel attracted towards and follow you if they find the profile interesting.

  1. Response to Comments and Questions:

Increasing Followers is all about building trust with your existing fans followers so that they can also tell others to follow you on social network sites. For building a good trust, you need to make a good conversation with them and free to respond to their comments and question on your post. This increases the chance that they will share your post as well.

  1. Find and Post Popular Content on Social Media :

To increase your shares, like and followers on social media, try to post some popular content on your account so as to attract more users towards your post and make the like and share the post with others. When others see your post they will also start following you to get latest updates and post for increasing their popularity on social accounts.

  1. Post Frequently on Social Networking Sites :

There are different frequencies for posting on different social network accounts. Frequencies for some popular account are:

Facebook: 2 times per day from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM (Everyday)

LinkedIn: 1 time per day between 8:00 AM – 8:15 AM (Weekdays)

Twitter: 14 times Every Weekday

Google+: 2 times per day at 9:03 AM and 7:04PM (Weekdays)

These frequencies will help to engage audience to your site and increase your followers by regular updates. 

  1. Post Stories of Your Content :

Instead of regular posting of promotional content, try to post some stories related to your niche and also users’ interest as well. You can make stories of your content by adding some interesting example and post it. Users will see your efforts of posting content in new way and more willing to share it as well. Most of users get connected through stories and there are more chances that they will share stories instead of any promotional content which helps to make new follows of you.

  1. Add links of your Social Media Account in your Site Page :

Link your social media accounts to your site by adding links of your profiles in about us and contact us page of your site so they can also follow you on social media. Also allow them to share your blog from your site to their social media account. This will helps to get more followers by them.

  1. Focus on Quality Content :

Instead of posting old stories and copied content of others just try to focus on quality content. Do not think about quantity because users like to view fresh content with less quantity. Try to post some amazing and interesting content which is popular among people. If you are posting a blog then make sure that is new, simple and fresh if you want it to share among others. If your content is of high quality, people will love to share it as well which will help to connect new people with you. 

  1. Start Guest Posting on Popular Sites :

Guest Posting is very effective technique to drive traffic to your sites. Start guest posting on popular blogging site and add link of your site and ask them to follow you on social media accounts for more posts. You can mention link of your different social accounts in the blog. If readers like the blog they will surely follow you on social media.

  1. Offer incentive to People to Follow You on Social Networking Sites :

As there are only few people who like and shares post if they like unless it is of their interest. To make people follow you on different social accounts, offer them some discounts, free passes or coupons. It will attract the more users to follow you which also increase your popularity among other users.

  1. Stay Active on Popular Social Accounts :

Creating or optimizing your profiles is not enough, you have to stay active on these account for long as you can to interact with new users and also providing answers to the queries and comments of your potential fans. Regular posting also affect your presence on social media. Being active on your social account will help to increase fan following.

  1. Post Viral Content :

Do not always post promotional content or stories, users always want to see something which they can share with their friends. There are some tools available which provide you the content and images which go viral and attract the maximum users. Try to post some viral content to attract new visitors and make new followers.

  1. Make Use of Relevant Hashtags :

Try to add some relevant and most trendy Hashtags in your content before posting. Many people search for Hashtags and if you have used that Hashtags in your post, then your post will be appear in search result  which will make them able to see your post if they like the post, they will follow you. It will help to attract new users in the search result of those Hashtags.

  1. Offline Promotion of Your Social Accounts :

You can promote your social accounts offline and make new followers. You can ask your friends, business partners or relatives to follow you on social media and also other people to follow by offering them some incentives.

  1. Cross Promotion of your Business in Your Niche :

Start making good professional relationship with others in your niche. Every business want more followers to generate business, start sharing their blogs or post on your account and ask them to do the same for cross promotion of both the parties which helps to attract new followers.

  1. Post Best Photos of Your Content on Instagram :

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms among people and people post their photos on instagram to get new followers and popularity. You also have to post best photos of your content on Instagram to attract new followers.

  1. Make your Content Tweetable :

Make you content Tweetable with one click so it can be share with others. There is a plugin named as Inline Tweet Share which allows visitors to share your Tweetable content with one click. This provides ease for users and increases your followers.

  1.  Include URL Links and Name of Your Social Accounts in Your Business Card :

For making new followers and promoting your brand, include your social account name and links in your business car and hand out them in different networking events, speaking engagement and to various business partners, friends, professionals etc.

  1. Answers the Question Which are Asked By Your Followers :

Spend some time in answering the questions ask by your followers or fans. The more you interact with them, more they like to stay connected with you for further updates and share your posts. So you must answer the question asked by visitors for increasing your followers. Try to answer them in a non-professional way so they can feel free to ask anything regarding your post.

  1. Use Consistent Name for your Social Account :

Use a consistent name for your account just to make sure that it can be easily searched by people and they do not find it difficult to remember. Choose a name which reflects your company profile as well. The more the visitors search for you, the more chances of increasing followers.

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