Cloudways Hosting Affiliate Program

How You Can Make Money With Cloudways Hosting Affiliate Program

The popularity of Cloudways is increasing day by day. Also, it has become a popular choice of many developers, bloggers, and website owners. Moreover, it has started an affiliate program. If you are a newbie and looking for some genuine affiliate programs to make money from your blog then Cloudways Hosting Affiliate Program is the best choice for you. You can make a good amount of money by joining Cloudways Hosting Affiliate Program.

Do you want to join Cloudways Hosting Affiliate Program?

Well, I will tell you each and every step for joining Cloudways Hosting Affiliate Program in this post.

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Before moving further let’s know a bit about Cloudways Hosting Affiliate Program.

Cloudways Hosting Affiliate Program

As I already told you, Cloudways hosting is one of the fastest growing cloud hosting platforms in the current time. It has a growth rate of 550% in past 12 months. This also increases the popularity of Cloudways Hosting Affiliate Program.

Cloudways Hosting Affiliate Program offers $25 bonus on each conversion and 10% recurring commission for the whole year. Moreover, you can earn upto $1,250 per customer with its Affiliate Program. Additionally, it is very easy to make money with Cloudways Hosting Affiliate Program. You can easily sign-up to its affiliate program.

Besides, Cloudways Hosting Affiliate Program also offers to keep track of your visitors to make sure you get money for all your referral. Further, Cloudways Hosting Affiliate Program supports PayPal method, so you can receive your income in your PayPal account.

Just glance at the details of Cloudways Hosting Affiliate Program

  • User-Friendly Console
  • Easy Sign-Up Process.
  • 10% Recurring Commission for a year
  • No Contract Limitations
  • 24*7 Support by Cloudways Hosting Support Team
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • 25$ Bonus on Each Paid Conversion
  • Monthly Payout
  • Minimum Payout – $250
  • Payment Method – PayPal
  • Cookie Length – 90 Days

So, these are a few details, which you should have a look before joining Cloudways Hosting Affiliate Program.

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How to Join Cloudways Hosting Affiliate Program

  • In next step, you will see a sign-up form where you have to enter your email address and choose a strong password. After that, click on checkbox “I agree to the Cloudways Terms of Service”. Finally, click on the START FREE button to submit the form.

  • Then, you have to verify your number in next step. Enter your phone number and click on the SEND THE ACTIVATION CODE. Make sure you selected the code of your country such as I selected “+91” for India.

  • I next step, you will get an OTP on your number. You have to enter this OTP in verification code field then click on the Activate My Account.

  • Then you will see a screen Welcome to Cloudways. Now they will send you an account activation email. It could take 10 minutes to receive their email.

  • Now, go to your inbox and check the email. Click on the ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT NOW button.

  • Once, you clicked on the button, your account will get activated. You will see the Dashboard of Cloudways Hosting.
  • Here, you have to select Affiliate Program tab given at the right side of the affiliate program. Then you can click on the button ACCESS YOUR AFFILIATE PANEL to get your affiliate link.

  • On next screen, you will your affiliate link.

Once you get the affiliate link, you can promote it everywhere. Whenever a person joins Cloudways Hosting Affiliate Program with your affiliate link and purchases its cloud hosting, you will get money.

Join Cloudways Hosting Affiliate Program Now!

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Final Verdict

Cloudways Hosting Affiliate Program is a good choice to make some additional from your blog. Because Cloudways Hosting has gained so much popularity, there is a high probability that people will buy its cloud hosting and services if you promote them on your blog with your affiliate link. So, don’t think too much. Give it a try at least. I assure you, that you can make huge revenue with Cloudways Hosting Affiliate Program.

I hope you get valuable information from this article. If you have any query, leave a comment below.

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