How To Make Money With Payza Referral Program

Make Money With Payza Referral Program

How To Make Money With Payza Referral Program

Do you want to make money just by referring someone? Payza is an online payment processor which allows you Make Money With Payza Referral Program. Earn $10 for each referral by joining Payza Referral Program.

Whether you are a blogger, freelancer, a professional or an individual if you are looking for different ways to earn money online then you are at the right place. Although, there are many ways to make money such as AdSense, Affiliate Marketing and other popular advertising networks. Probably, you are already using these techniques on your blog but today I will tell you about a different way to make money online.

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We all know, PayPal is a popular online payment service for sending and receiving money globally.

Do you know there is an alternative to PayPal for sending and receiving money?

Yes, Guys if you are facing any issue with your PayPal account then you can use Payza to transfer or withdraw money globally. Also, it allows you  Make Money With Payza Referral Program

Before we discuss that “How To Make Money With Payza Referral Program”, let’s take a quick glance at the introduction of Payza.

What is Payza?

Payza is a popular leading global online money process such as PayPal. It specializes in corporate disbursements, remittance for business and individuals, e-commerce processing all over the world. Moreover, it is a flexible e-wallet platform that helps you send and receive money anywhere while sitting on the computer. Further, it allows you run an online business, exchange currencies, add or withdraw funds and many other things.

Another, foremost reason for opting Payza is that you can Make Money With Payza Referral Program.

What is Payza Referral Program?

Payza offers a Referral program to its members that award $10 for each person they refer to Payza. You can also earn money by referring Payza to your friends, family or others. To Make Money With Payza Referral Program, you need to create an account on Payza. Then you will get a referral link from Payza. After that, you can refer that Payza to others with your referral link to earn cash rewards. The more you refer more you will earn.

If you want to earn more, you can place your referral link on your site or blog. Additionally, you can send your referral link through email or messages and ask people to join Payza with your referral link. Apart from that, you can also share your referral link on your Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or many other social media profiles. Every time a visitor sign-up to Payza with your referral link, you will be awarded $10 for each person.

Terms & Conditions of Payza Referral Program
  • Your referral must have to open a Business or Personal Pro Account.
  • Referred Person must have to make a transaction of at least $250. (Send or Receive)
  • You will only be rewarded for qualifying referrals who registered to Payza with your referral link.
  • Get paid $10 for each referral after your 10th successful referral.
  • Referral or self-referral from same IP address will not be rewarded.

Make Money With Payza Referral Program

If you want to Make Money With Payza Referral Program, you need to create an account on Payza to get your referral link. So, let’s create an account on Payza.

You need to follow some simple steps which are given below for creating an account on Payza.

  1. Visit the official site of Payza.
  1. Click on the sign-up button.

  1. On the next screen, you have to choose your country and click on the Select button to choose Personal or Business account. I will recommend you select Personal account if you are not a company.

  1. On next pop-up window, you have to enter your name, email and choose a password for your account. Click on the ‘GET STARTED’ button.

  1. Now, you will get a confirmation link in your email to verify and activate your Payza account. Click on the confirmation link to activate your account.

That’s it! Congrats.

Finally, you have successfully created your account on Payza.

How to Get Payza Referral Link?

To get referral link you just have to log in to Payza with your login details. Once you logged in, you will see the Payza Dashboard on your screen.

You will see a complete profile setup ink on the left side of the Dashboard. You need to complete your profile setup in order to access your Payza account. Click on the link which is highlighted.

After that, they will ask you to enter your work details, personal details etc. You have to fill the required information. Once you fill up your profile information, click on the Save & Finish button.

Now you can send or add funds from your Payza account. Also, you can withdraw your balance and request other users to transfer fund to your Payza account.

To get your referral link, click on the Account Section which is on the left side of the Dashboard. Then, click on the Referral Program option under Account section.

Here, you will get the referral link, Copy the link and share it on your blog or site and social media profiles to earn money from Payza.

Your Referral Link will look like this:

Join Payza Referral Program!


I hope you like this trick of making money that will help you bring some extra bucks in your pocket. So go ahead and try this technique to Make Money With Payza Referral Program. If you have any question about Payza referral program, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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