Make Money With Flipkart Affiliate Program – Beginner’s Guide

Make Money With Flipkart Affiliate Program

Make Money With Flipkart Affiliate Program – Beginner’s Guide

Flipkart Affiliate Program is a great way to monetize a blog. Make Money With Flipkart Affiliate Program and Earn upto 15% commission.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the lucrative ways to make money online. However, you can also monetize your blog or site with Google AdSense but still, you can generate huge revenue from the Affiliate Marketing if you have good traffic on your site. There are many websites you have their affiliate programs such as Amazon, Bluehost, Hostgator, Dreamhost and much more. If you promote their products on your site or blog and someone purchases the product with your affiliate links then you will get the commission.

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Similarly, Flipkart is one the e-commerce website who allows you to make money from Flipkart Affiliate Program. As I told you, you can earn upto 15% commission on each successful sale of Flipkart Product.

Are you curious to know how to Make Money With Flipkart Affiliate Program?


Don’t worry. Today’s article is about How to Make Money With Flipkart Affiliate Program. Before going into the details, let know a bit about Flipkart Affiliate Program.

What is Flipkart?

Flipkart is one the biggest leading e-commerce company in India where you can purchase anything online. It offers a variety of products such as e-books, electronics, clothing, Home furnishing, footwears, accessories and much more. Moreover, You can choose any payment method such that cash on delivery, credit card, debit card, net banking etc. You must have heard about Flipkart before or may have purchased something from Flipkart. It is a reputable and trustful source from where you can purchase any product.

Flipkart Affiliate Program

Most of the big e-commerce companies have started their affiliate programs to advertise their products and generate sales. By the same token, Flipkart also offers an affiliate program. You can sell and promote the products of Flipkart on your site or blog through banner and link ads with your referral link. If anyone purchases the product from your affiliate link, you will get the commission from the Flipkart.

Further, if you have a great traffic on your site, you can have good earnings from Flipkart Affiliate Program.

Details of Flipkart Affiliate Program


  • 15% commission per sale.
  • Free sign-up.
  • Cookie Duration – 24Hours
  • Monthly Payouts.
  • Minimum Payout – Rs. 250 (For Gift Voucher) & Rs. 1000 (For EFT Payment)
  • Payment Method – Gift Voucher & EFT
  • Technical Support by Flipkart Team.
  • Provide Promotional Widgets & Banners
  • Search Tools
  • Provide Products Link and Banners.
  • You can use your API to access Flipkart features.
  • Real-time Reporting of your performance, sales, and earnings.
  • Offers Different Commission on Different Categories of Products.


Payment Methods of Flipkart Affiliate Program


As I have I already told you above, there are two payment modes of Flipkart Affiliate Program.

  • Gift Voucher


If you choose this payment method, you will not receive money which you have earned from the affiliate program. You will get gift vouchers from Flipkart which you can use to purchase products of Flipkart. In addition, you can only buy the products from gift voucher when your minimum threshold reaches to Rs.250. Meanwhile, you will get a PIN by Flipkart in your Email when your amount reaches to minimum payout. The validity of voucher will be for 1year only.

  • EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer)


if you choose this payment method, your money will send directly to your bank account. if you can receive your payment when the minimum threshold of your earning will reach to Rs.1000.

I have told you enough about Flipkart Affiliate Program. Now you must be eager to start Making Money With Flipkart Affiliate Program.

So, let’s get started.

Make Money With Flipkart Affiliate Program


First, you have to join Flipkart Affiliate Program to Make Money With Flipkart Affiliate Program. It is easy as pie to join Flipkart Affiliate Program. Anyone can join Flipkart Affiliate Program in few minutes by following some simple steps.

  1. Go to the official page of Flipkart Affiliate Program.


  1. Click on the ‘JOIN NOW FOR FREE’ button.

  1. You will see a Registration form where you have to enter your email address and choose a password for login to your Flipkart Affiliate Account later. Afterward, Click on the agree to terms & condition of Flipkart Affiliate Program. Once you have done this, Click on the ‘REGISTER ME’ button.

  1. On next, you will receive an email from Flipkart on your given email address. You will be given an activation link by Flipkart team. After that, click on the link to activate your account.


  1. After that, your account will get activated and you will be jumped to the login page of affiliate program. Enter your login details there to access your Flipkart affiliate account then click on the ‘SIGN IN’ button.

Finally, you have successfully created your Flipkart Affiliate Account. Now Log in to your Flipkart ffiliate Program Dashboard. here enter your account detail such as account information, website information, payment details, and account settings to get your account verified.

Verification of Flipkart Affiliate Account


  • Account Information – Here you have to fill details like name, email id, address, phone number etc. Click on the save changes button when you filled all your account details.


  • Website Details: Enter your website details such as website URL, type of website, monthly visits, the category which described your website. Once you entered all the information, click on the save changes button.


  • Payment Details: Select your country, select type of affiliate, your name, and payment method and click on save and upload button. If you have chosen EFT than enter your bank details there and upload scan copy of your PAN card.


  • Account Settings: here you can manage your account. You can change your password or deactivate your account.


Everything is Done.Congrats!

Go ahead and Make Money With Flipkart Affiliate Program.

To Summarize


Above all, Flipkart is a reputed and popular brand. Therefore, you can promote its products without being worried. Thus get ready to join it and start earning money from Flipkart Affiliate Program.

I hope you find this article informative. In a case, you have any question regarding this article, feel free to ask via. Comment section.

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